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Overpass Media Richard Falknor on 24 Sep 2017

Overpass Message–Rush Hour Friday On I-95:”Million Unemployed-Stop Immigration-America-First”

The Maryland Overpass Message Team headed by Ed Hunter and Lewis Porter got their patriotic display in Howard County before Interstate 95 drivers for three hours last Friday before the Speech Meanies from the State Highway Administration (SHA) were able to shut it down.

Activists Hunter and Porter reported that the SHA apparatchik who showed up kept saying “My bridge, my bridge, you need to take the signs down off MY Bridge or I will take them down.”

Hunter and Porter declared that the SHA had called local authorities to complain that the sign was “vulgar and offensive.”

Porter noted that about 80% of the drivers responded positively to Friday’s message.

He said that fewer than 20% were less than favorable and expressed their disapproval in scatalogical gestures.

Governor Larry Hogan, by some reports a Republican, should start a remedial course in Free Political Speech for SHA employees.



Overpass Media Richard Falknor on 10 Jun 2017

Maryland Round Two Against Fake Media: Liberal Elite vs. Overpass Media In Busy Friday Interstate Traffic!


Yesterday June 9 — as on May 19 — this Overpass Medium was displayed on the Gorman Road bridge over I-95 northbound in Maryland, reports overpass pro’s Ed Hunter and Lewis Porter.

Hunter related —

“Lots of attacks yesterday from Deep State Supporters commuting out of DC after this week’s collapse of the attempted “coup” against the president. They certainly wanted our message taken down from the overpass. We learned that they placed 13 calls to the authorities in one hour. (The calls themselves contained fake assertions!) Thank the Lord for the First Amendment!”

Look for next series of overpass messages!



Overpass Media Richard Falknor on 20 May 2017

Maryland “Overpass Media” Fights The Fake Media!

Supporting patriots of all parties!

“Liberal Media . . . All Lies . . . All the Time”

This Overpass Medium was displayed yesterday between 3-6 PM on the Gorman Road bridge over I-95 northbound in Maryland, reports Ed Hunter and Lewis Porter. A cast of thousands of motorists, Hunter declares, adding —
“Reaction to the sign.. Instant understanding of message from both sides. A very timely message.  Appreciation and honking from conservatives! Liberals Globalist/ Communists  voicing support for  Multi National Corporate Media monopolists.. aka ‘Main Stream Media’. Using cell phones, some objectors called in fake ‘death threats’ stating that we were putting up signs that said “KILL ALL LIBERALS”. Unable to counter our message, they had to lie to preserve their narrative. The cops arrived and demanded we take down signs so they could read them. When we did so, they saw we only called the Liberal Media . . . liars. The truth is frightening for some but not illegal yet.”

But why can’t Virginia and West Virginia patriots set up hard-hitting Overpass Media in their parts of the forest?

Stay tuned!



Overpass Media Richard Falknor on 13 Jan 2017

Larry Hogan’s Bureaucrats Shut Down Latest Overpass Display — “Nightmare Is Over”!

Maryland activists Ed Hunter and Lewis Porter reported that yesterday afternoon Maryland State Highway Administration apparatchiks took down their overpass display on Gorman Road Bridge over I-95 between Washington, D.C., and Baltimore.

But the two activists declared they were able to keep their display up for about an hour before the Highway Meanies arrived.

Of course, abridging free speech rights no longer bothers the Big Left, nor rarely troubles the Establishment GOP whether in Washington, D. C., or in Annapolis.

Maryland Establishment virtue-signalers bewail Donald Trump’s election by regular Americans. 

And during the last presidential campaign, many of the public voices of Mr. Trump’s own party in Maryland belittled themselves by deploring or ignoring their nominee.**

Our Political Class nationally simply doesn’t understand how disheartened so many thoughtful but civil American patriots have been to see our constitutional practices and core American values trashed for eight years during the Obama Regime — and with no effective pushback from an unmanned GOP leadership!

That is why these eight Obama years were a nightmare!


** See our May 1, 2016 MD’s “Trump Republicans”: Almost 200,000 More Republicans Voted In Last Week’s Presidential Primary Than In 2012 Primary–But Will State GOP Welcome These Voters?

In last Tuesday’s Maryland GOP presidential primary, 444,204** Republicans voted compared with 248,468 in the Maryland 2012 presidential primary: an increase of 195,736!Also in last week’s Maryland GOP primary, Donald Trump prevailed among Republicans in every Maryland congressional district and county.



Overpass Media Richard Falknor on 13 Dec 2016

Trump America Celebrates Its First Christmas!


Our Maryland-Virginia Overpass Media posted their Christmas Greeting on the first Friday of this December!

Activists Ed Hunter and Lewis Porter put up their Yuletide banners from 3:00 to 5:30 PM on Gorman Road Bridge over I-95 between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore.

They reported a greater than normal reaction from the flow:

  • many more yeas than normal,
  • fewer boos than usual — but those were “much nastier.”

Overpass Media plans to continue supporting the Trump Movement’s goals throughout 2017 in both Maryland and Virginia!

Overpass Media Susan Freis Falknor on 04 Nov 2016

Overpass Media: Freedom of Speech Assaulted Again in Larry Hogan’s Maryland

Lewis Porter defends a political message

Activist Lewis Porter defending his Trump Banner on the Howard County overpass (Timestamp 14:08). View YouTube !

