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Tea Parties Richard Falknor on 18 Jan 2014

Overpass Media: “Remember Benghazi” Cry Out Tea Party Patriots

Yesterday afternoon on Gorman Road over I-95 in Laurel, Maryland, U.S. Army Veteran and Tea Partier Lewis Porter paid homage to the victims of the 9/11/2012 Benghazi massacre:

Benghazi overpass image2

Meanwhile Judicial Watch’s “Corruption Chronicles” here (in their post “Outrage Over Republican Leadership Compels Release of Benghazi Docs”) report that–

“Last week JW joined forces with surviving Benghazi family members, U.S. military leaders and other top conservatives to call House Speaker John Boehner on the sad and pathetic job he’s doing investigating the tragedy. In a scathing letter, JW and the other signatories blast the Republican leader, demand action and accountability concerning the Benghazi terrorist attack and justice for the four murdered Americans. The group also demands that Boehner install a select committee to thoroughly investigate the atrocity. The letter, personally addressed to Boehner, received substantial media attention.
There’s little doubt that this public grassroots outrage over Republican leadership failures compelled House leaders to act. The selective leak includes 450 pages of sworn testimony delivered over several months by senior Pentagon officials in closed-door hearings conducted by the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) last year. The briefings were part of the committee’s examination of the actions of the military chain of command before, during and after the attack, according to a press release announcing the documents’ availability as well as an upcoming report summarizing the panel’s ‘conclusion.’ The declassified files are available on the HASC [House Armed Services Committee] website.
The previously classified testimony reveals that, minutes after the American compound in Benghazi came under assault, top defense officials were informed that it was a ‘terrorist attack’ and not a spontaneous strike that started as a protest over a U.S.-made anti-Islam video as the Obama administration has said. General Carter Ham, who headed the Pentagon’s combat command (AFRICOM) with jurisdiction over Libya, testified that he broke the news about the unfolding attack to then Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and the chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff. Shortly afterwards the two senior officials left the Pentagon to meet with the president.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

JW underscored

“The importance of these terrible facts being revealed to the public is certainly appreciated, but it’s unfortunate that we were compelled to shame the Speaker and the rest of the Republican leadership into doing their sworn duty. We reiterate our demand for a Special Select Committee to further uncover the Obama administration’s shameful conduct and possible unlawful acts related to the Benghazi terrorist attack.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

And stay tuned for the next edition of Overpass Media — appearing at a highway overpass near you in Maryland or Virginia!

* * * * * * * * * *

Want to participate in Overpass Media — and get guidance on doing it prudently? Email organizer Ed Hunter here.

Tea Parties Richard Falknor on 01 Nov 2013

Maryland: No Longer The Land That The Tea Party Forgot?

Last week Capital New Service’s Lauren Loricchio reported here (via Parkville-Overlea Patch) that “Maryland’s Largest Tea Party Group Grows After Shutdown” and cited –

“Sam Hale, a Linthicum resident who founded the Maryland Society of Patriots, [and who] said, ‘I wasn’t doing any advertising for my group, we didn’t have a meeting, and I picked up 80 members on Facebook.’ The group currently has nearly 1,700 Facebook members and more than 3,000 people subscribe to its email list, Hale said. Hale attributes the increase in support to media attention the tea party received as a result of the 16-day government shutdown. Despite the increase, Hale said he doesn’t believe it will affect the political landscape in Maryland. ‘There hasn’t been a really big impact at the statewide level,’ Hale said of tea party influence on Maryland politics.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

But Ed Hunter –Tea Party organizer and grass-roots activist here (Town Hall statement on Fox News’ Greta), here (“Overpass Media”), here (working with Virginia Tea Partiers demonstrating in Eric Cantor’s district) and here (Refugee Resettlement testimony) —  took issue with what he saw as the thrust of Hale’s position–

“The thing people will notice is Hale’s defeatist tone when he suggests we can’t do much in Maryland.  Many will see in his words a lack of inspiration or leadership or vision. Will this also be seen as an insult to the people who bothered to join? As a cruel waste of their hopes?
He claims that 60 people joined his group on Facebook. Surprised by the growth, he wonders whether media attention to the shutdown might have caused it.  Instead of Sam Hale’s approach, how about something like the following:
‘The Tea Party is the true voice of the American people. There are many millions of  people who have been abandoned by the fusion of the parties especially at the Washington level.
We are sending the message to them that the Tea Party is their home and we welcome them home. In Maryland we have a unique opportunity because we are so near the Federal system that has become so corrupt. Those who wish to express their rejection of what the US Government has become and return it to the Constitution will find us as hosts  and allies.
We hope to organize a TPAC, an alternative to the tame, and Establishment CPAC which has betrayed its members’ hopes.  We are moving forward. We hope our real conservative GOP friends will join us.’” (Highlighting Forum’s)

Our take: there is a broad culturally conservative base in the Old Line State, as well as a deep reservoir of those who quite rightly believe they are vastly overtaxed and overregulated.  Understandably, many of these citizens have found the state Republican Party ineffective. How congenial is the G.O.P. to Blue Collar Maryland of all ethnicities when its chair here and the sole Republican U.S. Representative here flirt with amnesty? And why run the business risks of joining the opposition party in a one-dominant-party state if that opposition party has few fixed principles and won’t make serious trouble for the dominant party anyway?

