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Leviathan Richard Falknor on 07 May 2015

Flooding 2016 Rolls With New Voters While The GOP Dithers

Two weeks ago Christian Adams revealed (click here) in his “Homeland Security Working Overtime to Add ‘New Americans’ by 2016 Election” (PJMedia)–

“Sources at the Department of Homeland Security report to PJ Media that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is reallocating significant resources to sending letters to all 9,000,000 green card holders urging them to naturalize prior to the 2016 election.
 President Obama’s amnesty by edict has always been about adding new Democrats to the voter rolls, and recent action by the Department of Homeland Security provides further proof. Sources at the Department of Homeland Security report to PJ Media that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is reallocating significant resources away from a computer system — the ‘Electronic Immigration System’ — to sending letters to all 9,000,000 green card holders urging them to naturalize prior to the 2016 election.
This effort is part of the DHS ‘Task Force on New Americans.'”

Read it all.

Trained Timidity

Christian Adams and Tucker Carlson discussed this report on Fox (listen to it here) where their back-and-forth gave a disheartening picture of Capitol Hill Republicans.

Carlson: “If they [9,000,000 green-card holders] voted Republican, if they were all Michele Bachmann voters, do you really think the Obama Administration would be encouraging them to vote?”
Adams: “Well, of course not.  And notice in that letter, Tucker, it says ‘fully participate.’ A Green Card holder right now — someone who is a legal permanent resident —  can fully participate in everything except for one thing. Guess what that one thing is – voting for president in 2016. And they say nakedly in this letter that this is all about politics.”
Adams: “But you know what, Tucker, the irony and the sad part is—right now, while all these immigrants from the south—from Central and South America are being streamed  into the system as fast as possible, immigrants from Eastern European countries—former Communist countries – are being stonewalled—waiting for years. Because they know what this is all about. They’ve seen it before. And so these guys can’t get admitted to the U.S. as easily.
Carlson: “Well, I love how Republicans are constantly told, ‘If you say anything about this—if you complain about it—you are a bigot, you are a nativist, and you will never get another Hispanic vote.’ And they have been cowed into silence, I have noted.”
Adams: “A tragedy. A deliberate shaming, fear mongering. It’s a deliberate strategy to shut up opposition. And I hear it all the time from Republicans on the Hill, from some members of Congress—’Oh, we can’t talk about this.’ Well this is a transformative campaign going on, to fundamentally transform the country. And if you don’t talk about it—if you don’t confront it– you’re going to lose all the other issues you care about.”
Tucker: “Yeah, there’s a lot of cowards out there. And fortunately you are not one of them.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

This picture of trained timidity clearly is not only behind the GOP acquiesence to Big Immigration — but also sped the enactment of the Cromnibus, the confirmation of new Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and the acceptance of the current Corker debacle on Iran.

Politico’s Seung Min Kim declared just this Tuesday (click here) in her “Little GOP appetite for immigration fight on homeland bill” —

Another scorched-earth immigration fight risks more congressional gridlock, just as Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) hope to secure deals on trade, cybersecurity and Iran.
. . . . . . . . . .
“Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas suggested that Republicans block all Obama nominees, except for essential national security slots, until the president relented on his immigration actions. But few, if any, Republicans, agreed, and that strategy went nowhere.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)
 So What Can Conservatives Expect?
The GOP Congressional leadership fears any confrontation with president Obama — and effectively transmits that fear to many rank-and-file members.
While controlling immigration is a priority for the base, the leadership differs on immigration with the president more on process — objecting to “executive amnesty” — than on ends.
The GOP leadership will continue to avoid using the power of the purse — click here to read Angelo Codevilla’s explanation of how this power has been neglected since 1989.
This historic power is essential not only to stop extra-legal immigration programs, but to check a variety of other “transformative” Obama initiatives.
We explained how, last December after the House passage of the Cromnibus
Obamacare will sink its roots further.
Federal agencies will — through administrative schemes–
  • tell local police departments how to do their business,
  • tell local schools whom they may punish by ethnicity,
  • tell local zoning authorities how to exercise their powers for “fairness” in housing,
all while seeking ways to curtail energy production and thus prosperity through “environmental” regulation.
Not least important, monies are made available for wars in the Middle East, whose objectives and means and metrics of victory have never been debated by the Congress.
And Unless Conservatives Get Their Act Together?
By January 2017, much of the president’s transformative work will be institutionalized.
We may well have a Republican president and there will still be a party called the GOP, but they — and sadly the country —  will be less and less recognizable.

