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Culture wars Richard Falknor on 02 May 2014

NEW! Eric Cantor’s Crew Rushing “Left-Wing Feminist Museum” To Vote

UPDATES MAY 7, 2014! US House today approves here groundwork for left-wing women’s museum opposed by Concerned Women for America and Phyllis Schlafly. Kudos to Maryland’s Andy Harris for standing against the herd! Read AIM’s Cliff Kincaid on “House Vote on Museum to Honor Red Feminist” here. Heritage Action urged “’NO’ on the Commission to Study National Women’s History Museum” here calling it one of their “House Key Votes.” Daniel Horowitz adds “Kudos to @TeamBachmann for requesting a roll call vote on the left wing museum.” Eric Cantor’s railroad provided the engine for House approval: just a taste of what conservatives can expect from the presumptive next Speaker.

* * * * * * * * * *

“While the idea of celebrating women is admirable, the content of such a museum would [be] a shrine to the leftist ideology and would not provide an accurate portrayal of American women.”   —Concerned Women for America

The indefatigable Daniel Horowitz asks here in his RedState post yesterday “Why are Republicans Promoting a Left-Wing Feminist Museum?”

“One of the biggest obstacles to restoring our constitutional Republic is the inherent advantage the progressives enjoy inside of our culture.  Their monopoly on media, entertainment, and education has given radicals the opportunity to slowly, yet relentlessly, introduce extreme ideas into the mainstream with a high degree of success.  The least we can do as conservatives is not  use our majority to gratuitously grant the feminist movement more leverage to promote leftwing propaganda in our nation’s capitol under the guise of celebrating famous women.
 Undoubtedly, building a museum dedicated to studying the contributions of prominent American woman is an interesting endeavor, especially when funded by private contributions.  But one glance at the website of the NWHM [National Women’s History Museum] makes it clear that this particular outfit will be used as a conduit to promote general liberal causes like most other feminist ‘women’s’ organizations.  They’ve already paid homage to Sandra Fluke, which is not surprising because they are allied with a whole array of left-wing women’s groups.”  (Highlighting Forum’s)
GOP priority a museum to celebrate Sanger? Image via Gateway Pundit http://tinyurl.com/lbnl796

House GOP priority a museum to celebrate Sanger? Image via Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit 

Explains Madison Project’s Horowitz–

“This bill was already introduced during the Pelosi Congress in 2009 and passed by voice vote!  It was only stopped in the Senate because Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) placed a hold on the bill.
Leadership plans to bring the bill to the floor next week under suspension.  The bill was rushed to the floor by Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA).   Once this museum is constructed and granted access to the national mall, there is no way it will not grow into a left-wing bastion and it is unlikely that it will not become a recipient of federal funds when Democrats are in control of Congress.  If this is how Eric Cantor uses the majority in the House, why should we promote him to the position of Speaker?”  (Highlighting Forum’s)

Read all of Horowitz’ post here to see 15 Republicans who are sponsoring this measure.

Cari Kelly of Heritage Action declares in her “Leftist Feminist Propaganda on the National Mall?” here

“While NWHM claims a nonpartisan agenda, there is no mechanism in place to ensure that the museum is not used as a platform to promote liberal propaganda (even if that museum is still in its infancy). The women typically celebrated by federally monitored or federally commissioned institutions are of the ‘progressive era’ or the ‘sexual liberation movement’ (consider particularly the characters and events promulgated by Smithsonian institutions or nationalized educational programs). These figures glorify the elements of women’s history that have furthered disrespect for human life, destruction of the family unit and general harm to the wellbeing of women.”(Highlighting Forum’s)

What misguided pandering is behind the Cantor push?  The Hill’s Mike Lillis reported here–

“Some Democrats suggested GOP leaders are simply playing election-year politics with the museum bill. One leadership aide said the Republicans would embrace the proposal as a political effort to defuse the Democratic argument that their policy agenda is harmful to women.‘ They’re trying to reach out to people other than white males,’ the aide said. ‘They may try to latch onto it to show that they’re not complete Neanderthals.'” (Highlighting Forum’s

Does the House Majority Leader want to link GOP members with an organization that highlights Margaret Sanger?

This museum legislation lays the foundation for even more Beltway Boodle,  illustrating the growing divide between America’s “country class” and her “ruling class.”