The Maryland GOP and its politicians fell far short last year on two unusual outreach opportunities: they failed to put full energy and resources behind the referenda against gay marriage and against in-state tuition for illegals. Both these referenda did better here than governor Mitt Romney in 2012 in Maryland.

The state needs an energetic, organized conservative-grass-roots organization drawn from all parties. But the problem is like the one school reformers face: deciding whether to shut down a failing high school and start a new one with a new team, or to try to rehabilitate the failing school.

Whether to rebuild or replace the Beltway-Establishment-linked Maryland GOP is an open question.

Most important, however, Main Street and Blue Collar Maryland citizens will want to know — “who speaks for us?”

Tea Parties Richard Falknor on 24 Oct 2013

8PM Tonight Tele Town Hall! Join Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, & “Extortion” author Peter Schweizer

Tea Party Patriots announced today:Join us for a very exciting Tele Town Hall tonight at 8:00pm EDT.

The program: “Tea Party Patriots co-founder, Jenny Beth Martin, will be speaking with Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, and author of the new book “Extortion” Peter Schweizer. We’ll be discussing a whole host of issues, from the recent Continuing Resolution/debt ceiling battle, to next steps, to Peter Schweizer’s new book on how Washington politicians are using loopholes to extort the American people. You don’t want to miss this exciting event! RSVP now to reserve your spot!

Background on Peter Schweizer’s new book Extortion:  Click on our post: A Rosetta Stone To Understand The Political Class!

* * * * * * * * * *

And please consider – –

November 15-17 in Richmond, Virginia – – Tea Party Action Conference

“Changing the Rules of the Game”

Click here to see this very important how-to program!




Tea Parties Richard Falknor on 11 Aug 2013

Action Images: VA-MD Tea Partiers Take Message to Eric Cantor

A reported 30-40 Tea Partiers from the Old Dominion (with help from the Old Line State) got the anti-amnesty & anti-Obamacare word to drivers in Glen Allen, Virginia, yesterday afternoon.

Richmond Tea Party chief Larry Nordvig and Maryland conservative voice Ed Hunter– along with Tea Party Virginia veterans Carol Stopps and Becky Greene –helped put together yesterday’s effort to get House GOP members on the right track during the long August recess.

Virginia’s Eric Cantor is the U. S. House of Representatives Majority Leader, and parts of Glen Allen are in his Congressional district.

Click on an image to expand it. 

"Burma Shave" model for drivers: read right to left

“Burma Shave” model for drivers: read right to left


Richmond 6 (2)Richmond 1 (2)

Several messages!

Two pithy messages!

Click here for Joel Pollak’s insights (Breitbart) on Mr. Cantor and immigration. Click here for Daniel Horowitz “The Power of the Purse and Defunding Obamacare” (Madison Project)–and note that Representative Cantor is AWOL from this historic fight.


Tea Parties Richard Falknor on 09 Aug 2013

Conservatives & Tea Partiers Now Pushing Back In Earnest

“In fact, the events we have coming up within the next week, we’re working with a Tea Party group from Maryland. We’re working with the national Tea Party Patriots this next week, and three other conservative organizations.  We’re coalition building with other Tea Party groups here in Virginia. The following week, we’re with another conservative group to try to oppose ‘Obama care,’ which is a train wreck that no American wants, believe me. Another week after that, we’re going to touch on the amnesty issue. We’re trying to set up a town hall and include every Tea Party in Congressman Cantor’s district to come to that.  Right now, he has not communicated that he’s going to have a town hall.  And if he doesn’t want to come, we might have one with an empty chair anyway.” – Larry Nordvig Richmond Tea Party

This week’s outpouring of public concern at Representative Andy Harris’ August 6 Town Hall in Bel Air, Maryland (click here to listen to video) will hardly be singular to his district during the August recess. 

But Dr. Harris’ Maryland Sunday fundraiser at the home of the chairman and CEO of Sinclair Broadcast Group for Speaker John Boehner two days earlier (“General Reception” – $1,000 per individual,” “Photo Reception $2,500 per individual,” “Host Reception – $10,000 contribute or raise”) represents the other face of the Republican Party. 

And the strain between the GOP “Ruling Class” and the GOP “County or Yeoman Class” can no longer be easily papered over. 

The Richmond Tea Party’s Larry Nordvig last evening on Greta Van Sustern (click here) outlined an energetic road map including Maryland activists; networking with other groups throughout Virginia; and focusing on the right goals: opposing Obamacare and amnesty.