Leviathan Richard Falknor on 07 Jan 2015

“Gruber Republicans”: Will Your Member Justify Boehner Record?

Yesterday Daniel Horowitz (Conservative Review) in his “John Boehner: The Indefensible Man” noted

“As the dramatic House vote for Speaker draws near, there is one salient observation overlooked by the Washington political class.  Nobody – not one member is willing to publicly defend or vouch for Boehner as a bold and effective leader of the Republican opposition or as a spokesman for the party’s conservative platform.”

Think the challenge to the Speaker yesterday was just Washington D.C. “inside baseball?”

Believe that we can all rely on the good judgment of our favorite Republican personality, our elected representative?

After all, isn’t he or she just “one of us”? Or even someone we would like to be?

The stakes, however, in this continuing battle over the GOP Congressional leadership are vastly higher than tribal loyalties and social aspirations!

Reagan defense aide Frank Gaffney pointed to the potentially lethal consequences of the Boehner-Obama CROmnibus bill enacted last month–

 “The so-called CROmnibus the Speaker rammed through the House, relying on essential support from Democrats, gave the President all the money he needs through the end of the fiscal year to fund Obamacare, to empty Guantanamo Bay, to normalize relations with Cuba, to negotiate a disastrous deal with Iran and otherwise to continue ‘fundamentally transforming America’ in objectionable ways.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

And scholar and former Senate intelligence aide Angelo Codevilla puts these disturbing developments in a larger context in his “Jonathan Gruber Republicans.” Here are three excerpts–

  • “On December 11, the House of Representatives passed a 1603 page “CROmnibus” bill of $1.1 trillion dollars, which fully funds Obamacare and provides money to bail out insurance companies for losses they incur in its management, and whose substantive provisions include more money for the lawless EPA than even Obama had asked for. The bill also funnels campaign cash to party organizations at the expense of candidates, and authorizes Senators and Congressmen to lease luxury cars at $1000 per month on the taxpayer’s dime. Most significantly, by funding nearly the entire U.S. government until October 2015, the new law removes from elected legislators the power to do what they were elected to do.”
  • “To what degree the Republican leadership insulted its own voters, what sort of Rubicon the Party crossed, by passing the 2014 CROmnibus — comparable in U.S. history to the  Whig Party’s passage of the 1854 Kansas-Nebraska act that resulted in that Party’s death — may be seen by comparing the CROmnibus and what it portends to incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s victory statement, which summed up the 2014 Republican campaign: ‘I’ve made your concerns my own.'”
  • “Two of the CROmnibus’s provisions explain the Republicans’ collusion. First, funding Obamacare and especially the bailout of the insurance companies that are its major financial beneficiaries, anathema as it is to Republican voters, is a key objective of the Crony Capitalists who fund Republican leaders. Second, the provision that makes us taxpayers liable for bailing out the financial industry’s losses in its speculative maneuvers with derivatives, written as it was by Citigroup lobbyists, was arguably these Crony Capitalists’ primary objective. Only behind closed doors and under the deep cover of a CROmnibus bill that dissolves responsibility could Republican leaders satisfy their money constituency.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

First read the entire Codevilla essay here — then ask any House GOP member who voted for John Boehner as Speaker yesterday to defend Mr. Boehner’s record.

And by way of contrast, celebrate the work — to try to replace John Boehner — of Representative Joe Bridenstine chronicled in “The Patriot is a Scarce Man” (by Joe Koss in Conservative Review).

Leviathan Richard Falknor on 30 Dec 2014

Speaker Election Week One Away — GOP Chiefs May Back Amnesty!

