Fire Boehner

Last Friday on Interstate 95, near Baltimore, Maryland.

Overpass-display organizer Lewis Porter from Maryland 20-20 Watch reported he was “stunned by the volume of public anger directed at Speaker Boehner.”

Porter estimated that somewhere between 40,000 to 50,000 people viewed this display over a 3-hour period during Friday rush hour on I-95 coming out of Washington, D.C.

Activist Porter told Blue Ridge Forum–

“ I would like to know who supports this guy…because it’s sure not the American people.”

Just yesterday, Mark Levin declared (click here) to Breitbart’s Julia Hahn (“Mark Levin: The Republican Party Won Its Majority on a Lie”) —

“Levin explained that the GOP’s problems stem largely from party leadership. In a metaphor invoking the idea of House Speaker Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)…as a Republican in drag, Levin said:
‘[Boehner] is essentially delivering for Barack Obama everything Barack Obama wants. Just because you’re dressed up as a Republican doesn’t make it so… By his actions, he has demonstrated that he is not a conservative. He spends his time with [Rep. Kevin] McCarthy (R-CA) and [Rep. Steve] Scalise (R-LA) conspiring against the Tea Party and the more conservative elements of his caucus…
I can’t think of one significant advance in the cause of liberty or limited government under John Boehner. When he and [Sen. Mitch] McConnell (R-KY)—who’s equally bad— surrendered the power of the purse right out of the box… they just delivered Obama everything he wanted. So these men have helped Obama oversee the biggest explosion of government both in spending and in power ever.'” (Highlighting Forum’s)

Faithful readers will recall our 2013 post (click here) on Peter Schweizer’s** book Extortion, in which he shows us the anatomy of a “dysfunctional” Congress.

“As the jacket blurb says –
‘*Obama’s ‘Protection Money’: How the Obama Administration targeted industries for criminal investigation but chose not to pursue key political donors.
 *John Boehner’s ‘Tollbooth’: How the Speaker of the House extracts money by soliciting political donations before he will hold crucial votes on the House floor.
 *The ‘Slush Fund’: How politicians extract ‘campaign contributions’ and then convert them to bankroll lavish lifestyles complete with limos, private jets, golf at five-star resorts, fine wines, and cash for family members.
 *Capitol Hill’s ‘Underground Economy’: How congressmen use a little-known loophole that allows them to secretly link their votes to cash.
 Extortion finally makes clear why Congress is so dysfunctional: it’s all about making money, not making law.'”

Porter’s group plans on continuing its overpass displays in Virginia as well as Maryland.

** Schweizer is also the author of Clinton Cash.