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The Dawn Patrol Richard Falknor on 14 Sep 2016

VA-10 Barbara Comstock Says She Gets Results. She Is Right. But Are They The Results We Want?


Last December 18, U.S. Representative Barbara Comstock (VA-10) voted for the Obama-enabling, giant FY 2016 omnibus appropriations bill.

On the eve of passage, Stephen Bannon and Julia Hahn gave us chapter and verse on this disaster– “Paul Ryan Betrays America: $1.1 Trillion, 2,000-Plus Page Omnibus Bill Funds ‘Fundamental Transformation of America’”

They wrote:

“Paul Ryan’s first major legislative achievement is a total and complete sell-out of the American people masquerading as an appropriations bill.”



On December 17, Daniel Horowitz made up a revealing list of “Paul Ryan’s 11 Christmas Gifts to Obama”

“At 1:34 on Wednesday morning, the party of Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan dropped their Christmas package off at the White House lawn
in the form of a 2,009-page omnibus spending bill and a 233-page tax subsidy bill.  The House plans to vote on the tax bill today and the spending bill tomorrow.  The enormity of this betrayal is breathtaking. At the same time, however, it perfectly illustrates why the American people are done with the Republican Party as currently constituted, as witnessed by the direction of the presidential primary.  Amazingly, many ‘D.C. conservatives’ are giving Paul Ryan a pass.”

On New Year’s Day, Blue Ridge Forum looked back at Republican performance on this budget bill: “The Omnibus: The Moral Failure of the House Conservatives — Did They Even Try To Derail The Omnibus Express?”

We wrote:

“But PowerLine’s Paul Mirengoff has a sharper perspective in his ‘GOP leadership caves on Gosar Amendment’–
“From the Politico article, it’s clear that Freedom Caucus members like that Ryan is giving them face time. This represents the triumph of vanity over principle. Ryan is playing these folks and they seem happy enough to be played. (Highlighting Forum’s)”

Back to the present. In the next few days, the House GOP leadership will have to decide on how to proceed on appropriations for FY 2017.

But what kind of continuing resolution? How long will it extend? What will the GOP leadership try to do with Obamatrade in the lame duck session right after the November 8 election?

What will the GOP leadership do this month to keep U.S. control of the Internet?

Paul Ryan loves Obamatrade, he is a champion for Big Immigration, and he doesn’t want the U.S. to screen out Muslims from those coming to our country as immigrants or refugees.


Mrs. Comstock’s voting record as a Republican U.S. Representative has not been reassuring.

Lest we forget —

Barbara Comstock has a Conservative Review score of “F” (21%)  and a NumbersUSA Immigration-Reduction Grade of “D” (30%).

Meanwhile the House GOP leadership is doubling down in their support for her. Simone Pathé brings us news of the “House GOP Super PAC Investing Record Sums in 15 Districts”
“Virginia’s 10th District: $1.5 million on TV and digital.”

So what more “results” will Barbara Comstock help the Speaker get?

  • Passage of Obamatrade?
  • Expanded “refugee” seeding of our cities and towns?
  • Ever faster replacement of high-tech US workers with cheaper foreign labor?
  • A reckless give-away of the Internet to foreign control?

Perhaps Mrs. Comstock should instead revisit Donald Trump’s plans to put America first.



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The Dawn Patrol Richard Falknor on 13 Sep 2016

Too Many Patriotic Activists Don’t Get News From ANY Internet Site. Here’s One Way To Help.

We’d be willing to bet that it is second nature for you to depend on internet news sites to keep up with the looming dangers to our country, both domestic and foreign.

It’s the same for us. (And if you did not use the Internet, you would not be reading this, since the only way Blue Ridge Forum gets distributed is online.)

But we have continuing reports that too many of our natural allies, patriotic people who are bright and hardworking–and who have a gut-level understanding that our county is on the wrong track–rarely use internet news sites.

Many rely on their local establishment newspapers (most of which, sadly, reflect the perspective of the National Left for choice of stories to cover, as well as what events and public figures to ignore). 

Some rely on Fox News (which has a strong GOP Establishment slant, and thus advances a Globalist Message.)

What this means: even many dedicated activists are handicapped by getting limited information on fast-breaking developments they need to understand.

What do these folks miss?

This is just a sample of in-depth coverage many of our patriotic brethren miss who do not use internet news sites.

Europe is undergoing a stormy (facilitated by their own governments) Muslim migrant invasion.   Muslim intimidation, rapes, and murders of citizens–in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and other European countries–are an almost daily occurrence. Free speech to talk openly about the situation seems almost a thing of the past in Europe.

Yet, except for spectacular attacks and major slaughters, even FOX News fails to track — day in and day out — what is happening.

It is as if — in the summer of 1939 — our print and radio media only gave sporadic coverage to the looming Nazi invasion of Europe, and never discussed what the Hitler regime was all about except, according to German “moderates,” to right the wrongs of the Versailles Treaty” that had ended World War I.

But how to keep patriotic activists in the know about the Bipartisan Globalist Threat? How can they mobilize timely in the crucial fall of 2016?