UPDATE DECEMBER 31! Immigration time bomb about to explode on GOP” declares WND’s Garth Kant — “Even though many conservatives believe, based on the weight of their arguments, they can persuade immigrants to move to the right, [CIS’ Steve] Camorata said experience suggests otherwise. ‘People who leave New York state because of its oppressive regulations and so forth, when they get to North Carolina, they vote for those same policies.’ Camarota does believe voters in the rest of the electorate could be persuaded that legal immigration is a severe problem.’If Republicans were to explain why it’s problematic for taxpayers, why it’s making the country so much more densely populated and how that impacts their standard of living, what it means for American workers, there’s no question the public would respond.’ He insisted he Republicans could use the explosion of immigration issue against the Democrats, ‘But rather than persuading people it will lead to a more liberal agenda, they choose instead to please the electorate.'”

* * * * *

Speaker Election Week One Away — GOP Chiefs May Back Amnesty!

America’s national crisis over amnesty and open borders may be coming to an unhappy (and irreversible) conclusion faster than you think.

It is likely that, as reported by Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle, the “GOP Leadership May Be Developing Plan To Solidify Obama’s Executive Amnesty.”

“The plan by GOP leaders to sell out and back up Obama’s executive amnesty is already coming together.”

A sovereign remedy to stop this scheme would be to select a new Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Conservative Review’s Daniel Horowitz makes a compelling case that, next Tuesday, “House Conservatives Must Veto Boehner and D.C. Oligarchy”–

“The first opportunity for this ad hoc group will be the Speaker’s election on January 6.  John Boehner has undermined the mandate of the election by supporting Obama’s illegal and dangerous amnesty.  It’s time for a group of incoming freshmen and existing conservatives to band together and restore the mandate by deposing John Boehner.  We all understand that we lack the votes to elect a solid conservative as Speaker of the House, but we do have veto power with 30 votes to deny Boehner the requisite 218 votes to win reelection, and that veto power must be exercised.
Some conservatives have expressed concern over shooting at the Speaker for fear of losing committee assignments due to retaliation.  But they must understand that the only way to actually obtain leverage and demand better committee assignments is by displaying a show of force and appointing a leader of a new faction that has enough votes to veto bad leaders and their bad ideas.  The next speaker – most likely another establishment guy – who would emerge from the ensuing brokered conference meeting, would be on a tight leash and would have to make some important commitments, such as opposing amnesty and placing conservatives on key committees.”

Read Horowitz’ entire brief outlining ways and means of restoring a strong conservative voice in the House Republican Conference.

RedState chief Erick Erickson pointed out in his “House Conservatives Have the Power and Should Depose Speaker John Boehner”–

“Some will argue that a vote against Boehner is a mere protest vote. It is not. There are 30 House conservatives whose vote against Boehner, along with the united front of Democrats voting for Pelosi, could deny him reelection. These 30 would be exercising a veto. There would be no chance of a Democrat becoming Speaker (an obvious point but an argument sure to be advanced by some Republican), because a actual majority of the whole House of Representatives is required. Republicans would simply go back and re-nominate someone else who would not be subsequently vetoed.”

Serious Republicans should be asking** their state and local committees quickly to meet, deliberate, and make recommendations–

  • about choosing the right House Republican leadership; and
  • about whether to support amnesty schemes that will significantly transform both our electorate and our work force.

* * * * *

** Can you imagine the Republican Party of Illinois or Ohio in 1860 hesitating to weigh in strongly on slavery expansion? Angelo Codevilla recalled for us the Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858–
“Our founding generation was very well educated.
Abraham Lincoln — Stephen Douglas debated on the highest level in front of a bunch of farmers – who understood what they were saying.
The debates were recorded by a stenographer.
The stenographer recorded the crowd saying, ‘Stick to the point, Lincoln.’ ‘No, no, Douglas — not so!’”

Leviathan Richard Falknor on 22 Dec 2014

MD Overpass Media Reflects Conservative Outrage At Speaker


Overpass_Boehner-wideMaryland’s Ed Hunter and Lewis Porter displayed these banners on an I-95 overpass in Prince Georges County last Friday.

Activist Hunter estimates an audience of 25,000 cars.



And on the national stage, RedState chief Erick Erickson declared last Tuesday

“House Conservatives Have the Power and Should Depose Speaker John Boehner”!