And, we now learn, tomorrow noon in Virginia, in front of Home Depot, 11260 West Broad Street, Glen Allen,VA 23060, a coalition of Tea Party members from Maryland and Virginia will hold large signs to inform House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s constituents that his support for amnesty is bad for all Americans. For those who want more information, email larryn@richmondteaparty.com

Tea Parties Richard Falknor on 27 Jul 2013

Putting Giant Amnesty Before The Eyes Of The Voters

Tea Partiers and the conservative base may not have the millions for TV ads that Karl Rove’s Jeb Bush-friendly network is using to peddle Giant Amnesty.

But we are not without ways and means to keep House GOP members from hiding in a cloud of Beltway-speak during the long August recess then rushing to vote for the immigration schemes of Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor and new-Beltway-GOP-favorite Paul Ryan in October.

Our friends at the Fredericksburg (click here) and Hanover Tea Parties are pushing what seems to us a sovereign low-cost means of getting their messages out.

Do you have property next to a busy road? If so, we need your help.”
“Our sister tea party group in Hanover County gave us a great idea in getting messages out to the general public by putting up Gadsden signs. To the point messages that will get people thinking about issues facing our country.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

We would like to see targeted-to-amnesty versions of these signs (scroll to end) all over Maryland and Virginia making points like these:

“Giant Amnesty Equals
  • Fewer Jobs,
  • Much Spending — In Trillions,
  • More Big-Government Voters,
  • Less Public Safety,
  • End of English As Our Unifying Language.
No House-Senate Conference on Giant Amnesty! “


Tea Party Signs









Wake Up America


Are Maryland and Virginia Tea Partiers and the conservative base up to helping stop the lethal amnesty threat? Soon?

Tea Parties Richard Falknor on 18 Dec 2011

Are Maryland Tea Parties A Going Concern Today?

“’For the Conservative, the challenge is daunting and the road will be long and hard,’ Levin sums up. ‘But it took the Statist nearly eighty years to get here, and it will take the Conservative at least as long to change the nation’s direction. Still, there is no time to waste. The Conservative must act now.’” (Underscoring Forum’s.)Mark Levin

Today Doug Mainwaring, a Tea Party leader in the national capital area, declared (Baltimore Sun)  —

“Much of what the tea party is now up to is local and goes on unnoticed.”

In his “Still brewing: The tea party hasn’t gone away: In Maryland, conservative activists are branching out and making a difference”, Mainwaring celebrates several achievements this year.

He points to a GOP recrudescence in his own Montgomery County –

“Montgomery County’s Republican Legislative District 15 [foregoing link added by Forum]is a great case in point. After years of neglect, the district has become highly organized and active, exercising the initiative to create an email database (which the state and local party has failed to do). Precinct heads remain in frequent contact with Republican voters through the District 15 newsletter, emails, phone contacts and social events. After a decade or more of being abandoned, the district is now run with military precision.”

Much to be commended. And there are larger conservative undertakings in play as Mainwaring notes.

The most salient example is the petitioning of the Maryland iteration of the Dream Act – SB167 — to ballot, with substantial support from Democrats and  independents.

The motive and organizing force for this achievement came from western Maryland  (Washington County) freshman delegate Neil Parrott.  Veteran Baltimore County delegate Pat McDonough had laid the groundwork over several years with his own radio show and grass-roots following.

Parrot lit the match and led the torchlight parade!

Activist Mainwaring does not, however, address the culture divide separating Montgomery County from those Maryland jurisdictions with more traditional values. Here, for example, is a comparison of Montgomery County support for this petition to referendum with other counties.

We have written about this disconnect  in our Maryland Petition: The Clergy, the Laity, the Victory, Montgomery County, MD: “An Illegal Alien’s Guide. . . .”, Montgomery County Values| U.S. History, and Montgomery County: Goons, Cops, Tongue-Tied Pols.

This burden of Cultural Marxism (Political Correctness) throughout the Montgomery County polity makes the good work of Montgomery County Tea Partiers even more of an achievement.

Let’s not forget that Brian Murphy’s hard-fought challenge (that included Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Murphy) to Bob Ehrlich in last year’s GOP gubernatorial primary left, as we have noted, an important Legacy to Maryland Conservatives.

Without this legacy and the many conservative activists Murphy brought together, there would likely have not been a Maryland Conservative Action Network — which in turn put together the top-flight Turning the Tides Conference of last October, which Mr. Mainwaring properly cites.

There is, however, another disconnect for Maryland conservatives:  between the goals of grass-roots conservatives and the operational priorities of the GOP members of the General Assembly. As we wrote — Turning the Tides”: Opportunity Lost for Many GOP Solons?

The other major conservative grass-roots effort in Maryland is that of Richard Rothschild from Carroll County.

