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Conservatives Richard Falknor on 15 Oct 2014

Boehner Team Exposed! Now–Some Straight Talk From Candidates

“Boehner to Business: Help Me Stiff-Arm the Nuts” – –Tory Newmyer in Fortune

Yesterday seasoned Congress watcher Daniel Horowitz revealed here (“John Boehner’s Winning Message”) in the new Conservative Review–

“So Boehner’s rally cry for November is not repealing Obamacare, protecting our homeland from terrorism, illegal immigration, and infectious diseases, or reducing the cost of living imposed on us by government.  It is essentially a pitch to vote for soggy white bread candidates so that…Boehner can give Democrats a majority over conservatives in the House.”

Horowitz points to a Fortune article of last Saturday (see quote at the top of this story) which reports–

“One Republican operative spells out the subtext of the pitch to the corporate pragmatists the GOP is hitting up for campaign cash: ‘We want to give Boehner a governable majority so the crazies you hate will be irrelevant.'”

Fortune’s Newmyer (in what can only be read as a puff-piece) elaborates on the schemes of the Boehner Circle

“Last month, as Congress raced to finish its work before quitting Washington for the campaign trail, Boehner appeared strengthened in a way that would have been tough to imagine during the government shutdown just a year ago.He quietly gathered majorities for funding the government, extending the charter of the Export-Import Bank — a Tea Party bête noire — and handing President Obama expanded authority to wage war on ISIS. Business has its list of priorities for Congress to tackle, from revamps of our tax and immigration laws to trade agreements and a long-stalled patent reform bill.”

Conservatives are warned.

There is small chance that the Boehner Team today plans to spend much political capital–

  • on restoring a market friendly (as opposed to a crony or “business friendly”) Washington policy — think defunding Obamacare and Dodd-Frank;
  • on recapturing the appropriations process — where the House has “pride of place” — by giving up massive omnibus bills opaque to all but their beneficiaries;
  • on the House itself holding the administration to account for its lawless “executive actions” instead of hiding behind a pretend lawsuit;
  • on reining in not just economic but social regulation — read new HUD and Education rules;
  • on moving quickly toward a strong but prudent foreign policy with a full House debate on ends and means;
  • on ending the administration’s war on Christians, on Israel, and on Judaeo-Christian values in our society;
  • on rooting out Muslim Brotherhood members from the Federal establishment;
  • and — most of all — on securing our borders right now and spending substantial House time on that objective.

There is, however, a strong likelihood that the Boehner Team will indulge their unseemly lust for more immigration — especially if they realize their “55 seat GOVERNING MAJORITY” after November 4.

Can we trust Mr. Boehner? 

Consider the time and effort he put into stopping a select committee on Benghazi (long demanded by Virginia’s Frank Wolf) until the Speaker was finally forced by Judicial Watch’s revelations to approve one.

That is the true measure of this Speaker.

The Liberty Scorecard

In the Conservative Review’s “Liberty Scorecard” here for Maryland and Virginia GOP House members running for reelection, only Maryland’s Dr. Andy Harris has a creditable grade: “B.” 

And we all know what a strong conservative newly nominated David Brat is.

As for the other Virginia House GOP incumbents running for reelection, their grades range from “C” to “F,” except again for newly nominated Barbara Comstock who, like David Brat, does not yet have a House record.

Conservatives’ Last Chance For A Pre-Election Talk With GOP Establishment Candidates

If local conservative leaders do not have a heart-to-heart talk with these GOP House candidates on top conservative priorities before the November 4 election, consider how little access they will have later. 

(One way to estimate any future face-time with members is to eyeball the contributions from big donors, then consider how much time we “troublesome” grass roots will get compared with Political Action Committees and trade associations and big donors from New York City. Here and here, just as one example, are two of our earlier posts on campaign contributions to Mrs. Comstock.)

These are very dangerous times for America. 

Consequently one expects extraordinary performance in protecting our lives and liberties from a House leadership sailing under the Republican flag.

Think the Second Continental Congress, not a gang of career politicians and their consultant and donor pals cutting self-serving “deals.”

Mark Levin’s own declaration of independence here last night should bring the gravity of the Republican political situation home even to the densest member of the GOP Establishment.

Conservatives Richard Falknor on 09 Oct 2014

What Can Conservatives Expect (And Do) After November 4?

As conservatives we are in the business of putting our policies in place, and of stopping or removing statist and freedom-hostile policies and programs.

We hope to do this not just by electing tested conservatives next month, but — taking the long view — advancing the conservative agenda over a decade or more. Moreover like the revolutionary left we all face, we conservatives should plan our own counter-revolution in the schools and in the alternative media and through grass-roots action-oriented groups. 

Only in this way, can we lay the groundwork for future victories at the polls.

The GOP as a national (and state) organization, on the other hand, is in the business of electing candidates with the Republican label. Their vision often does not extend past one presidential or gubernatorial election cycle.