Where is Eric Cantor’s sense of priorities in these perilous times? 

This scheme (HB 863 here and here) is a far cry from senator Jeff Sessions’ plea here that the GOP be the defender of American working men and women.


In an apparent move to side-step the so-called “war on women” rhetoric, Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Virginia) stated in The Hill newspaper that the House will vote on the NWHM this election year. – See more at: http://www.cwfa.org/national-womens-history-museum-talking-points/#sthash.45ysLNVx.dpuf
In an apparent move to side-step the so-called “war on women” rhetoric, Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Virginia) stated in The Hill newspaper that the House will vote on the NWHM this election year. – See more at: http://www.cwfa.org/national-womens-history-museum-talking-points/#sthash.45ysLNVx.dpuf
In an apparent move to side-step the so-called “war on women” rhetoric, Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Virginia) stated in The Hill newspaper that the House will vote on the NWHM this election year. – See more at: http://www.cwfa.org/national-womens-history-museum-talking-points/#sthash.45ysLNVx.dpuf
In an apparent move to side-step the so-called “war on women” rhetoric, Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Virginia) stated in The Hill newspaper that the House will vote on the NWHM this election year. – See more at: http://www.cwfa.org/national-womens-history-museum-talking-points/#sthash.45ysLNVx.dpuf
In an apparent move to side-step the so-called “war on women” rhetoric, Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Virginia) stated in The Hill newspaper that the House will vote on the NWHM this election year. – See more at: http://www.cwfa.org/national-womens-history-museum-talking-points/#sthash.45ysLNVx.dpuf
In an apparent move to side-step the so-called “war on women” rhetoric, Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Virginia) stated in The Hill newspaper that the House will vote on the NWHM this election year. – See more at: http://www.cwfa.org/national-womens-history-museum-talking-points/#sthash.45ysLNVx.dpuf
In an apparent move to side-step the so-called “war on women” rhetoric, Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Virginia) stated in The Hill newspaper that the House will vote on the NWHM this election year. – See more at: http://www.cwfa.org/national-womens-history-museum-talking-points/#sthash.45ysLNVx.dpuf
In an apparent move to side-step the so-called “war on women” rhetoric, Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Virginia) stated in The Hill newspaper that the House will vote on the NWHM this election year. – See more at: http://www.cwfa.org/national-womens-history-museum-talking-points/#sthash.45ysLNVx.dpuf

Culture wars Richard Falknor on 28 Feb 2014

PowerLine: “9th Circuit…School Can Ban Display of American Flag”

tattererd.flag-400PowerLine’s John Hinderaker lays out here the facts and context surrounding this troubling holding–

“You may have heard about Dariano v. Morgan Hill Unified School District, in which a unanimous panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals held that it was permissible for a public high school to demand that students remove clothing that displayed an American flag. Many conservatives are understandably upset with the decision. The context was this: the high school, in northern California, had a history of conflict between Caucasian and ‘Mexican’ students.

. . . . .

In the school context, students’ free speech rights are more limited, and officials can repress speech so as to avoid threats to student safety. In that sense, the Dariano decision likely is not ‘wrong.’  But it is certainly sobering: have California’s public schools really degenerated to the point where displaying an American flag risks violence?  Apparently so.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

Continues Hinderaker–

“American flag, Confederate flag, what’s the difference? The court attached zero significance to the fact that we are talking here about the Stars and Stripes. The heckler’s veto prevails. Just don’t try the same thing with the Mexican flag; not in California. My takeaway from all of this is that our civilization is in a state of deep decline, from which it probably cannot recover. ” (Highlighting Forum’s)

How many “heckling” Mexican youths in California and elsewhere would be legalized under House GOP Leader Eric Cantor’s proposed Kids Act here?

Will Islamist youths in our schools — those practicing Civilization Jihad — cite this holding to use a heckler’s veto against activities of fellow Christian and Jewish students which they find “offensive” or, in their view, “blasphemous”?

Talk this over with your House member to explore legislative remedies — and to urge public hearings.

What lessons are these high schools teaching when they fall back on repressing speech rather than insisting on ordered liberty in the teeth of gangs or racist bullies of whatever ethnicity?

And have our high schools given up on assimilation?