Influential conservative Erickson explained–

“Some will argue that a vote against Boehner is a mere protest vote. It is not. There are 30 House conservatives whose vote against Boehner, along with the united front of Democrats voting for Pelosi, could deny him reelection. These 30 would be exercising a veto. There would be no chance of a Democrat becoming Speaker (an obvious point but an argument sure to be advanced by some Republican), because an actual majority of the whole House of Representatives is required. Republicans would simply go back and re-nominate someone else who would not be subsequently vetoed.
Think of it as a Supreme Court nomination that needs to be confirmed by the Senate. When the Senate rejects a President’s nominee, it forces the President to go back to the drawing board and nominate someone new that is acceptable to the Senate. The Republican Conference would do that in this analogy by nominating someone that would not be vetoed by the 30.
This is also why the 30 would not need to be unified on who they wanted to replace Boehner—another common problem in removing Boehner. The conspirators can never agree on who the replacement should be. But if you veto Boehner and throw it back to the conference, with a willingness to stand firm on future bad options, House Republicans will eventually gravitate towards a real conservative who is well liked by many Republicans. It may take some time, but it will be worth it.”

Read all of Erickson’s editorial.

Faithful readers know we have been warning about the good Mr. Boehner and his circle for some time: click here then here.

Yesterday Monoblogue posted an insightful and closely related essay here: “The required renovation of Andy Harris.”

Conservatives in the GOP — locally and nationally — face important crossroads soon. 

Stay tuned!

* * * * * * * * * *

This article has been edited since posting: “an audience of 25,000 riders” corrected to “an audience of 25,000 cars”.




Leviathan Richard Falknor on 09 Dec 2014

UPDATED! A Big Noise–Now–To Allow Vote On Anti-Amnesty Amendment!

UPDATED DECEMBER 10! Neil Munro reports here:

“GOP members have released their draft amendment to defund President Barack Obama’s national amnesty.
‘None of the funds appropriated or otherwise made available, including any funds or fees collected or otherwise made available for expenditure, by this division or any other Act, or otherwise available to the Secretary of Homeland Security, for any fiscal year may be used to implement, administer, carry out, or enforce the [amnesty] policies,’ says the short amendment.
The new anti-amnesty language is being pushed by Arizona Rep. Matt Salmon, South Carolina’s Rep. Mick Mulvaney and Virginia Rep. Dave Brat, who unseated the GOP’s pro-amnesty majority leader, Rep. Eric Cantor, in a June 2014 primary vote.
They’re urging voters to call their legislators’ offices to demand passage of the amendment. . . .The amendment will be examined on Wednesday [today] by the powerful rules committee, which sets the rules for debates.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

A Big Noise–Now–To Allow Vote On Anti-Amnesty Amendment!


The indefatigable Neil Munro (Daily Caller) just reports in hisGOP Representatives Demand Vote, Fairness On Amnesty” here – –

“Rank-and-file Republican legislators will ask the House’s rules committee Tuesday to allow an anti-amnesty vote during the floor debate over the 2015 government budget.
But unless there’s huge wave of phone calls from voters to Congress, the request will likely be rejected by GOP leaders prior to a Thursday debate.
That’s because the chairman of the rules committee, Texas Rep. Pete Sessions, was caught on video telling Democrats last week that he’ll push for an 2015 amnesty that would provide more foreign workers to U.S. companies. Rep. Sessions is a close ally of House Speaker John Boehner, who has so far blocked efforts to defund the amnesty.
The new anti-amnesty language is being pushed by Arizona Rep. Matt Salmon, South Carolina Rep. Mick Mulvaney, and Virginia Rep. Dave Brat, who unseated House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in a June 2014 primary vote.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

Conservatives should be in touch with their House GOP member by phone this afternoon

State Republican leaders — Party officials and state lawmakers — should show their true grit by insisting their GOP delegation weigh in to allow an anti-amnesty vote on the Giant Spending Omnibus.

Leviathan Richard Falknor on 19 Nov 2014

“Preserving What’s Left Of The Republic For Our Children…”

Monday evening Mark Levin continued his homilies (click here) on the urgency of Congress exercising its power of the purse right now, and, by doing so, maintaining our constitutional separation of powers.