Until relatively recently, we conservatives tried to advance our agenda through the national Republican Party.  Since Ronald Reagan retired in 1989, however, this task has become progressively more and more difficult — even with boosts from the Gingrich Revolution of 1994 and the Tea Party Revolution of 2010.

For the GOP’s national and often state leaders are sensitive to very large donors, and also, arguably, to social pressures to conform to a militantly secular and politically correct culture.

“Where you stand depends on where you sit” is a hoary Washington, D. C. maxim that, for example, explained why folks in Foggy Bottom (the State Department) tended to have institutional views different from folks in the Pentagon.

This rule is equally applicable to explaining why Republicans living in gated communities around the Washington, D.C., Beltway may have markedly different cultural priorities from Republicans in Winchester, Virginia or Nashville, Tennessee. 

What profiteth a conservative incumbent, however diligent and capable, if that official is mocked by the Washington Post?

Most important, many GOP candidates for the House and Senate are obviously torn between large campaign donors and donor-allied consultants on the one hand — and their voters on the other.

Angelo Codevilla explained the GOP Establishment’s unfolding challenges to conservatives here — where he revealed:

“By repeatedly passing bills that contradict the identity of Republican voters and of the majority of Republican elected representatives, the Republican leadership has made political orphans of millions of Americans.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

What does the GOP Establishment want after November 4 —  assuming the House remains in GOP hands, and the Senate is closely split, although that chamber now has fewer than 20 GOP senators with Liberty Scores above “D” out of 45 Republicans.

Here is a likely Establishment wish list:

  • That amnesty and immigration go away as national issues, either through House passage of some bi-partisan “compromise,” or by presidential executive order where there will be no Republican fingerprints — but an H-1B visa payoff to Big Business.
  • That without further deliberation, same-sex marriage will quietly become the “law of the land,” to use the Speaker’s infamous phrase about Obamacare. 
  • That Congress will limit itself to only (preferably bi-partisan) “tweaking” of Obamacare. 
  • That they will see a smooth path to the 2016 presidential nomination of one of their own — likely from (or approved by) the Bush Dynasty.
  • That the House will avoid — before the 2016 elections — serious confrontation with the Obama Administration over executive actions, appropriations, or big regulations.
  • That there will be no further awkward investigations into the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in the national government.

There is more: completing the task of marginalizing genuine conservatives, so that the grass roots simply give up.

All this will include continuing to punish House GOP members who are too independent.

Of course, Ebola and other imported diseases, ISIS and the open spread  of Islamic Supremacism, and the likelihood that the president won’t follow the GOP Establishment’s playbook, may well see Nemesis visit the wish list.

But regardless of  the Establishment’s obstacles and whatever their capitulations to the Obama Administration — how should we conservatives now organize to advance our agenda? 

Read (or re-read) senator Jeff Sessions’ 2013 memo “How The GOP Can Do The Right Thing On Immigration—And Win” — where he declared Republicans must “adopt a humble and honest populism” by protecting the interests of American workers.

Sessions and sometime-Margaret Thatcher-adviser John O’Sullivan in his “What About The Workers” here offer keys to smart new paths for conservatives.

So does David Horowitz’ “Take No Prisoners”!

Stay tuned. Email us with your recommendations for conservative directions after the November elections.












Conservatives Richard Falknor on 26 Aug 2014

Immigration:Where Do VA GOP Congressional Candidates Stand?

“A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 60% of Likely U.S. Voters think gaining control of the border is more important than legalizing the status of undocumented workers already living in the United States.” Rasmussen Reports August 20, 2014

NumbersUSA is the recognized scorekeeper on the immigration-policy votes and stated positions of members of — and candidates for — the Congress , i.e., both House and Senate.

In their own words, here is what NumbersUSA is all about

“NumbersUSA Action is the nation’s largest grassroots immigration-reduction organization with more than two million participants in all 435 congressional districts. Members mobilize to persuade public officials to support immigration policies that protect all Americans—especially the most vulnerable and including the foreign-born—from losing wages, taxes, individual freedoms, quality of life, and access to nature due to excessive immigration numbers that indiscriminately enlarge the U.S. population, the laborforce and government costs.”

Below is NumbersUSA’s most current scorecard for Virginia— always illuminating with VA-7’s Dave Brat rated as a “True Reformer” and VA-10’s Barbara Comstock receiving no rating at all.  Presumably Virginia GOP candidates will  now hustle to see their NumbersUSA immigration positions are listed and current.

“2014 Candidate Immigration Comparisons: Congressional
Have your candidates filled out the immigration survey? If, not download the PDF yourself and give it to them.
Interested in top contests in other states? View Featured Contests
NumbersUSA never endorses candidates. It provides a factual basis for comparing candidates only on immigration issues. Candidates with the green TRUE REFORMER label have demonstrated that they agree with all or nearly all of NumbersUSA’s key positions on immigration policy.
Select race to view comparison grid:
Rob Wittman (GOP) *Incumbent
Norm Mosher (DEM)
Scott Rigell (GOP) *Incumbent
Suzanne Patrick (DEM)
Randy Forbes (GOP) *Incumbent
Elliott Fausz (DEM)
Robert Hurt (GOP) *Incumbent
Lawrence Gaughan (DEM)
Dave Brat (GOP)
Jack Trammell (DEM)
Morgan Griffith (GOP) *Incumbent
[William Carr “Conservative Independent”]
Gerry Connolly (DEM) *Incumbent
Gerald Geddes (GOP) [Lost Primary]
Suzanne Scholte (GOP)
Ed Gillespie (GOP)
Mark Warner (DEM) *Incumbent
If those candidates whom readers are tracking have not filled out a NumbersUSA immigration survey, one can download it here to give to the candidate directly.
Stay tuned for a current NumbersUSA report on Maryland.