Culture wars Richard Falknor on 02 Dec 2013

New Overpass Media: Tea Partiers Confront Christmas Muzzlers

UPDATE AFTER PRESS TIME!  Video here “Southern California County Orders Removal of Christmas Lights” via BreitbartTV.

* * * * * * * * * *

New Overpass Media: Tea Partiers Confront Christmas Muzzlers

Last Friday, Tea Partiers – joined by nearby supporters rotating in and out – on Brooklyn Bridge Road over I-95 northbound near Laurel in Maryland – displayed a banner (below) with a message that in earlier times would not have been controversial: “HONK! — WE SAY MERRY CHRISTMAS.”

christmas banner

Faithful readers will recall our earlier related posts–

Organizer Ed Hunter (email him here) reports that he plans more “overpass media” messages throughout the holidays.

Culture wars Richard Falknor on 03 Nov 2013

UPDATED! Common Core Tomorrow Night! A Forum For All Marylanders

UPDATE NOVEMBER 5! Blair Ames here reports “Carroll commissioners common core forum draws a crowd.” Ames also reports “‘The bottom line is we offered a balanced forum,’ [Commissioner Richard] Rothschild said after Monday’s event.” Readers should consider Commissioner Doug Howard’s position against the forum and the tone of his follow-on comments.  Did he lose his way and stumble into the wrong Party? Not surprisingly, the Maryland Educational Establishment avoided a forum they could not dominate.

* * * * * * * * * *

Under the auspices of the Carroll County Commissioners here, there will be a Common Core State Standards Forum, tomorrow, Monday, November 4, beginning at 6:30pm at Carroll Community College located at 1601 Washington Road, Westminster, MD 21157. 

Click here for more details.

Declared Commissioner Richard Rothschild

“The majority of the public still has little insight into what Common Core is, and the long-term implications. I am concerned that most forums around the state have given the podium to state educational officials that support the core, but groups with different perspectives have been denied an opportunity to present.”

 Added Commissioner Robin Frazier

“If Common Core is good, we should embrace it, but if it is bad, we should do everything in our power to stop it. Either way, we need more information.”

Rothschild said “time will be reserved for questions or comments from the public. All Marylanders are welcome.”

What Is The Maryland Education Establishment Hiding?

State and county public education officials were invited but declined to attend, the Blue Ridge Forum learned.

We urge prospective attendees (and readers) to consider Stanley Kurtz’ National Review on Line post concerning the consequences to our freedom of imposing the Common Core curriculum here.

Culture wars Richard Falknor on 08 Sep 2012

He’s Back! Fred Grandy on WTNT And The Capital Area Airwaves

Catherine Mann-Grandy, aka Mrs. Fred just reports from California —

“Fred will be back on WTNT Radio for a few days very soon.  On Friday (9/14) he’ll co-host with Andy Parks once again.  The following week, Fred will be sitting in for Andy from 3pm to 6pm Monday through Thursday (9/17 – 9/20.) I know he’d really like to hear from you on the show. Here’s the call in number: 1 800 768 4637.  Or, just send a supportive email, saying you’d like to hear more of Fred on WTNT.  Please send emails to the Marketing Director at the Washington Times, Tom Culligan tculligan@washingtontimes.com
3PM – 6PM  (9/14…and 9/17 –9/20)
WTNT RADIO  730AM or 102.9 FM
Online at: http://www.washingtontimes.com/radio/andy-parks-live-from-the-washington-times/

Below are some related Blue Ridge Forum posts:

The Shariah War on Women: The Grandys Reveal Grim Details

Mrs. Fred: Shariah Tour Coming To An Auditorium Near You?

Grandy Report: Shariah Arriving in Maryland!

Muzzling the Grandys: Political Islam and the Virginia GOP?

Fred Grandy: “The Secret Jihad . . . Inside Our Borders”

Every smart conservative voice we can keep – and nurture — in the media is an invaluable asset.

Readers will know what they must do to keep Fred Grandy on the air

Culture wars Richard Falknor on 23 Aug 2012

UPDATED! Can Governor Mitt Romney Fix His Campaign’s Todd Akin Mess?