UPDATE AFTER PRESS TIME NOV 4! A seasoned GOP stalwart just emailed–“The Republican Women of Baltimore County have been waving on overpasses and at mixed affiliation and ethnic areas.  They have been attacked by agitators at least 4 times.  They chased one away, then on another day, they chased one with a box cutter away with pepper spray.  One female came up and asked for a sign.  This was at the city line.  After receiving it, she tore it up in front of the wavers. On northern I-83, a husband parked on the shoulder before the bridge.  The SHA sent police out and he got a parking ticket $70.  Once a policeman came by and said he got a call, he was very nice, and there was no problem.  It appears the left is using the government to stop free speech (First Amendment Rights).” (Highlighting Forum’s)

* * * * *

Overpass media veteran Ed Hunter sends us this report on his overpass-media Trump messaging last Tuesday afternoon:

“This story began shortly after 2:00, when a caravan of three cars apparently of goons pulled up on the overpass bridge. Two men got out of their cars and began ripping down our signs.

The State Highway Administration (SHA) arrived seconds later. They finished the job and confiscated the signs, saying we were disturbing the peace.

Drone hovers above overpass

Drone hovers above

To add to the scene, a drone was flying overhead the whole time. Apparently it was privately operated and was controlled by a guy in a pickup truck who later landed it on the median strip, picked it up, and drove off with it.

So three things happened in about three minutes– the goons arrived, started to take down the signs, and one started a brief dust-up with me; then the SHA arrived; then the drone appeared above us. It certainly looked  planned and coordinated.”

Highway Department

Truck pulls up on overpass (Timestamp 14:06)

The incident occurred on Tuesday November 1, shortly after 2:00 pm, Hunter reports, at an overpass on

I-95, a Howard County spot where for years Hunter and fellow activist Lewis Porter have been displaying conservative political messages viewed by thousands of motorists.

Activist Hunter had arrived about an hour earlier and put up the signs: “AMERICA FIRST….TRUMP” facing one side of the highway and “TRUMP….CAN’T BE BOUGHT” facing the other.

Hunter continued–

About 10 minutes later, the Howard County cops came. They have the power of arrest, but they did not help the SHA.

Highway Department tears down signs.

SHA men finish tearing down signs (Timestamp 14:07)

The county police have known us for years and wave as they pass by.

One Howard County cop warned me, ‘They are baiting you… don’t take the bait.’

Later the cops told us, “You can go.”

All of this happened under the eye of the goons in the cars parked up the road watching.

It was just another day in Anti-Trump, Hogan-controlled Maryland.”

We reported last October 16–

Maryland Highway Bureaucrats Try To Shut Down Trump Movement Overpass Media — On Hogan’s Watch — Is Governor Into Free Political Speech?

Coordination between the Black Hats and SHA? You decide.

Does the Annapolis regime feel free to run over the Maryland Constitution’s Declaration of Rights at will?

Overpass Media Richard Falknor on 16 Oct 2016

Maryland Highway Bureaucrats Try To Shut Down Trump Movement Overpass Media — On Hogan’s Watch — Is Governor Into Free Political Speech?

Activists Ed Hunter and Lewis Porter reported they are continuing their overpass media displays.

Last Friday in Howard County, Hunter displayed on 8 lanes — 4 North, 4 South.

He estimated 70,000 views.

Hunter did the same yesterday for three hours.











Then the Blue Meanies from the State Highway Administration arrived demanding that the (consistently courteous) local police immediately order the display removed.


Last we heard Maryland had a Republican governor devoted (scroll to oath in section 9) to constitutionally protected speech.

Let’s pray he gets on the highway bureaucrats’ case and gives them a basic civics lesson.

2016 Election &Overpass Media Richard Falknor on 01 Oct 2016

Overpass Media – – – Into The Home Stretch For Trump!

“Can’t Be Bought” yesterday on I-95 in Howard County, Maryland.

Activists Ed Hunter and Lewis Porter estimate 50,000 travelers saw this fundamental message – – – unfiltered by the Prestige Media.

Stay tuned for more overpass events coming soon!






Overpass Media Richard Falknor on 05 Aug 2016

Ryan-Nehlen Primary: See How Overpass Media Gets Around Local Censorship Of Pro-Nehlen Messages

Maryland activist Ed Hunter goes to the First Congressional District of Wisconsin to help Ryan challenger Paul Nehlen get his pro-jobs pro-America message out to local voters.


I-90 Janesville, Wisconsin


Stay tuned for more on the primary challenge Wisconsin’s Paul Nehlen has mounted against Big Immigration House Speaker Paul Ryan!

Overpass Media Richard Falknor on 17 Jul 2016

Overpass Media:Capital Area I-95 “America First–Trump”

America First Overpass-5inchesMaryland Tea Partier Ed Hunter reports:

“Strong nationalist message from overpass.

50,000 views Friday July 15, 2016.

This idea seems to be the dividing line. There were strong responses from both sides to the message AMERICA FIRST..TRUMP.

Also standing on the bridge and working in the 95 degree heat for 4 hours– patriot Lewis Porter.”

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