Conservatives Richard Falknor on 23 Aug 2014

Five Fair August Questions For House GOP Candidates

Late August is the season of Town Halls, and door-belling, and meet-and-greets and fundraisers for candidates

It is also a splendid time to chat with whichever House GOP nominee you encounter, or with whom you have (or have had) some kind of informal relation.

Conservatives have emailed us — “what are the most crucial questions we should ask now in the limited time we may have with a candidate?”

Here are our “back-of-the envelope” questions, but you may have your own ideas — which we are always glad to receive at our email!

I — The Constitution — Using The House’s Appropriations Powers To Preserve Congress’ Legislative Powers:

Speaker Boehner has said here he will urge a “continuing resolution” running until early December, into the after-election lame-duck session.

Q: During this lame-duck session, will you speak and vote for regular order here on appropriations i.e., insisting on passing individual appropriations bills to fund the government — for the rest of FY 2015, which will start on October 1.

As you know, without regular order — if all budgetary items should be rolled into one giant “omnibus” bill — the House will not be able easily to defund the implementation of the president’s unconstitutional immigration lawmaking — nor his many other intrusive rules nor his job-killing EPA regulations. 

Angelo Codevilla points out — 

“Since 1989, the Congress has followed mostly ‘regular order’ only twice: in 1995 and 1997. Not since 2000 have the people’s representatives voted and taken responsibility for each of the government’s activities. In this century, the US government has been funded exclusively by single, omnibus ‘Continuing Resolutions’ (CRs).”

Q: And will you then speak for — and vote for — defunding the implementation of the president’s “executive actions” rewriting our immigration laws?

II — Changing The Course Of The GOP:

Senior Republican senator Jeff Sessions has called on his colleagues here to embrace a “humble and honest populism” and say “’no’ to certain business demands and powerful interests who shaped the immigration bill in the Senate.”

“The GOP lost the [2012] election—as exit polls clearly show—because it hemorrhaged support from middle- and low-income Americans of all backgrounds. In changing the terms of the immigration debate we will not only prevent the implementation of a disastrous policy, but begin a larger effort to broaden our appeal to working Americans of all backgrounds. Now is the time to speak directly to the real and legitimate concerns of millions of hurting Americans whose wages have declined and whose job prospects have grown only bleaker.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

Many conservatives, however, see the House GOP too often simply as the voice of the national Chamber of Commerce — Big Immigration, Big Government, Big Education, and Crony Capitalism.

Q: What steps will you take to steer the House Republican Conference toward the interests of working Americans of all ethnicities  — as senator Sessions urges?

III – – The leadership of the House GOP:

Many conservatives are gravely disappointed by the leadership of the Speaker:

  • By his abdicating, since the House GOP came to power in January of 2011, the House’s power of the purse here;
  • By his toxic immigration schemes here and here;
  • By his lack of dedication — since January of 2011 — to repealing Obamacare here;
  • By his attachment to crony-capitalism, as seen in the nearly $1 trillion 949-page farm and food-stamp bill here that the House approved last January here;
  • By his unconscionable delay here in belatedly naming a select committee here intended to get all the facts out on Benghazi;
  • By his apparent indifference to appropriations that are facilitating the destruction here of Christians in Syria here and here;
  • By his allowing our national defense to weaken significantly through the House passage of the Budget Control Act of 2011.

Q: Will you vote for John Boehner as Speaker in the coming Congress?

IV –Impeachment:

The House of Representatives has two sovereign remedies to cope with runaway presidents: 1) the power of the purse, and thus of withholding appropriations for specific activities, as Angelo Codevilla explains here; and 2) the impeachment power here, which, as constitutional expert Andrew McCarthy points out here and here might first be exercised on subordinate executive branch officials, even if there is not (yet) sufficient support for impeaching the chief executive.

Q: Would you vote for the impeachment of this attorney general? Or of the IRS chief and senior officials involved in (McCarthy’s words) “either the revenue agency’s blatantly unconstitutional harassment of taxpayers over their political beliefs or the executive branch’s willful obstruction of Congress’s investigation of the scandal?”

Good hunting! —  as you track down your (we hope) not too elusive House GOP nominee to pose a fair question or two.

And we would be delighted to hear of your success via our email!

(This post has been slightly expanded since press time last evening.)