UPDATE AUGUST24! Cliff Kincaid  (Renew America) yesterday reported on “Purging conservatism from the GOP” —  “Once again, in ganging up on Akin, Republicans and conservatives lost sight of the real extremist, Barack Obama, while ceding ground to the liberals and allowing them to control the parameters of the public debate. It is a scenario that is played out over and over again, as if the Republicans never learn. Or perhaps a Republican like Romney, who supported abortion rights in Massachusetts, knew exactly what he was doing and where this is all going — the eventual elimination of the social issues from the national Republican agenda. Romney has made it quite clear that he wants no part of them, preferring instead to run on economic and financial matters. He doesn’t even want to talk about security problems in the State Department, in the person of Muslim Brotherhood-connected official and Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin.”

* * * * *

Missouri Senate: McCaskill (D) 48%, Akin (R) 38% – – Rasmussen
“Who ordered this ‘Code Red’ on Akin? There were talking point memos sent from the National Republican Senatorial Committee suggesting language to urge Akin to drop out. Political consultants were ordered to stay away from Akin or lose future business with GOP committees. Operatives were recruited to set up a network of pastors to call Akin to urge him to get out. Money has changed hands to push him off the plank. It is disgraceful. From the spotlights of political offices and media perches, it may appear that the demand for Akin’s head is universal in the party. I assure you it is not. There is a vast, but mostly quiet army of people who have an innate sense of fairness and don’t like to see a fellow political pilgrim bullied.”  — Mike Huckabee via Politico’s Alexander Burns

Rosalind S. Helderman (Washington Post) reported Tuesday that Tony Perkins chief of the Family Research Council had declared —

“’If Todd wants to stay in the race, I will continue to support him,’ Perkins said in an interview. ‘I think his comments were indefensible. I think they were inappropriate. He’s acknowledged as such. But you know, when others have made mistakes, you haven’t seen the entire Republican establishment abandon him. I think it’s somewhat suspect.’”

Let us stipulate right now that, in our view, Representative Todd Akin’s misstep through his comments about “legitimate rape” was very serious. See Daniel Horowitz’s (RedState) “The Broader Issue is Abortion on Demand, Not Political Gaffes” for a thoughtful discussion.

But the right question for the Romney Campaign was the classic: “Do you want a bill, or do you want an issue?” 

That is, do you want a resolution right away and have the issue largely go away? Or, for some perverse reason, do you want to lead a long-continuing national denunciation of the GOP Missouri U. S. Senate candidate?

In the event, the Romney Campaign now has no resolution; the “issue” – whatever it is by now after Mr. Akin’s apology – is open to endless exploitation by the Left.  And, as governor Huckabee’s and Mr. Perkins’ statements make clear, there is a palpable distaste among social conservatives for the way the matter is playing out.

As they understandably fear, the Romney Campaign might turn on any of the social conservatives.  “Who ordered this ‘Code Red’?” indeed.

Apart from the information governor Huckabee provided, we don’t know the timeline of the Campaign’s reaction to the initial news about Mr. Akin’s blunder.

But we wonder whether a call from governor Mitt Romney to candidate Akin thanking him for confessing his serious error and expressing Mr. Romney’s recognition for his past good work in the House and the governor’s expectation that he would make a strong national contribution to the pro-life movement in the future, would have enabled Mr. Aikin to leave promptly and with some dignity.

Is it too late?

We know some of Mr. Akin’s former staff and respect them, and have even had a (courteous) exchange with him on foreign policy.  He is a decent man who has worked hard in the House on values concerns.

And, yes, the matter is “somewhat suspect” as Tony Perkins said. 

The ad hominem tone and force of many of the GOP attacks on Mr. Akin  — and the reportedly strong and precipitate moves against his campaign —

  • seem unrelated to any rational objective (like allowing him to leave with his head up and not angering his supporters who are necessary to unseat the Democrat incumbent);
  • are likely to make grass-roots social conservatives even more uneasy after Mr. Romney’s dismissive remarks about Chick-A-Filet;
  • and, as the Rasmussen poll suggests, are further jeopardizing any favorable electoral outcome in Missouri by demoralizing Republicans and vexing Akin loyalists.

Let’s pray that governor Romney himself  takes the time to fix this, quickly. That is what effective presidents do — get to the root of complicated political standoffs and craft a solution.  That is what he will have to do, when he is elected,  with errant senators of both parties  — and no matter which party takes the Senate.