Our post today is also about the necessity of conservatives immediately asking their GOP members not to bankroll the Obama Administration through next September 30 — but rather to approve only a short-term “continuing resolution” to mid-winter.

In this way, the new Congress can get their arms around the president’s programs and initiatives and rules to decide what moneys should — or should not — be provided, and with what restrictions, in an appropriation running until the end of the next fiscal year on September 30.

Let’s return to constitutional expert Levin who insisted Monday that – –

“We must preserve what’s left of the Republic for our children and grandchildren!”

But author Levin warns that the risk-averse GOP leadership is —

“a chorus of impotency” which they display in a “Conga line on Fox News.”

Review The Alarming Details Of What We Face!

Why is this of such vital concern this week? Before the Congress goes on Thanksgiving Recess Friday?

Because the president plans, perhaps within a few days, to expand his so-called executive actions to regularize millions more illegal immigrants already here, and to allow even more immigration. (Click here and here for likely details and consequences of such presidential action.)

But an equally pressing question is whether the House GOP, in this lame duck session, will give the administration money to operate through next September 30 without any serious restrictions on the worst of its policies.

As we explained, conservatives contend that the House GOP leadership should approve only a “continuing resolution” through mid-winter so that the new Congress can assess what moneys should (or should not) be provided to the Obama Administration, and with what limitations, in an appropriation bill running until the end of the next fiscal year on September 30.

Immigration expert Mark Krikorian summarizes our case as it touches amnesty and immigration —

“But all this depends on Congress approving a short-term spending bill (a Continuing Resolution or CR) now — one that would keep spending at the current (absurdly high) levels for the next two or three months, so the new GOP-run Congress can have a free hand. If spending were locked in till September 30 (the end of the fiscal year) the opportunity to halt the amnesty will be lost; it would take months to implement the amnesty, so little will have happened by January or February, but once millions of people are legalized, even if it’s ostensibly temporary, it will be impossible as a practical political matter to revoke their work permits, Social Security cards, drivers licenses, etc.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

And listen here via Secure Freedom Radio to NumbersUSA’s Rosemary Jenks.

She reveals “Executive Amnesty May be Coming to a Town Near You.”

Hear especially her “Part 4” on the danger of more illegals voting in our elections.

Is The House GOP Leadership Listening?

Lamentably the House Appropriations Committee under the leadership of Kentucky Republican Hal Rogers apparently is bulling ahead with a giant “omnibus” bill bankrolling the Obama Administration through next September 30.

Exclusive–KY Tea Partiers ‘Actively Looking’ For Hal Rogers Primary Challenger For 2016 Over His Support For Omnibus” —

“[Tea Party spokesman Scott] Hofstra said Republicans on the ground in Kentucky are upset with Rogers’ efforts to fund Obama’s planned executive amnesty via an omnibus spending bill. He specifically cited a Breitbart News investigation, published Sunday night, which found that Rogers’ campaign contributor General Dynamics is in the running to print the documents necessary for Obama to implement an executive amnesty—and that the defense contractor expects that if wins the multi-million-dollar government deal it would print the documents at a facility in Rogers’ district.
‘The investigation into the interests of General Dynamics and amnesty is not unexpected,’ Hofstra said. ‘Hal, like Mitch McConnell, won reelection in spite of himself and his actions. He won because he wasn’t the Democrat.'”

As important as is halting lawless presidential action on amnesty and immigration, there are also other serious Obama programs or actions underway which only the Congressional power of the purse can stop or slow down.

Here is only a partial list of Obama programs that cannot be allowed to sink deeper roots, or failures to act that must be put right very soon —

Call your GOP House member — and ask your GOP state lawmakers and newly elected U.S. House members who will take their seats in January — to join you in encouraging the House GOP to become a chorus of courage, not of impotence.







Leviathan Richard Falknor on 16 Nov 2014

Mark Levin: GOP Leaders Flee The Use Of The Power Of The Purse

Last Wednesday, Mark Levin spelled out how the Congressional power of the purse was used many times over the last four decades in his broadcast detailing past government “shutdowns”.