Is the problem one of  “too much of a good thing?” There are a number of potentially valuable websites for patriotic activists.

Here for example, is our Blue Ridge Forum’s always growing and revised list… just scroll down on the right hand column to our Blogroll.

(And that is only part of what we follow. We check with our colleagues and individual sources — “we run our trap lines” –just to feel informed enough  to write reliable comments.)

Too many choices can make the eyes of internet-lite patriotic activists glaze over and thus hesitate to mine internet news sources.

But not checking internet news sources leaves our friends, relatives, and fellow activists blind to crucial developments.

Here’s our recommendation: encourage our brethren to begin by supplementing their daily information take with just one internet news site.

Which site? We nominate Breitbart News!

Breitbart is a one-stop starter kit for internet news. The organization operates offices in London, Jerusalem, Texas, and California. It has  tabs for Big Government, Big Journalism, Big Hollywood, National Security, Tech, Sports, Video, The Wires, and 2016: The Race.

Breitbart could become the website of record for activists who put America first!

Of course, we don’t mean to slight other very valuable websites.

But right now, we need a single, easy, in-depth, daily fix for our activist brethren who do not now get their any of their news from the web.

With time, their menu of websites will no doubt grow.

But our concerned activists can’t mobilize quickly and effectively if they are walled off from the facts.


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The Dawn Patrol Richard Falknor on 31 Aug 2016

The Silence of the House GOP: From Importing Syrian Muslims To The Give-Away Of Internet Control!

“If Merkel says so, it must be all right, no reason to panic.”– The Looming Crisis in Europe

Next week the House of Representatives will be back in session after a seven-week vacation. 

Many long-time Republican voters will remain assured by their House GOP member — like so many German voters by that nation’s leader – – that “it must be all right.”

After all, our voters have known their United States Representative often for years. 

Whatever needs to be done for the country and for their state, their House GOP member will likely know best. 

It’s just a matter of trust!

It is simply bad form to argue with elected Republicans — like those strident Tea Party voices — over thorny issues that likely offend.

Or even worse, to get into the weeds with these solid Party folks on their voting records. 

After all, local GOP meetings are supposed to be cheering sections for incumbents and sources for campaign volunteers. 

Only the meanest Country Class folks would think of local Republican meetings as occasions for accountability from elected Representatives.

But if you don’t share this Ruling Class view, below is Daniel Horowitz on the pressing issues Congress should face between next week and the end of 2016!

 What are Republicans planning to make their end-of-the-year focus? Fulfilling Obama’s jailbreak agenda
“The opportunities are endless. Republicans could use legislation, floor speeches, committee hearings, and the ‘must-pass’ budget bill to focus attention on Obama’s treasonous alliance with Iran, his plan to increase refugee-intake in October, the collapse of Obamacare, or stopping Obama’s giveaway of internet domains to an international tribunal controlled by Russia, China, and Iran.


Sadly, there are no plans to focus on those issues. What do they plan to focus on instead? Jailbreak legislation. Because, why focus on 80-20 winning issues that are critical to our national security when…you could further cement Obama’s jailbreak legacy?”

Horowitz is a long-time expert on the nuts and bolts of the Congress as well as its potential for advancing patriotic principle — which potential few Republicans grasp.

Read all of his post. **

And stay tuned for another Dawn Patrol later this week.

**One should not let his Mark Levin-like blindness about Mr. Trump distract from Horowitz’ valuable understanding of the Legislative Branch.


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The Dawn Patrol Richard Falknor on 14 Dec 2013

Dan Bongino Sends A Fundamental Challenge: Will GOP Respond?

Maryland’s strong statewide conservative voice Dan Bongino — and candidate for the GOP nomination (Sixth Congressional District) to the House of Representatives — last Thursday here declared to the GOP Establishment: “I am serving you with divorce papers”–

An open letter to the establishment GOP.
I am serving you with divorce papers. For those who are unaware of what happened, the establishment wing of the Party has openly declared war on the grassroots.
For those who say this fight is hurting the Republican ‘brand’ I reply; it is those on both sides of the aisle who have betrayed their principles in the name of Party, that have destroyed their ‘brands’.
As for the GOP, we used to stand for something; a lean, effective government, vibrant and robust individual liberty, and a passionate defense of the value of hard work and a commensurate respect for your wages by consistently fighting for your right to keep more of them. Where do you stand now? I know where the grassroots does.
This is our Party and we will demonstrate to the people we hope to represent that there is a group of people out there who refuse to be part of any ‘managed decline’.  We will only be part of a spectacular American resurrection.
America’s best days are ahead and you and your fellow insiders and cronyists and ‘Party before country’ loyalists, on both sides of the aisle, can bathe in your titles and power now but understand that I, and many others, have dedicated our lives to draining the dirty water from the bathtub.
Consider yourself served.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

‘Party before country’ hits the nail on the head. 

Or as Andrew McCarthy points out in his “Politics Is Not a Soap Opera”

“The question is how we are going to survive this president.”