Culture wars Richard Falknor on 17 Jul 2012

Islam and Our Schools: Will We Follow The UK By Capitulating?

Yesterday the Gatestone Institute spelled out with chapter and verse “How Political Correctness Is Transforming British Education.”

Declared Soeren Kern

“In Cheshire, two students at the Alsager High School were punished by their teacher for refusing to pray to Allah as part of their religious education class.

In Scotland, 30 non-Muslim children from the Parkview Primary School recently were required to visit the Bait ur Rehman Ahmadiyya mosque in the Yorkhill district of Glasgow (videos here and here). At the mosque, the children were instructed to recite the shahada, the Muslim declaration of faith which states: ‘There is no god but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger.’ Muslims are also demanding that Islamic preachers be sent to every school in Scotland to teach children about Islam, ostensibly in an effort to end negative attitudes about Muslims.

British schools are increasingly dropping the Jewish Holocaust from history lessons to avoid offending Muslim pupils, according to a report entitled, Teaching Emotive and Controversial History, commissioned by the Department for Education and Skills.”

Also yesterday Mark Tapson revealed in his “Muslim Congressman: Islam in America Must Not Retreat” (FrontPage Magazine) –

“In a May 26 address before the Islamic Circle of North America/Muslim American Society (ICNA/MSA), both Muslim Brotherhood front groups, André Carson commiserated with his audience over how difficult things have been for them since the World Trade Center attacks at the hands of al Qaeda jihadists: ‘9/11 was tough on Muslims.’

Carson is America’s race-baiting, confirmed socialist and second Muslim Congressman (Keith Ellison is the first), who had a lot of interesting things to say at this event. In video clips surfacing on the internet, Carson made the above comment as well as this eyebrow-raising pronouncement, to the applause of his Muslim-American audience:

‘America will never tap into educational innovation and ingenuity without looking at the model that we have in our madrassas, in our schools, where innovation is encouraged, where the foundation is the Koran. And that model that we are pushing in some of our schools meets the multiple needs of students… America must understand that she needs Muslims.’”

Conservatives themselves in Maryland and Virginia must become vigilant about the curricula in taxpayer-supported schools. 

We have noted how unrealistic it is to expect the GOP to do so, and the Left as we have written sees public education as a sovereign way to transform America.

Charter Schools in Maryland and Virginia

Charter schools have promise for many more young Americans, but these taxpayer-supported enterprises must not become the means of advancing a political agenda. 

Islamist watchers have raised questions here (Stephen Schwartz) and here (Janet Levy) about those charter schools affiliated with the Gulen network.

Writes Stephen Schwartz (American Thinker) –

“Americans should ask both why and how the Islamist Gülen movement has managed to establish such a large presence for Turkish religious political indoctrination in publicly financed education — and should unite to oppose it.”

Janet Levy (American Thinker) declared

“Beginning in the 1970’s, Gulen began establishing a worldwide network to promote Islam and Turkish nationalism. His followers have since established hundreds of schools in over 110 countries.  Gulenists operate an Islamic bank with over $5 billion in assets and own significant print and broadcast media properties, NGOs, think tanks and a publishing company. Gulen recruits Turkish youth by providing housing and education and grooms them for careers in the legal, political and academic professions.  In recent years, the AKP passed legislation allowing graduates of Islamic high schools entry into Turkey’s universities, guaranteeing Islamist leadership in the future.  Gulen controls the majority of schools, universities and dormitories throughout Turkey.  His followers remain loyal and donate up to one-third of their income to the movement.  In Turkey, Gulen and the AKP together control the police, the intelligence services and the media and actively recruit diplomats for their utility as foreign intelligence satellites. Overall, the holdings are valued at up to $50 billion.”

Levy is not convinced by the Gulen schools’ claims of academic excellence —

“As for their reported academic excellence, the Gülen schools show high performance on school-administered state tests but lackluster results on college admission tests such as SAT and ACT.  The Gülen schools’ SAT average score of 1026 falls short of the 1100 considered to indicate college readiness.  Former Gülen schoolteachers have reported state testing violations, lack of test monitors, and unqualified individuals administering tests.”