Click here to hear constitutional scholar Levin via therightscoop.

Author Levin also clarified that there is no connection between so-called shutdowns and “defaulting” on the national debt.  (Click here and here for two definitive discussions on the nuts and bolts of the national debt.)

Why is the power of the purse such a pressing question this week?

Because it is the only means to rein in a lawless president who is about to change our way of life with the mass importation of new populations.

This is not something the president might do sometime in the future.  He plans to do so very soon.  And there is no likely way to reverse such a step once fully implemented.

Shamefully the Republican Congressional leadership plans here and here — in this lame-duck session — to bankroll, through a so-called continuing resolution, the president’s administration through September 30, 2015!

We will be writing much more this week on why the administration should only be funded until mid-winter when the new Congress has an opportunity to bring regular order to the appropriations process. (Click here to understand the serious damage from long-term continuing resolutions.)

Take the time to hear Mark Levin here give you the understanding and talking points you will need to give spine to your GOP politicians.

He also touches on how Congress can use the power of the purse to defund Obamacare, to rein in job-killing EPA regulations, and to complicate implementation of “executive agreements” with Iran on nuclear weapons, agreements that can get many Americans and our Israeli allies killed.

What must you ask your GOP politicians?

To ignore their leadership’s pressure to bankroll the Federal government through September 30, 2015.

Instead only support a short-term measure until mid-winter.

Privately your GOP politicians may plead to you that it is political suicide for them to oppose their leadership.

Your answer is that it is national suicide not to derail this president’s schemes.





Leviathan Richard Falknor on 23 Sep 2014

Can Conservatives Guide County and City Government? Not Without A Continual Source Of Presentable Facts & Figures.

A hoary maxim of conservatives is that government is most responsive to voters on the local level.

This is certainly the way it should be.  But as the Federal Leviathan expands, so typically do state and local governments.

Consider this:  in Washington, D.C., when the Congress or the Executive Branch entertains some egregious crony-capitalist scheme, conservative and libertarian think tanks will often be all over it. (Take, for example, warnings against the reauthorizing of the Export-Import Bank here and here.)

The new-media blogs will follow up on the most recent scheme.

Lobbyists will scamper, and members of the Congress will dissemble.

Even so, a bad scheme may yet prevail, but at a price in credibility to its malefactors and to its politician sponsors.

But the resultant push-back may head off even more outrageous raids on the Treasury, or stop more competition-destroying regulation.

When it comes to getting a fix on redolent county, city (and state) schemes, however, conservatives have few if any always-on-watch information sources. 

One nearby exception!

Arthur Purves, long-time leader of the Fairfax County [VA] Taxpayers Alliance, has built an invaluable information machine on county (and state) government whose graphs can be understood by voters and explained by (any willing) local politicians.

On Saturday noon, October 4, Purves will reveal to his annual luncheon his “Strategy to Elect a Taxpayer-Friendly Board of Supervisors.”

“FCTA Annual Luncheon: Sat Oct 4 Noon-2pm, Grevey’s Restaurant
8130 Arlington Blvd (Rt 50 at Gallows Rd) / Falls Church, VA
Meal $20 (Salmon or Chicken florentine) RSVP: or email
Featured speaker: Barbara Hollingsworth – “The Power to Tax is the Power to Destroy”
(Barbara, formerly editor with the DC Examiner, is now with Media Research Center.)”

The good people of Fairfax County need no introduction to the work of Purves and his colleagues. (Click on foregoing link to “Fairfax County Public Schools: High Taxes for Low Achievement”).

But we would strongly recommend to other county-and municipal-level conservatives throughout Maryland and Virginia that they come to this October 4 Fairfax County Taxpayers Alliance luncheon to see what they are accomplishing.

Doubtless interested guests could make an appointment to seek Purves’ wise counsel on how to put together their own always-on-watch local information source.

Leviathan Richard Falknor on 12 May 2014

UPDATED! YouTube: Overpass Media Vexing Maryland’s Government Class?