First-term County Commissioner Rothschild put together a world-class conference here deconstructing the collectivist land-use scheme  PlanMaryland. Rothschild had already been speaking in Virginia and California about the related dangers of Agenda 21 and the faulty premises of so-called Smart Growth.

From an organizing perspective for conservatives, the SB 167 petition to referendum is more important – and from a policy perspective it signals a possible slowdown in Maryland’s role as a “sanctuary state” for illegals.

In the longer run, we suggest, the freedom of more Marylanders will be diminished by PlanMaryland and whatever associated Green Marxist programs it brings into play.

Doug Mainwaring’s post today is well worth reading.

We look forward to his recommendations on how to bring the Republican stalwarts in the Maryland General Assembly to an informed, consistent, and active conservative posture. As David Frum warned last year — “GOP to Tea Party — Your Votes, Not Your Ideas.”

As part of such a discussion, faithful readers will want to revisit our Are Your GOP Politicians Ruling Class? Or Country Class? about Angelo Codevilla’s magisterial America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution in the American Spectator.

Tea Parties Richard Falknor on 19 Oct 2011

Rally — Did A Tame Tea Party Caucus Pull Its Punches?

UPDATE OCTOBER 20! Yesterday, Potomac Tea Party Report editor Corcoran revealed “Another telling sign that state Republican leaders were controlling the message yesterday was the banishment of some ladies holding a banner advocating traditional marriage.  There was plenty of room on the mall for everyone, but these ladies were directed by the police to fold up their banner because they didn’t have a permit to be on the mall that day.”  Today we are told that event MC and delegate Michael Smigiel said to one of the banner women that “you are not part of this group” adding that he had also denied permission to pro-life and pro-second-amendment attendees to display their signs.  Does Mr. Smigiel fancy himself the Dick Armey here and here of the Maryland Tea Party movement? We doubt that the grass roots will take kindly to top-down efforts to exclude traditional values and homeland security from their concerns. Long-time Maryland taxpayer advocates will recall Mr. Smigiel’s 2004 vote for HB1467, then-governor Bob Ehlrich’s biggest tax hike (“raising car registration fees by more than 50 percent and truck registration fees by more than 65 percent” according to NTU) of several Ehrlich tax increases that year. As we suggested yesterday, the good delegate has trouble getting even fiscal matters right. We should all try to help him come to a better mind.

Rally –Did A Tame Tea Party Caucus Pull Its Punches?

Blogger Ann Corcoran reports about yesterday’s Annapolis “rally for good government organized by the House of Delegates Tea Party Caucus.”

She declares – –

“The one successful grassroots effort in Maryland this year—the petition drive to get the issue of in-state tuition for illegal aliens on the ballot in 2012—was not mentioned.”

According to David Hill in the Washington Times last week —

Mr. Smigiel said the rally will address only redistricting and tax increases and is expected to include several other conservative groups and leaders such as the Maryland Society of Patriots and former Republican Maryland gubernatorial candidate Ellen Sauerbrey.”

Certainly independent Maryland Tea Partiers played a major role in the stunning popular endorsement of the petition to send SB167, the Maryland iteration of the so-called “Dream Act,” to the voters for their say in November 2012.

Of course, there are major spending ramifications to this question.

Maryland’s role as a “sanctuary state” entails big fiscal (and assimilation and security) costs.

James Simpson’s Accuracy in Media report “CASA de Maryland: The Illegals’ ACORN” gives citizens a good inside picture of the fiscal and civic peril that  CASA brings to Maryland.

Even tame Tea Partiers should not shrink from spotlighting the costs of allowing Maryland to remain a sanctuary state for illegals.

Readers who wish to look more into the fiscal or social costs of illegal (or of unrestricted legal) immigration can learn much from Mark Krikorian here, Heather MacDonald here, or Robert Rector here. And here (scroll down) is Mark Kirkorian’s post last year asking “why are the state think tanks generally so bad on immigration, when they address it at all?”

Inexplicably Grover Norquist was a major speaker at the rally.  Elsewhere, however, Mr. Norquist speaks for amnesty.  The Heritage Foundation put a price tag on amnesty here. Some fiscal conservative!

Nor apparently did the authors of the Smigiel rally’s agenda highlight Carroll County commissioner Richard Rothschild’s statewide drive against the “smart growth” agenda and its PlanMaryland incarnation – – Rothschild’s being yet another significant grass-roots initiative.

But why should they?  Just about silly old property rights and forcing housing density and all that.

Local Tea Partiers, however, do pay attention. Rothschild’s effort will likely get some support tomorrow on the Eastern Shore —

The Wicomico Maryland Society of Patriots is growing fast and will be holding another meeting this Thursday to discuss the impact of ‘Plan Maryland’ legislat[ion] that will infringe on the property rights of every Marylander.”

Washington County Tea Party organizer Corcoran also observed (read her entire report) —

“I did get the impression that the Republican leadership in Maryland is trying really hard to keep the Tea Party grassroots safely tucked under its wing.”