And Stephen Schwartz reports – –

“But while Fatih Karatas, principal of the Sonoran Science Academy middle school in Tucson, flatly denied any connection with the Gülen movement, Beehive principal Muhammet ‘Frank’ Erdogan in Salt Lake City admitted such links in the case of his school. The Salt Lake Tribune quoted his admission that along with him, ‘many of Beehive’s teachers and founders also support Gülen’s ideals.’ The paper also described how ‘Adam Kuntz, a first-year history teacher at Beehive, was fired [in spring 2009], he alleges, for taking academic freedom concerns to the state board. Earlier in the school year, Kuntz had a run-in with Erdogan over a lesson plan on World War II and the Holocaust. Erdogan wanted Kuntz to revise the plan and during a tape-recorded meeting, questioned conventional accounts of the genocide.’”

Readers need to weigh all the evidence, both on performance and political affiliation, on Fetulla Gulen and American charter schools. We know one education reformer close to a Gulen school genuinely enraptured with their performance among minorities.  But the same advocate was unwilling to talk to the critics and reporters in Arizona and Utah to get more information when we suggested doing so over two years ago.

In the meantime, stay tuned for more on school curricula, and we’ll try to help with more facts and informed opinion.

Culture wars Richard Falknor on 05 May 2012

Senate Candidate Warren: Can Minority “Roots” Have A Dark Side?

UPDATES! See Hans Bader here (DC SCOTUS Examiner) “Elizabeth Warren ‘Didn’t Tell the Truth,’ Professors Say,” and Harvey Silverglate here (Minding the Campus) “Harvard’s PR Machine and the Cherokees.” Bader reveals:“The safest path for many college hiring committee members is to consider race in hiring somewhat, but not admit it.  Using race appeases liberal civil-rights bureaucrats and law-school accreditors, but not admitting it effectively prevents lawsuits by conservative non-profit law firms like the Center for Individual Rights (CIR), which lack the resources to sue over anything but the most blatant and obvious cases of reverse discrimination.” Silverglate declares: “So it was not surprising to read that Warren’s claimed 1/32nd Cherokee ancestry was something first promoted not by Warren, but by a Harvard Law communications officer trying to construct a particular perception of the school. Indeed, the Harvard Office of Public Affairs and Communication, and the communications offices for many of the various Harvard-branded schools, put out a number of publications that ensure the entire university stays on message or, more precisely, on image.”

* * * * * * * * * *


Senate Candidate Warren: Can Minority “Roots” Have A Dark Side?

“An Oklahoma native, Warren said this week she used the law school directory to meet other ‘people who are like I am’ with similar tribal roots — even though the directory does not specify which minority professors belong to.  Chris Child of the New England Historic Genealogical Society said Monday he found documentation indicating Warren’s great-great-great-grandmother is Cherokee, meaning she is 1/32 Native American. Hillary Chabot (Boston Herald) via NRO’s Patrick Brennan

We have this bizarre idea at Blue Ridge Forum that America should be color-blind and gender-blind and ancestry-blind in the transaction of public business including hiring and admission at taxpayer-aided schools.

Shedding more light on Massachusetts U. S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren’s claim of “minority” status, Mark Steyn writes this weekend (“Going Native” in NRO) about —

“. . .Harvard Law prof and Democrat Teepee Party candidate Elizabeth Warren, who can’t understand why anyone could possibly get the idea she’s been passing herself off as a Cherokee for most of her adult life. Well, maybe they got if from Harvard’s daily newspaper. From 1998:

‘Harvard Law School currently has only one tenured minority woman, Gottlieb Professor of Law Elizabeth Warren, who is Native American.’

This may be the drollest diversity scam since an Englishman called Archibald parlayed himself into global celebrity as the Ojibwe Indian “Grey Owl.”

Elizabeth Warren’s Cherokee Nation

We wonder whether professor Warren had the Cherokee Nation’s history as slaveholders and suppressors of a slave revolt in mind when “she used the law school directory to meet other ‘people who are like I am’ with similar tribal roots . . . .” 

Did she really do her homework on her claimed (Michael Warren in the Weekly Standard) ancestors?

The “Encyclopaedia of Oklahoma History and Culture” tells us  —


Of the Five Civilized Tribes, the Cherokees were the largest holder of Africans as chattel slaves. By 1860 the Cherokees had 4,600 slaves. Many Cherokees depended on them as a bridge to white society. Full-blood Indian slave owners relied on the blacks as English interpreters and translators. Mainly, however, slaves worked on farms as laborers or in homes as maids or servants. The Cherokees feared the aspect of a slave revolt, and that is just what happened in 1842 at Webbers Falls.