Conservatives Richard Falknor on 21 Aug 2014

Grassroots Take Action! Two Weeks & Days Until Congress Returns

“One of the big differences between Democrats and Republicans is that we at least know what the Democrats stand for, whether we agree with it or not. But, for Republicans, we have to guess.” —Thomas Sowell

The Congress’ August vacation will end on Monday September 8.

But, when they return, will at least Republican members have heard and understood conservative priorities?

Politico’s Jake Sherman reports here, for example, in What John Boehner’s not saying on the road”

“In the opening days of the tour, Boehner only once talked about President Barack Obama’s health care law, and it was an offhand remark. He said entitlement programs need ‘tweaks,’ not the massive overhaul Republicans have voted for. There was no explicit mention of suing Obama — just a brief nod to trying to ‘stop the president’s overreach.'” . . . “In an interview this week with POLITICO, Boehner explained the strategy, and said his party doesn’t talk enough about how it wants to govern. He said he’s pushed members to ‘talk more about solutions’ in the months leading up to the November election.”

By way of contrast, Victor Davis Hanson yesterday summed up the situation in the real world in his NRO post “All Fall Down” here

“Consider our dog days of August: An American journalist savagely beheaded on tape, with more promised to come. The Islamic State rampage. The Gaza war and Hamas’s serial truce violations — and the new neutral U.S. stance with implied disruptions in military support for Israel. The implosion of Iraq, the bloodletting in Syria. Iran full speed ahead on enrichment as the world’s attention turns elsewhere. Putin and Ukraine on the edge of war. Libya bombed again. Egypt in turmoil. Christians being wiped away in the Middle East. Ebola spreading in Africa. China squaring off with Japan. Germany angry at being tapped while tapping others. What exactly happened to Private Bergdahl or the five terrorists who were freed for his freedom?
At least there is calm at home?
Hardly: food, gas, and electricity prices are at near all-time highs; a stagnant economy in ‘recovery’ that for most people outside of Wall Street remains recessionary; government soon to be run by executive orders; the end of any idea of national sovereignty or a southern border; the Ferguson riots and racial explosions revealing an America more divided than at any time since the 1970s; the buffoonish Missouri governor Nixon playing the Katrina role of a now imprisoned Ray Nagin. The alphabet soup of unresolved IRS, VA, NSA, and AP scandals; revolutionary, extra-legal justice meted out to Rick Perry; Benghazi coming back into the news; the little reported on drip-by-drip practical dissolution of Obamacare.”

Between today and September 8, conservatives should call up Republican House members they know, and ask how they plan to use their power of the purse to derail the president’s use of “executive action” to rewrite or ignore current immigration law. 

Earlier this  month, we detailed the background on the House’s lamentable failure properly to employ their power of the purse in our “Getting Ready To Stop Obama Amnesty Overreach” here–

“But if the House is to defund implementing the president’s amnesty overreach through so-called executive action contrary to existing law, House GOP members must start work to stop the overreach now — not in September.”

But Breitbart’s Tony Lee this Monday reported here in “Sessions Calls Out Big Business for Pushing Amnesty After Laying Off US Workers”–

“Companies that have recently laid off workers are scheming to get President Barack Obama to give them more guest-worker visas by executive action. After the New York Times reported that Obama is working on crafting executive actions behind closed doors after having met with representatives from ‘Oracle, Cisco, Fwd.US, Microsoft, Accenture, Compete America, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce,'[**] which Politico detailed, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) blasted the White House for ‘actively working against the interests of the American worker.'” . . . “Sessions noted that ‘same group of CEOs who helped write the Senate’s Gang of Eight immigration bill in secret is now scheming with the White House to extract by executive fiat what was denied to them by the American people and Congress.'” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

As Andrew McCarthy declared

“Our Washington ruling class does not see itself as bound by our quaint Constitution. When a Republican eventually wins the White House, expect the same rule by decree.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

If you have already been in touch with the House GOP members (or nominees) you know during the August Congressional vacation, we would welcome hearing from you about your experience.

Where appropriate — we would like to pass along your experience — “the good, the bad, and the ugly.” Email us here.

* * * * *

** Readers may also want to ask any House GOP members or nominees (e.g., Barbara Comstock here in Virginia 10) who accept US Chamber of Commerce endorsements — why they do so in light of the Chamber’s record. In addition to the Chamber’s immigration-expansion lobbying, Daniel Horowitz here lists the Chamber’s shameful record of favoring crony capitalism and big government.

Conservatives Richard Falknor on 08 Aug 2014

VA Tea Partiers & Ed Gillespie: Chance For Course Correction?

This morning someone dropped in our mailbox a report about the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation meeting with GOP Senate nominee Ed Gillespie a week ago.

Travis Witt, the Federation’s chief, declared–

“I am a principled pragmatist. Ed Gillespie was not my choice for Virginia Senator, nor the choice for many Tea Party folk. But do we as conservatives decide to stay home and not participate in the election process because we do not have a perfect candidate?”

Scroll down for the text of the Witt Report.