Tea Parties Richard Falknor on 03 Sep 2011

Defanging ‘Plan Maryland’: Will the Tea Partiers Weigh In?

“The problem is that counties don’t want to be locked into the state’s plan for the future. State officials across the board maintain that nothing is going to be forced on the counties. This is only true in the most technical sense of the word. The fight over Plan Maryland is best described in hypothetical terms: Imagine a time in the future where a county has the opportunity to green light a housing project that would require school and road infrastructure that doesn’t conform to the Plan Maryland vision. The county would have the power to accept the project but the state would reserve the right to refuse to build the roads and schools that might be needed as a result of the county’s decision. This is where counties begin to get nervous.”  — Tony Russo in MarylandReporter.com

Plan Maryland is governor Martin O’Malley’s  initiative to control Maryland land use — and thus a variety of issues closely related to how and where we live and how we get around — through a  central and largely unaccountable administrative apparatus.

As Russo writes —

“Although he deflected the issue at first, when pressed, O’Malley said unequivocally that he would not endorse any statement in the plan that contains the phrase: ‘Thus far shall the state go and no farther.'”

In our view, opposing Plan Maryland is a freedom imperative however much the Annapolis Political Class may try to disguise the initiative as some kind of “good government” or “conservation” or  “planning improvement” measure.  “Nothing to see here folks, move right along.”

Some Legislative Fine Print: Sailing Beyond the Law’s Intent?

The Maryland Association of Counties (MACo) has published on line a useful discussion entitled PlanMaryland: 1974 Land Use Legislation Fights Still Echo Today, which explains –

“Arguably, there are aspects of PlanMaryland that go beyond the statutory authority of the State Development Plan and PlanMaryland’s designated places could be seen as trying to reach the original intent of the areas of critical state concern in the 1974 [Land Use] Act.  Unlike Priority Funding Areas, which are subject to MDP comment, designated places will be approved by MDP or potentially some other body – there has been some speculative discussion of converting the Sustainable Growth Commission, which currently serves in an advisory capacity, into an entity with more authority akin to the 1974 proposed State Land Use Board.  Unlike the current areas of critical state control, designated places are not voluntary and will carry potentially significant consequences, some of which are not yet defined.” (Underscoring Forum’s.)

We urge readers to take in the entire MACo post fully to understand what the stakes are and have been since 1974.

Voting for Legislative Moving Parts that Enable Intrusive Planning

Grass-roots conservatives should be educating General Assembly conservatives about the perils of approving seemingly harmless measures that become essential moving parts to schemes directing how Marylanders across the state  may live.

Readers will want to know who voted in 2010 for “Smart, Green, and Growing – Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission” in the House of Delegates here and the State Senate here.

“Growth Print”

Here is the state on Growth Print:

“Maryland created a framework more than a decade ago to steer development toward Priority Funding Areas (PFA) to try to ensure that new construction occurred in areas where there was existing or planned services and infrastructure. The purpose of GrowthPrint is to highlight areas within Priority Funding Areas (PFAs) that are currently or can be in the future targeted for infill, revitalization and redevelopment.”

MACo also posts an essential . . . Look At PlanMaryland: What is GrowthPrint? explaining —

“. . . the development and implementation of GrowthPrint is both a component within, and an outcome of, the continuing PlanMaryland process. This process has not arisen from a specific statutory mandate — there was no bill in the General Assembly to debate the merits of this approach — rather, the effort has largely been administrative, following the general charge in Maryland law enabling a state growth plan.” (Underscoring Forum’s.)

More Questionable Legislative Moving Parts

This MACo post points to another eye-opener from the draft plan —

“Areas approved as a “Sustainable Community” in accordance with the designation criteria provided in the Sustainable Communities Act of 2010 legislation will receive State/Local GrowthPrint Area designation.”

Readers will want to pay close attention to the transportation powers enumerated in part of the Smart, Green, and Growing – The Sustainable Communities Act of 2010

“The bill contains intent language requiring MDOT to (1) consider sustainable communities as it considers annual revisions to the Consolidated Transportation Program; and (2) consult twice annually with the Smart Growth Subcabinet on how to work cooperatively to make mutual investments toward creating and supporting sustainable communities across the State. Subject to limitations specified under current law, MDOT may exercise all powers reasonably necessary to achieve sustainable community goals including the authority to: (1) adopt regulations to implement sustainable community objectives; (2) apply for and receive grants, gifts, payments, loans, advances, appropriations, property, and services from the federal and State government; and (3) enter into agreements and contract for (a) any studies, plans, demonstrations, or projects; (b) planning, engineering, and technical services; or (c) any purpose necessary or incidental to the performance of its duties and the exercise of its powers under sustainable communities. “

On this questionable measure, no state senators here and only 27 members of the House of Delegates here (of whom two were Democrats) voted against final passage.

Where Do All These Schemes Come From?