On the morning of November 15 more than twenty-five slaves, mostly from the Joseph Vann plantation, revolted. They locked their masters and overseers in their homes and cabins while they slept. The slaves stole guns, horses, mules, ammunition, food and supplies. At daybreak the group, which included men, women, and children, headed toward Mexico, where slavery was illegal. In the Creek Nation the Cherokee slaves were joined by Creek slaves, bringing the group total to more than thirty-five. The fugitives fought off and killed a couple of slave hunters in the Choctaw Nation.

The Cherokee Nation sent the Cherokee Militia, under Capt. John Drew, with eighty-seven men to catch the runaways. This expedition was authorized by the Cherokee National Council in Tahlequah on November 17, 1842. The militia caught up with the slaves seven miles north of the Red River on November 28, 1842. The tired, famished fugitives offered no resistance.

The party returned to Tahlequah on December 8, 1842. Five slaves were executed, and Joseph Vann put the majority of his rebellious slaves to work on his steamboats, which worked the Arkansas, Mississippi, and Ohio Rivers. The Cherokees blamed the incident on free, armed black Seminoles who lived in close proximity to the Cherokee slaves at Fort Gibson. On December 2, 1842, the Cherokee Nation passed a law commanding all free African Americans, except former Cherokee slaves, to leave the nation.”

All of us have to take the bad with the good when we speak of our personal ancestry.  Massachusetts U. S. Senate candidate Warren, of course, cannot be held responsible for the wrong turns the Cherokee Nation took in its history. But we cannot “fix” our complex past by today’s facile schemes of preferences and quotas.

Hers is just another example why preferences in hiring and contracting and university admissions as well as ‘diversity’ quotas show the fecklessness and often the cruelty of such social engineering.


Culture wars Richard Falknor on 20 Jan 2012

Restoring Learning: Hans Bader on Training Lawyers

Of course, we can’t realistically expect the Institutionalized Left, a.k.a. the Democratic Party, to want to prepare young Americans, K through graduate-or-professional school, for life in a society based on liberty and enterprise. That Party prefers and helps carry out (through sympathetic schools of education) training for collectivism.

But we have every right to expect that the GOP — both through repealing legislation that distorts sound learning and by using their public pulpits to warn citizens of what is going on in their schools — will try to bring all taxpayer-supported education back to fundamentals.

Looking at professional education, Harvard-law graduate Hans Bader in his “Judge Criticizes American Law Schools” (Open Market) declares last Tuesday —

‘A prominent federal judge has added to the growing chorus of criticism for American law schools and their failure to provide practical training for their students despite charging exorbitant tuition:

“Judge José Cabranes of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2d Circuit… noted that law schools are in ‘something of a crisis,’ given the skyrocketing cost of tuition, ever-higher graduate debts and a growing feeling that legal scholarship is of little use to the bench or practitioners.…

To get back on track, law schools should shift their curricula back to core courses and away from the interdisciplinary classes that have grown in popularity, he said; they should introduce a two-year core law program followed by a yearlong apprenticeship, and increase transparency regarding costs, job prospects and financial aid information.…

Cabranes lamented the move by law schools toward specialized, often interdisciplinary courses that can displace ‘black-letter’ law courses — criminal and civil procedure, evidence and federal courts. He related a story about a friend’s child who enrolled in a law school clinic focusing on housing court — but who had never taken a property law course. Core law courses should come before clinics and interdisciplinary work, even if the latter are more popular with students and faculty, he said.…'”

Competitive Enterprise Institute counsel Bader explains

“As I noted in The New York Times, ‘I learned about trendy ideological fads and feminist and Marxist legal theory while at Harvard Law School. But I did not learn many basic legal principles, such as in contract law and real estate law, until I took a commercial bar-exam preparation course after law school.’

Thus, there is no reason to require people to attend law school before sitting for the bar exam. As law professor Paul Campos notes, legal education is a rip-off, since the typical law professor ‘knows nothing about being a lawyer. Hence, he must bullshit — he does not lie to his students about how to be a lawyer (doing so would require him to know how to be a lawyer, while attempting to deceive his students regarding the substance of that knowledge); rather, he ‘talks without knowing what he is talking about,’ when it comes to discussing the legal system or how to be a lawyer.”