But first, here is our take–

The good Mr. Witt is missing an opportunity: the choice is not a static one, simply between incumbent senator Mark Warner and whatever may be the current incarnation of Ed Gillespie.

The wiser path is to use conservative voter leverage to get Mr. Gillespie publicly to commit now to firm conservative positions.

If we can’t move Ed Gillespie to an explicit and principled constitutional path now, we surely won’t be able to do it when he is in office!

Last Friday’s meeting’s first question should have been — “if elected, will you vote for Mitch McConnell and his team as Senate GOP leaders?”

The meeting’s second question should have been — “how are you now supporting senator Jeff Sessions’ call to stop the president’s lawless overreach through executive action on immigration?”

Overall the Gillespie answers ( in the Witt Report) on crucial issues are simply sound bites with much wiggle room, not arresting insights. 

For example–

“Repeal” Obamacare?  How and when? By trying to defund it through returning the appropriations process to regular order?  A sound goal working with other conservative GOP senators. But Mitch McConnell and Thad Cochran (presumptive appropriations panel chief or ranking member) and Lamar Alexander will likely be pushing back. Certainly not, one hopes, by waiting until Mitt Romney is president?

The tone of the Witt Report does not reflect the gravity of the president’s use of “executive action” to usurp the Constitution.

The tone does not even reflect the struggle in the House last week finally to take legislative action (H.R. 5272 however symbolic) against DACA — House legislative action inspired by senator Jeff Sessions!

Mr. Witt’s conservativism is well-established. He personally opposed Eric Cantor and recognizes here the local consequences of the bleeding southern border. Thus we must conclude that the following list of loosely defined and undifferentiated issues reflects some grab-bag thinking in last Friday’s meeting.

The Witt Report

 “On Friday evening August 1st, 12 Tea Party leaders from several organizations in Central Virginia met with Ed Gillespie in Lynchburg, VA. Here is a synopsis of Ed’s comments about a multitude of issues (randomly ordered, pick your preference) concerning Tea Party organizations.
Amnesty – Secure the border first. Immigrants must follow the legal process
Slating – Wrong; should not have been used
Balanced Budget Amendment – Supports passage and will introduce legislation if elected
Earmarks – does not support earmarks nor will he request them for Virginia if elected
Constitution – In all decisions, Ed stated he will follow the Constitution.
Term limits – Ed believes in citizen legislators and would term limit himself to 2 terms as Senator.
Obamacare – Repeal – Obamacare is a fatally flawed system designed to fail so that a single payer plan can be initiated. Return Healthcare to the private sector, implement tort reform, make health insurance competitive across state lines, and encourage individual medical savings accounts.
Karl Rove – disagrees with his actions that have created division in the Republican Party
Department of Education – Education needs to be returned to the local level and more should be done to encourage charter schools. Ed was not willing to provide tax credits to homeschoolers because doing so would give government the incentive necessary to regulate families having received a tax credit.
EPA – Rules and regulations affecting economic growth must be stopped.
Keystone – build the pipeline
IRS – broken and needs to be changed
NSA – Faulty, must be restricted, and needs to have opponent representation on FISA “courts”
In my opinion, Ed’s answers provide enough information for Tea Party folks to support and vote for him when compared to the voting record of Mark Warner. Ed is willing to listen to Tea Party if we have concerns about his comments and stances. Warner will not. Ed stated that he would attend as many local Tea Party meetings as his schedule will allow between now and November 4.
I am a principled pragmatist. Ed Gillespie was not my choice for Virginia Senator, nor the choice for many Tea Party folk. But do we as conservatives decide to stay home and not participate in the election process because we do not have a perfect candidate?
The current climate of government and politics in America did not happen overnight or in a vacuum; it has been a gradual process taking many decades. It will not be rectified in one election cycle and it will never be rectified if we refuse to remain engaged.
Can Gillespie say more to encourage support from Tea Party activists? Of course. Will Mark Warner continue to do damage to this nation if re-elected? Absolutely. Unless we want to see Mark Warner as a potential Clinton running mate in 2016 and a voter for liberal SCOTUS judges, then his defeat in November 2014 is needed. Ed Gillespie is the only candidate in the race for Virginia Senate that has the potential to defeat Mark Warner. Sarvis can’t. And Ed cannot win if conservatives stay at home.
By the way, I refuse to be a Bill Bolling. I do not have everything I want in a candidate, but I will not sit out an election cycle and in so doing, indirectly aid and support Mark Warner whose voting record supports the destruction of principles (Declaration of Independence) and procedures (Constitution) that made America the nation I love and want to see flourish for my children.
Rev. Travis Witt
Chair, Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation”

No, “Ed cannot win if conservatives stay home,” as Mr. Witt declares.

And conservatives cannot win** if they send to the Senate for six years yet another uncritical poodle of Mitch McConnell and the GOP Senate leadership — especially this candidate who has spent his professional life in the bowels of the GOP Establishment. As we noted in 2009 – –

“He has a record of helping hike taxes in Virginia, he has a strong record in behalf of more open immigration, and he is, according to the Manchester Union Leader, on record in behalf of larger government

But both can win- –  if Virginia conservatives use their voting leverage now to get the old Ed Gillespie to come to a better mind by demanding that he detail:

  • and how he will confront the president’s lawless “executive actions.”