Last May, we wrote about the real meaning of “sustainability” in our Hiding In Plain Sight: Collectivization by Planners, Schools.

We cited the redoubtable Jim Simpson in his “Globalist Totalitarian Dictatorship Invading a Town near You – With Your Permission” (Campaign for Liberty) who declared —

“The Maryland State government is virtually bursting with “Sustainability” initiatives like Governor O’Malley’s Smart, Green and Growing. The state Department of Natural Resources hosts a Sustainability Network page, where you can link to organizations promoting sustainability in every county in the state. The Maryland state government created a new “Sustainable Growth Commission” in 2010. The year before, it passed the “Smart and Sustainable Growth Act of 2009,” which requires county planning officials to take a special course. You can see the study guide here . The guide is a road map to the ‘sustainable’ future, which will force us all into cities, crowd us close to public transportation, bike paths and into “walkable neighborhoods”: ‘…encouraging shorter drive times, locating housing closer to work, minimizing shopping trips, and giving our kids real options to walk and ride bikes to school, parks and playgrounds…’ while reducing our ‘carbon footprint.'”


Now Carroll County commissioners are pushing back. Christian Alexandersen (Carroll County Times) reports last Wednesday in hisCounty commissioners draft letter to state over concerns with PlanMaryland” that —

“All five commissioners contributed to the development of the draft letter. The draft letter addresses a number of concerns that that board has following the PlanMaryland open forum Monday at Carroll Community College in Westminster. The concepts that the commissioners are concerned about is that PlanMaryland tries to take over local planning authority; uses incorrect scientific assumptions regarding climate change; includes flawed growth philosophies and does not include property rights protections.”

Some Frederick County commissioners are joining the push-back. Writes Bethany Rodgers (Frederick News-Post) last Tuesday in her Commissioners critique state smart-growth plan at meeting  —

Frederick County commissioners called the Maryland governor’s drafted land-use plan a possible ‘usurpation’ of local authority and a ‘recipe to block job growth’ in comments submitted Monday evening to state officials. Board members traveled to Carroll County for the public meeting with Maryland Planning Secretary Richard Hall to voice concerns about the document, called PlanMaryland. Without language reinforcing local control over growth, commissioners stated, the plan could snatch decision-making power away from county officials. And the plan’s emphasis on protecting the environment overwhelms other interests, such as job creation and improving transportation, they added. ‘Frederick County deserves the right to continue to control our own destiny,’ Frederick County Commissioners President Blaine Young said at the meeting, reading from a six-page statement board members addressed to Hall.”

Carroll County commissioner Richard Rothschild has become a national figure in the fight against what Donna Holt (Campaign for Liberty) calls “THE PATH TO AGENDA 21 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT” —

Sustainable Development is the 1992 action plan set forth by the United Nations in 40 chapters of a socialist political agenda called Agenda 21 to control every aspect of life. Some of the more important goals are: Change Consumption Patterns; Promote Sustainable Human Settlements; Plan & Manage All Land Resources, Ecosystems, Deserts, Forests, Mountains, Oceans, Fresh Water; Agriculture; Rural Development; Biotechnology; Ensuring Equity; an increased role for Non-Government Organizations (NGOs); and define the role of Business and Financial Resources. All this was to be accomplished on a global, national, and local scale.

WILDLANDS * SMART GROWTH * STAKEHOLDER COUNCILS AND UNELECTED GOVERNING BOARDS (Bureaucracies) *  PUBLIC/PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS * EDUCATION   The first two paths to ‘sustainable development’ calls for strict land use policies designed to tell humans where and how they will live.”

Rothschild told Blue Ridge Forum yesterday that he is urging a “summit conference” in mid-October with top-flight scientific, economic, and social experts to evaluate Plan Maryland. Presumably this gathering will move to recommend sensible free-market alternatives.

Let’s not, however, deceive ourselves about the difficulty of defanging Plan Maryland.

Plan Maryland allows the kind of social control in Maryland the Left could only dream about until recently.

In Maryland, there is little traditional media support for individual property rights.  Green Marxism will reign in the Maryland classroom, and  Green Statism in too many of the national boardrooms.

To turn back Plan Maryland and discredit the collectivist assumptions behind it means opposing many in the professional planning fraternity — from the municipal to the state level — as well as the national associations supporting these unelected decision-makers.

It means pushing against all manner of “environmental” organizations that are often aided by taxpayer dollars.

And of course defeating Plan Maryland means taking on the O’Malley regime on a signature initiative.

The General Assembly votes we have cited and more should convince the hardiest Republican stalwart that the GOP caucuses in the General Assembly are not of one vigorous mind, to put it charitably, opposing “sustainable development.” The House of Delegates does have a core of clear-sighted GOP members on this topic, but apparently not enough to move their entire caucus to pay attention.