UPDATE MAY 13! Dymphna at Gates of Vienna here explains “many American conservatives – authentic conservatives at any rate – are familiar with this creative adaptation for the samizdat [link added] spread of information – i.e., putting up signs on overpass fences along main arteries in order to reach people who wouldn’t otherwise know the sentiments on display. In this case, despite the consensus among the talking heads in government, media, and academe the subject of Benghazi is still very much alive . . . Those being silenced seek ways around the gatekeepers who control the portals to media and academia. The overpasses, being ubiquitous crossing points along our massive interlocking roadways, present endless possibilities for speaking out against the endless corruption. Thus, this recent display on Route 50 in Kent, Maryland. . .’Free’ speech may be dead, but the impulse is still lively and spirited. Those who cherish its ideal will keep on finding new ways to get their message out to their fellow citizens. ” (Highlighting Forum’s.) Read all of Dymphna’s post here.

* * * * * * * * * *


Activist Ed Hunter here reports on Overpass Media’s  display (below) 3:00 to 6:00 PM Friday May 9, 2014, on Route 50 at Chester River Beach Road, on Maryland’s Kent Island.

Overpass Media: May 9, 2014 at Chester River Bridge

Overpass Media: May 9, 2014 at Chester River Bridge

“We had an estimated viewership 25,000 of cars with a huge emotional response from this [message]. We also had a crying woman come up to us and tell us she knows the family of one of  those who died and blessed us for keeping this issue before the public.”

Madison Media interviews organizer Hunter. See how the conversation is interrupted by a surprise (and officious) visitor!

Don’t miss here watching Madison Media’s YouTube.

Eastern Shore independent businessman Hunter told us his group also plans to help — between now and Virginia primary date June 10 — GOP challenger David Brat  in his fight to unseat Representative Eric Cantor in Virginia 7!
Those who wish to join the David Brat effort (whose success could severely hamper the GOP leadership’s amnesty schemes) can reach Hunter here.

Leviathan Richard Falknor on 21 Apr 2014

SWAT Overreach & Rogue Policing: More GOP Indifference?

“Many veteran law-enforcement figures have severe qualms about the turn police work is taking. One retired veteran of a large metropolitan police force told me: ‘I was recently down at police headquarters for a meeting. Coincidently, there was a promotion ceremony going on and the SWAT guys looked just like members of the Army, except for the police shoulder patches. Not an image I would cultivate. It leads to a bad mindset.” – John Fund
“They teach cops to use more force, sooner, more often, and how to justify it after the fact.” — Radley Balko

Writers across the center-right spectrum have been warning about what we have called the SWAT Fixations of Militarized Police – from Radley Balko here to Roger Kimball here.

The most recent is John Fund’s NRO post here last Friday “The United States of SWAT? Military-style units from government agencies are wreaking havoc on non-violent citizens.”

Author Fund reveals

“Since 9/11, the feds have issued a plethora of homeland-security grants that encourage local police departments to buy surplus military hardware and form their own SWAT units. By 2005, at least 80 percent of towns with a population between 25,000 and 50,000 people had their own SWAT team. The number of raids conducted by local police SWAT teams has gone from 3,000 a year in the 1980s to over 50,000 a year today.”

But actually persuading Republican leaders get their arms around this national-and-state-level menace to our society is a daunting task.

A few state lawmakers of both parties here, however, have been paying attention. But, to our knowledge, no statewide Republican officers.

Of course, the national GOP leadership is primarily concerned with making deals or engaging in “common-sense pragmatism,” as they call it.

Recall that the GOP controlled part or all of the Federal government from 1995 to 2009, including the House purse strings – should they ever have wished to pull them tighter — from 2011 to the present. This embraces the period of Federally aided SWAT growth, apparently unchecked by Congressional or executive branch oversight of this mindless largesse.

Getting politicians to address SWAT growth and abuse is clearly a task for Tea Partiers and allied grass-roots organizations of conservatives and libertarians.

Sadly, there is no big donor lobby for our ancient liberties, in today’s Beltway GOPonly lobbies for open borders and crony capitalism.

(Revised, and with apologies for the earlier misidentification of Roger Kimball.)

* * * * * * * * * *

Readers may wish to revisit our other closely related posts–

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