The Tea Partiers participating in last Friday’s meeting might want to revisit senator Jeff Sessions’ letter here to his colleagues urging the GOP  “to adopt a humble and honest populism”–

The GOP lost the election—as exit polls clearly show—because it hemorrhaged support from middle- and low-income Americans of all backgrounds. In changing the terms of the immigration debate we will not only prevent the implementation of a disastrous policy, but begin a larger effort to broaden our appeal to working Americans of all backgrounds. Now is the time to speak directly to the real and legitimate concerns of millions of hurting Americans whose wages have declined and whose job prospects have grown only bleaker. This humble and honest populism—in contrast to the Administration’s cheap demagoguery—would open the ears of millions who have turned away from our party. Of course, such a clear and honest message would require saying ‘no’ to certain business demands and powerful interests who shaped the immigration bill in the Senate.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

Virginia conservatives must encourage Mr. Gillespie publicly to choose voters over destructive donors or supporters. 

In doing so, both conservatives and the candidate will help the Republic start on an overdue course correction.

 * * * * * * * * * *

** Unless, of course, they believe Republican Big Government and Political Correctness are markedly preferable to Democratic Big Government and Political Correctness.

Conservatives Richard Falknor on 05 Jun 2014

Unions & Big-Government Republicans Muscle MD County

UPDATE AFTER PRESS TIME! Readers may wish to visit the newly launched website Keep Carroll Conservative here. The Carroll Conservative PAC declares: “This website will expose the fake Republicans that are betraying Republican principles . . . [and] also provides facts about education funding in Carroll County that you need to know to make a fully informed decision.”

* * * * * * * * * *

“I think we are going to crush them [the Tea Party] everywhere” –senator Mitch McConnell, March 10, 2014
“Chamber of Commerce President Wants Tea Party to ‘Feel Some Heat'” —Breitbart’s Tony Lee

Many conservatives and just-plain-vanilla Republicans hoped that the “crush” that the good senator envisions and “the heat’ that Mr. Donohue plans would somehow not trouble their part of the forest. 

Alas, it was not to be — moreover the bi-partisan political class has already been having their way nationally with the Republic. 

RedState columnist and Marylander Daniel Horowitz details here in his “House Leaders Pass Another Bill With Democrat Support”–

“Evidently, the fact that Republicans ‘only’ control the House necessitates that they pass bills with Democrats support.  Once again, House leaders passed a bill through the House with only a majority of Democrat support.”

Now a toxic combination** of GOP big-government practitioners and public-employee unions comes to a conservative stronghold in the Old Line State.

The Attack of the Union Body Snatchers

Ann Miller’s Examiner post, “Carroll County teachers unions push for liberal infiltration of the GOP” here, illuminates the Attack of the Union Body Snatchers in that conservative citadel–

“Carroll County’s teachers’ unions CCEA and CASE are collectively pushing a slate of county commissioner and school board challengers whose longevity with the Republican Party and commitment to conservative principles are in question. The unions are urging teachers to switch party affiliation to Republican for the primary in order to vote for their slate, then switch back to Democrat after the primary. See union letter to teachers here.”

. . . . . . . . . .

“The union-backed slate consists of challengers along with incumbent Commissioner Doug Howard and incumbent school board President Virginia Harrison. The opposing ‘non-union’ slate consists of challengers along with incumbent Commissioner Richard Rothschild and Commissioner Robin Frazier. (Not to be confused with union slate challengers Devon Rothschild and Dennis Frazier.) Things sure are complex in Carroll County.
The union candidates are listed in the letter linked above. The non-union candidates are, for commissioner: Robin Frazier, Brian DiMaggio, Lyn Malick, Richard Rothschild, and Cathey Allison. For school board: Bud Nason, George Harmening, and Jim Roenick.” (Highlighting Forum’s throughout.)

Again, Blue Ridge Forum has seen and cautioned about parallel approaches in Virginia, where the GOP establishment brings in public employees and (likely non-Reagan) Democrats to take over Republican county committees.

Jamie Radtke revealed here last March in her Bull Elephant article “Mike Thomas Snuffing Out Conservative Votes with the Help of Democrats”–

“The recent tactics they used to take over the Republican Party only further demonstrates their continued contempt for all things Republican. Last night they coordinated caravans of county employees and Democrats to the Republican Mass Meeting. It is estimated that 100-150 easily identifiable county employees and Democrats were present at the meeting.
They accomplished this unprecedented turnout because Neil Vener, former Commonwealth Attorney for Campbell County, submitted a FOIA request to obtain the emails of all county employees in Campbell County. He then sent out an email to all county employees (The Bull Elephant has exclusively obtained this email) to tell them they needed to come to the Republican Meeting to prevent the REPUBLICANS on the Campbell County Board of Supervisor from ‘blindly cut[ting] taxes and ruthlessly slash[ing] the budget.’ In fact, during the Mass Meeting last night Independent Supervisor Stan Goldsmith stood in the meeting defending the largest tax increase in Campbell County history and he received loud and extended applause. Hardly a Republican crowd!
They assured these county employees and Democrats that they did not have to be a Republican and that the Republican pledge that they would be required to sign was ‘nonbinding,’ so they should not hesitate to sign it.”