Scroll through our earlier posts on taxpayer-supported education here, here, and here, but particularly read our Radical University Empires vs. Clueless State Lawmakers


Conservatives must be thinking about the next decade, not just electing well-informed and articulate Republicans in the next election — as important as that is. For example, if we ignore what is happening in education, there will be more than some truth in what one wag says: when the last American conservative emigrates, the Republican Party will still be a thriving concern promising to manage Leviathan more efficiently than the Other Team.

Culture wars Richard Falknor on 21 Sep 2011

Valuing Our History: The Last Bataan Survivor Dies

Revivifying our own culture in the face of Cultural Marxism (or multi-culturalism) is a key conservative goal.

And this means re-instituting the study of our history — including our military history.

It means celebrating (among more than a few “specialists”) those Americans who stood fast against our enemies — both in battle, and if captured.

The saga of Albert Brown, the oldest survivor of the Bataan Death March, who died last month aged 105 is a gripping one.

The London Telegraph, with its world-class military obituary section, tells some of his story:

“Two weeks after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, when the Japanese overran the Philippines, American and Filipino forces retreated into the mountainous jungles of the Bataan peninsula. Eventually, in April 1942, some 78,000 of them surrendered. Unprepared for the scale of their victory, the Japanese decided forcibly to march the PoWs to camps via a railhead 75 miles away at San Fernando.”

Many Americans are unaware of the brutality to prisoners of war and to civilians practiced by the Imperial Japanese forces in the Second World War, and too many Americans are unaware of the conflict in the Philippines itself, where American soldiers felt abandoned by their government during the Japanese invasion. (By way of background, from 1935 to 1946, the Philippines were a commonwealth of the United States.)

Correspondent Frank Hewlitt wrote in 1942 —

“We’re the Battling Bastards of Bataan,
No mama, no papa, no Uncle Sam,
No aunts, no uncles, no cousins, no nieces,
No pills, no planes, no artillery pieces,
And nobody gives a damn!”

The Daily Telegraph obituary spells out in more detail Captain Brown’s ordeal —

“A week later, at the end of the murderous 75-mile trek in temperatures of 90ºF, Brown and another 12,000 American prisoners were put on trains for the three-hour journey to a PoW enclosure at Camp O’Donnell, a former US Air Force facility. At least 600 Americans and 6,000 Filipinos had perished along the way, and another 1,000 Americans and 16,000 Filipinos died over the following six weeks.

“For more than half a century, Brown remained silent about his ordeal. But not only had he survived, he had also secretly chronicled his experiences, using a pencil stub to scribble down details on a tiny pad of paper he hid in the lining of his canvas bag. ‘[There] was an officer with a samurai sword,’ he noted. ‘They had [prisoners] kneel down and just whacked the head off — that happened a lot.’

“Brown’s account described the torment suffered every mile by US troops as they passed freshly dug wells from which they were forbidden to drink. Sympathetic Filipinos who tried to throw bread, rice, cakes or fruit to the marchers were often killed on the spot. The roadside was littered with dead bodies, some crushed beneath trucks. The stench was overpowering as more and more men suffering from dysentery fouled the ground. Those who reached the limits of their endurance were shot as they fell. “

In 2007, Victor Davis Hanson explained (City Journal) “Why Study War? Military history teaches us about honor, sacrifice, and the inevitability of conflict.”  —

“Try explaining to a college student that Tet was an American military victory. You’ll provoke not a counterargument—let alone an assent—but a blank stare: Who or what was Tet? Doing interviews about the recent hit movie 300, I encountered similar bewilderment from listeners and hosts. Not only did most of them not know who the 300 were or what Thermopylae was; they seemed clueless about the Persian Wars altogether.”

We must keep this in mind: There are conservative goals well beyond (and unlikely to be addressed through) the outcome of the elections of November 6, 2012.

Crucial among these goals is the teaching of our history in all its dimensions  – political, religious, economic, and military.  Our citizens — of all ages —  must get a firm grasp of the many achievements and struggles that made our land a beacon to the world.  Otherwise America will indeed be permanently “transformed,”  and grossly diminished.

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