This is not to say that the fight against Plan Maryland is not worth the candle. It is simply to say Tea Partiers and the conservative grass-roots must weigh in now — particularly on the local level where they have their greatest strength — if we are to defeat Plan Maryland and similar schemes.

Tea Parties Richard Falknor on 26 Apr 2011

MD Tea Party Movement vs. In-State Tuition for Illegals

Sign the Referendum PETITION to stop in-state tuition benefits for illegal aliens!

UPDATE APRIL 27! Scroll to bottom to see who else might be supporting in-state tuition for illegals.

* * * * *

This morning Glynis Kazanjian’s quite interesting post “Tea Party gearing up for in-state tuition referendum” (Maryland Reporter) raises some very important questions about who supports the referendum — questions begging for answers.

Kazanjian declared

“Much like the structure of the national Tea Party, there is no single leader or group in charge of the referendum efforts in Maryland. There are at least 30 identifiable Maryland Tea Party groups representing thousands of members across the state.

One of the larger groups participating in the referendum process, Maryland Society of Patriots, has over 1,700 Facebook followers and about 1,000 e-mail addresses of people from Montgomery County, Baltimore County and the Eastern Shore.

‘We are planning on aiding as much as we can in the referendum effort,’ said founder Sam Hale. ‘We are planning on holding a meeting in Montgomery County on May 5 to rejuvenate and reorganize our activists.’

Dave Wallace, an organizer for Restore America’s Mission, has helped bus hundreds of Marylanders to Tea Party events in Washington. His group, which has about 700 ‘activists,’ will also help to collect signatures for the referendum.

‘It’s a responsibility that government not go and help finance lawbreakers, and that’s exactly what this is,” Wallace said. ‘This is the wrong direction.'”

To understand the details of the law giving illegal aliens in-state tuition, readers should revisit the SB167 “Public Institutions of Higher Education – Tuition Rates – Exemptions” bill file itself here, including the bill’s final text here. The House of Delegates and Senate votes are here and here.

Washington County blogger Ann Corcoran believes Tea Partyers in Maryland will be in the thick of the struggle for the referendum on in-state tuition for illegal aliens  —

“’There’s no question we are going to be involved [in the referendum],” said Potomac Tea Party blogger Ann Corcoran.  ‘And it goes beyond the in-state issue.  This is an opportunity to broaden our reach to Democrats, independents and those who see this as a fairness issue, and we see this as a fabulous opportunity to organize conservatives across the state of Maryland in preparation for 2012.'”

Here are some of the unanswered questions.

  • So who are the Maryland conservatives?

  • Which politicians will spend political capital publicly to get behind the referendum?
  • What public figures are prancing on the sidelines?

Americans for Prosperity

Kazanjian quotes Maryland AFP deputy chief Loffer–

“Americans for Prosperity, a national conservative group which helped organize some initial Tea Party events in Maryland, will have no role.’We will not be participating, and we have no comment,’ said Deputy State Director Nick Loffer.”

But our long-time friend and now Maryland AFP chief Charles Lollar told this blog some time ago —

  • What is your view of the spending burden illegals place on the taxpayer? The Heritage Foundation and the Center for Immigration Studies have contended here and here that illegal immigration — and proposed amnesties  — have grave fiscal consequences.

Lollar: “View on Spending Burden: The burden is unbearable and unacceptable.  Latest figures show that we are spending billions in healthcare, education, welfare programs and our prison and jail system.  We must make our immigration system a top priority and completely secure our borders!”

Lollar: Oppose CAT: I completely oppose any form of amnesty – we did this in the 80s for specified labor categories and that was questionable in my opinion.  The only way is for success here is by following our Constitution and legal rules that continue to reign in our country.”

Lollar: “CLEAR – I would support any legislation that calls for a fair and legal means of ensuring only legal immigration which includes removing all who are not participating legally in our country.”

We believe chief Lollar and deputy Loffer should have a heart-to-heart on where AFP Maryland stands on this referendum.

The Maryland GOP and the Referendum on In-state Tuition for Illegals

In talking with the Maryland GOP Kazanjian reports that —

“Maryland GOP spokesman, Ryan Mahoney said the party will not take a lead role in the signature collection drive.’This is an effort that is going to be led by Del. Parrott,’ Mahoney said. ‘It’s bigger than any one political party, but with any legislation that’s damaging to Maryland taxpayers, the Republican party is here to provide logistical support and resources to insure Maryland has laws that are moving us in the right direction, not backward.'”

Of course, the referendum should not simply have a one-party signature even though — by our count — every GOP legislator and a number of Democrats (8 in the state senate and 22 in the House of Delegates) voted against the very questionable SB 167 on its way to enactment.