Examiner columnist Miller gets to the heart of the matter in Carroll County here when she urges–

This tactic by the teachers’ unions will affect every Marylander. Even if you are in another county, please consider donating to the campaigns of the non-union candidates and pull the rug out from under union control of our free elections. We can all volunteer to make calls to true Republicans to urge them to vote on primary day June 24.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

She explains why–

“With 1500-1600 members of [teachers’ unions] CASE/CCEA, pressure to switch and vote could indeed have a big impact on the election outcome. In the 2010 primary for commissioner, the winners won by a margin of 500-900 votes.”

This is an opportunity for Tea Partiers around the Old Line State, as well as other grass-roots activists from libertarians to gun-rights advocates, to pitch in as phone volunteers in this crucial Carroll County primary.

Citizens who want to help out should email this address.

* * * * * * * * * *

**A national counterpart of such a combination might be the Republican Main Street Partnership which RedState chief Erick Erickson calls here “Democrat Funded”.

Conservatives Richard Falknor on 21 May 2014

“Obama Republicans”: Will Big Amnesty Prove They Dominate?

“Reagan ran again as the anti-establishment candidate of the future and swamped the lifetime Democrat, ironically with the help of Democrats. Yet the Establishment Republicans simply could not abide by the realigning elections of 1980, 1984, and 1994. By the final years of the last century, some inside the GOP wanted the Reagan Revolution to be over, thus the phrase ‘compassionate conservative.’ George W. Bush ran and lost the popular vote in 2000 without once ever calling for a spending cut or the elimination of one single wasteful federal program. After that, the GOP would continue to embrace the persona of Reagan–they had little choice–but no longer would they embrace the American conservative philosophy of the Gipper. Hence, the stirrings of the Obama Republicans.”   —

Today’s Breitbart brings us Craig Shirley’s challenging post here “Rise of the ‘Obama Republicans.'”

Author and conservative operative Shirley spells out his thesis–

“What has altered the storyline in the past several years is not the emergence of the Tea Party but rather the permanent entrenchment of Big Government Republicans, aka Obama Republicans. President Obama has had that much effect on the national debate, which has had a direct effect on the national Republicans.”
Nast Tammany Tiger

John Boehner:”Hell-Bent” on Big Immigration (thanks to the late Thomas Nast)

His description of “Obama Republicans” parallels earlier such analyses here by scholar Angelo Codevilla on the “Ruling Class” and the “Country Class.”

Shirley declares–

“The new Obama Republicans are members of the bureaucratic classes, are pro-government, pro-gay marriage, pro-abortion, pro-NSA, and pro-amnesty. They are sophisticated, urban, and have utterly nothing in common with the Tea Party Reaganites. Indeed, they are culturally closer to Obama’s and Romney’s view of the world than Reagan’s.”


Last February 19 we asked (with special reference Paul Singer’s campaign contributions in Maryland and Virginia) here in our GOP Ruling-Class Donors: What (Or Whom) Are They Buying?

Hedge-fund billionaire Singer is well known as a backer of gay marriage and amnesty.

And Our Republican Voices in the National Legislature?

Last January 29 we pointed out here in our Not Just on Amnesty: House GOP Leaders Have No Shame!

Today the House of Representatives GOP leaders led most of their flock to approve here the conference report on the nearly $1 trillion farm bill. A core of 63 Republican representatives here would not go along, however, with this raid on the taxpayers.  One of them was Maryland’s Andy Harris.  By way of contrast, not one Virginia GOP House member voted against what is largely a giant food-stamp bill.

Will Big Amnesty Unmask The Obama Republicans?

Long-time Virginia conservative Michael Giere today wonders here in The Immigration Trainwreck–

Will the Virginia Delegation Sign the Anti-Amnesty Pledge?

pointing out–

“On this single issue the gulf between America’s arrogant ruling class – the Washington elites – and average hard working Americans can’t be overstated.”

Can a Plausible Future Be Crafted for the GOP?

Craig Shirley believes–

“The only question now is how long the Tea Party Reaganites stay with a party which is fundamentally opposed to them and despises them.”

Angelo Codevilla declares here in his Forbes article “As Country Club Republicans Link Up With The Democratic Ruling Class, Millions Of Voters Are Orphaned”–

“A new party is likely to arise because the public holds both Republicans and Democrats responsible for the nation’s unsustainable course. Indebtedness cannot increase endlessly. Nor can regulations pile on top of regulations while the officials who promulgate them – and their pensions – continue to grow, without crushing those beneath. Nor can the population’s rush to disability status and other forms of public assistance, or the no-win wars that have resulted in ‘open season’ on Americans around the world, continue without catharsis. One half of the population cannot continue passively to absorb insults without pushing back. When – sooner rather than later – events collapse this house of cards, it will be hard to credibly advocate a better future while bearing a label that advertises responsibility for the present. Why trust any Republican qua Republican?”