But where is Maryland GOP chairman and former state senator Alex Mooney on this referendum? He was quoted last January here favoring a possible referendum had gay-marriage been enacted in Maryland —

“Mooney, in the position of speaking for a state party he is hoping to turn in a more conservative direction, is placing his hopes in voters, who could overturn the bill on the 2012 ballot. But in Maryland, opponents would have to collect more than 55,000 valid signatures statewide within a matter of months to put the issue to voters. It’s a tall order in a state where organizers couldn’t muster enough signatures to challenge the addition of sexual orientation to the human rights law a decade ago. Mooney sees a referendum push as a way to invigorate moribund state Republicans. ‘I just think we need to do it on something once to show Marylanders it can be done,’ he said.” (Underscoring Forum’s.)

Mooney is a sophisticated politician with earned respect from many conservatives in and out of Maryland.  Whatever the GOP party apparatus itself may do in this referendum, Mooney can hardly walk away from the question when asked about his moral support for, and commitment of personal energy in behalf of the referendum.

The Maryland Chamber of Commerce

To repeat what we wrote in 2009 and again last October, readers might also be interested in viewing some of the U.S. Chamber’s spending on immigration lobbying (go to page 6 of this linked report)by the Federation for American Immigration Reform –-

What we do know through its public statements is that the U.S. Chamber has expressed its firm opposition to E-Verify and pledged its resources to ‘push for comprehensive immigration reform’ and a ‘pathway to legitimation for undocumented workers.’ . . . It has also advocated increasing visas to allow more skilled and unskilled workers to come to the U.S.

Surely 2010 GOP lieutenant-governor candidate Mary Kane is a major and widely recognized voice in the Maryland GOP Establishment. Her biography (as former secretary of state) lists her position with the U.S. Chamber – –

“Director of Special Projects, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 2007″

Her 2010 campaign biography declared –-

“As Special Projects Director for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Mary helps lead the Campaign for Free Enterprise, a multi-year project that inspires Americans to pursue their dreams through individual initiative, and the Chamber’s Military and Veteran’s Initiative, which encourages companies to employ U.S. veterans and their families as they transition back into the workforce.  She also works on the Chamber’s Business Civic Leadership Center, which is designed to establish and maintain a positive role for businesses in society.”

Will Mrs. Kane gives us her take on this in-state tuition referendum?  Will she support it?

And will the Maryland Chamber?

Maryland Legislators Who Came Together Against SB167

Will the GOP leadership in both chambers talk up the referendum in their local communities — as well as statewide?  Will the 30 Democratic legislators who joined them do the same?

We look forward to the answers to all these questions and more in the next chapter of Glynis Kazanjian’s series on the Maryland Tea Party Movement and the referendum on in-state tuition for illegals.
* * * * *

UPDATE APRIL 27! On Marylander Cliff Kincaid’s new website Religious Left Exposed read William Mayer’s “Bitter Harvest: How Marxist ‘Progressives’ Have Infiltrated the American Catholic Church”.

Veteran investigative reporter Kincaid reveals the conflicted role of the Maryland Roman Catholic Church but the decisive intervention of the Black Churches in stopping the gay marriage legislation in the last General Assembly – –

“Veteran journalist Bruce DePuyt quoted Delegate Cheryl Glenn, an African-American Democrat from Baltimore, as saying, ‘The black churches have never asked us for anything, and they are asking us now, ‘Don’t do this.’’ Delegate Jay Walker, a black Democrat from Prince George’s, said that his constituents and the churches in his district were against homosexual marriage. ‘I cannot vote against my base,’ he said. DePuyt noted that, ‘The demise of the gay marriage bill in Maryland will, for some, be reminiscent of what happened in California, where, many believe, the black Democrats who came out in droves to support Barack Obama in 2008 helped defeat Proposition 8, a gay marriage measure.’ The failure of the Catholic bishops and priests to speak out forcefully on this and other
matters brings us to the subject of William Mayer’s report. What he documents is how the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has been largely absorbed into what is called these days the Marxist-oriented ‘progressive movement’ aligned with President Barack Obama, especially on economic issues.”

Declared William Mayer – –

“Not content to simply fan the flames spread by the amnesty radicals, the Catholic Church has been an active participant in some of their rallies.
As America’s Survival, Inc. (ASI) President Cliff Kincaid noted:
‘A group organizing a May 1 ‘May Day’ rally in favor of ‘immigrant rights’ in Lafayette Park in front of the White House is financially supported by the Catholic Church, Big Business, the federal government, and various Maryland governmental entities…CASA de Maryland, an illegal alien support group, is sponsoring the buses that will take hundreds of protesters to the event in the nation’s capital. CASA is considered the biggest promoter and facilitator of illegal aliens in Maryland. The U.S.Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and its Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), which got caught funding the radical group ACORN, are listed on the CASA website as being among its many financial donors and supporters.”
(Underscoring Forum’s.)

The Maryland Tea Party Movement will have its hands full battling Casa de Maryland and misguided elements of the Roman Catholic Church in reversing in-state tuition for illegal aliens.

In our view, traditional Christians of all flavors as well as observant Jews will profit by tracking Cliff Kincaid’s new website Religious Left Exposed.

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