Can such a party be saved?

Conservatives Richard Falknor on 23 Apr 2014

Will VA 10 Conservatives Be Orphaned By A Comstock Win?

“By repeatedly passing bills that contradict the identity of Republican voters and of the majority of Republican elected representatives, the Republican leadership has made political orphans of millions of Americans.”(Highlighting Forum’s) — Angelo Codevilla in Forbes

Barbara Comstock, as we have declared many times, is the GOP Establishment favorite to win the April 26 Republican primary election to select that party’s candidate in the November 4 general election for the seat of retiring Representative Frank Wolf.

In her race, Mrs. Comstock has become the Empress of Endorsements by hustling support — not only from many members of the Beltway GOP — but even from a few conservatives who should have done their homework more carefully.

She has, however, shown studied indifference to the Tea Party movement and to grassroots conservatives throughout her district during her primary race.

She touts her own visibility at the 2012 Republican Convention, but she fails to remind us that the dread words “Tea Party” were apparently not authorized to be uttered by the official speakers.

Virginia delegate Comstock, moreover, has not explained why she keeps taking campaign money from gay-marriage and Big Immigration advocate, New York City financier Paul Singer here
While at least two of her conservative primary opponents have expressed deep dissatisfaction with the current House of Representatives leadership, we don’t recall hearing a discouraging word from the good Mrs. Comstock about the Boehner-Cantor Team.

GOP Donors vs. Voters

Last Sunday, National Journal’s Alex Roarty illuminates a Republican schism which is reflected in Comstock’s campaign.

He explains “Why Republican Donors and Voters Don’t Get Along: Even as Democrats attack Republicans for catering to the wealthy, the GOP base is distinctly working-class” here

 “Democrats, who once depended heavily on blue-collar workers, have become increasingly the party of white-collar workers, at least among whites. And as downscale whites leave the Democratic Party, they’ve joined the GOP, whose cultural values often align with their own.
‘Blue-collar whites have been migrating to the Republican Party ever since Ronald Reagan called them Reagan Democrats,’ said Whit Ayres, a Republican pollster. ‘It’s a culture that is heavily family based, more small-town and rural. It’s very pro-gun, and very patriotic. We’re talking about a group of folks who see Democratic efforts at gun control as a cultural assault, an attack on their values.’” (Highlighting Forum’s)

Barbara Comstock’s handlers may calculate that if (they would say when) she is nominated, voter dissatisfaction with the Obama Administration is now so high that any plausible Republican will win — even in only an R+2 district like Virginia 10.

But even if only a modest slice of Republican voters feel orphaned by a Comstock nomination, this is a high-risk strategy.

For will Blue Collar voters have confidence that their voices will be heard in the Comstock Circle?

Conservatives Richard Falknor on 05 Apr 2014

Taking Back The House GOP Leadership: Two Powerful Ads

Want to replace Eric Cantor while there is still time?

1776: NYC Patriots tear down statue of George III (via CT Sons of the American Revolution)

1776: NYC Patriots tear down statue of GeorgeIII (via CT Sons of the American Revolution)


Then see Virginia Vision Action PAC’s compelling YouTubes here!

Watch Florida (which covers Mr. Cantor’s part in a coming April 11-13 anti-Tea-Party event), then watch Amnesty.

If you like the approach of these ads and want more people to see these and others like them, visit RINOCantor.com here.

The site puts in plain words what many of us have feared for years–

“Four years ago, Tea Party conservatives put Republicans in charge of Congress.  But since then nothing has changed.  ObamaCare is being implemented and House Republicans led by John Boehner and Eric Cantor are funding it.  Planned Parenthood continues to receive your tax dollars to do abortions.  And our national debt is up from $14 Trillion to $17.5 Trillion.  That’s a 25 percent increase.
Eric Cantor has served as Majority Leader since John Boehner became Speaker.  And he’s going to be the next Speaker unless you act now.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

If GOP leader Eric Cantor loses his June 10 primary, a constructive conservative message will reverberate throughout the GOP nationally.

So winning this primary in the Old Dominion is an imperative — not just for Virginia — but for the entire nation.

Virginia conservatives are at the forward edge of battle to take back the GOP.

But they can’t do it without the support of like-minded Americans around the country!

UPDATE APRIL 6! Virginia Vision Action PAC  (VVAP) ran audios of these two YouTubes, alternating each hour on WRVA, Richmond’s conservative talk radio station, starting at 6:00 AM on Friday April 4 and continuing until midnight. VVAP  reports they are eager to get back on the air with ‘another ad exposing Cantor’s less than conservative ways.'”

* * * * * * * * * *

Faithful readers will recall that Mr. Cantor’s missteps and uncertain principles have been evident for some time.
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Will the New Republican ‘Listening Tour’ Hear the Base?

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