And as Angelo Codevilla reminded us last Sunday in his Daily Caller interview with Ginni Thomas

“’The Republican establishment most certainly does not see any threats to liberty, because it doesn’t care about threats to liberty,’ Codevilla said in a phone interview from his California home last week. ‘Being part of the ruling class, it is more concerned with threats to power.’
The disconnect between the base of voters who expect Republicans to fight for limited government and the behavior of Republican politicians is growing more pronounced, he explained.
‘Why is the Republican leadership part of the ruling class? Because it has constituents other than Republican voters,’ he said. ‘And these constituents are the large corporations and the various monied interests that happen to be the same as the people who support the Democratic Party.
Codevilla also described the lure of power: ‘There is also another factor — and that is the attraction of power, the attraction of prestige, the attraction of favorable treatment by the media, easy access to the universities and to the prestigious foundations, to the best dinner parties, the A-list in Washington, etc. These things are enormously attractive.’” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

Author Bongino has sounded a courageous and principled challenge.

Let’s start with Maryland GOP politicians — from the state party to gubernatorial candidates to state senators and delegates.

Who among them has the grit to follow Bongino’s lead and publicly support the grassroots against the Beltway Establishments of both parties?

Ask your GOP politicians where they stand.

We’ll be watching their responses.


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The Dawn Patrol Richard Falknor on 06 Dec 2013

Send Strong Conservative Message at VA “Republican Advance”

“While a majority of Democrats feel that officials who bear that label represent them well, only about a fourth of Republican voters and an even smaller proportion of independents trust Republican officials to be on their side. Again: While the ruling class is well represented by the Democratic Party, the country class is not represented politically – by the Republican Party or by any other.” Angelo Codevilla

This afternoon and tomorrow, December 6-7, the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) will hold this year’s “Advance” event at The Homestead Resort.

Click here for details.

Why is this gathering an essential opportunity for attending Virginia conservatives to send a message? 

  • First, because the accelerating lawlessness of the Obama Administration increasingly endangers our traditional freedoms.
  • Second, because the Virginia Republican delegation to the House of Representatives includes both the GOP Majority Leader Eric Cantor and the chairman of the Judiciary Committee Bob Goodlatte. (The Judiciary panel has immigration within its jurisdiction.)
  • Third, because the GOP leadership of the House of Representatives has shown since it came to power in January 2011 a profound reluctance to prepare for effective confrontation with the Obama Administration.
  • Fourth, because both the House Majority Leader and the Speaker give every indication of approving some flavor of amnesty well before our national border with Mexico is fully secured (this is our sovereignty!) and in full knowledge that the Obama Administration may not see itself bound by the terms of any enabling legislation.

Unless this year’s Advance is to be simply another Beauty Contest for Candidates and Incumbents — as if we were in normal times — the Homestead event should be an opportunity for conservatives to buttonhole the Virginia House delegation or their aides, or both, and to begin to organize statewide to bring these members to a better mind and keep them there.

At least two crucial topics should be on the table for informal discussion at the Advance.

The Many Costs of Expanded Immigration 

RedState’s Erick Erickson yesterday declared here in “The Fix Is In”–

“In case you missed it, John Boehner has hired Rebecca Tallent. Tallent worked for the left-of-center ‘Bipartisan Policy Center,’ and is a serious amnesty advocate. She helped John McCain and Ted Kennedy during the Bush era on that disastrous plan.
Here’s what is going to happen.
Boehner will wait until 2014, after qualifying for all the serious challenges to incumbents is over. Then he’ll get all these Republicans talking out of both sides of their mouths and the Democrats together for a bipartisan immigration reform push. The threat of primary challenges well passed, they’ll get their amnesty deal done.”

As senator Jeff Sessions urges here, we need to reach out to “working Americans of all backgrounds.” And protect their livelihoods from the importation of cheap labor.

Federal Spending and Borrowing

The Madison Project’s Daniel Horowitz in “A Second Chance for Republicans” here explained on November 20–

“While we were stymied by fellow Republicans during the actual slowdown, we did succeed at restarting the national discussion on Obamacare. The ensuing breakdown of the private insurance market has given us tailwinds like never before.  For the first time in Obama’s presidency, even some of the low-information voters have finally realized the failure of Obama and his signature legislation.   Moreover, we know now that the shutdown polling was off base and superficial. Accordingly, it makes no sense why Obamacare should not be a part of the budget discussions.  Most people have forgotten or don’t know that the budget impasse was not solved last month.  The new budget deadline is January 15 and the new debt ceiling is February 7.  The deadline for reaching a budget conference deal is just two weeks after Thanksgiving.”

. . . . . . . . . .

“At the very minimum, conservatives need to push for two concessions:
Even if they already surrendered the budget battle, they must secure an agreement from Democrats to pass all of next year’s 12 appropriations bills in regular order and go to conference on each bill individually.  This will lay the groundwork for fighting Obamacare in one or two bills without having the rest of the government as collateral damage in a shutdown.  That would give us the opportunity, at the very latest, to fight Obamacare right before the mid-term elections without the specter of a full government shutdown.
Republicans always said they wouldn’t mind fighting just the debt ceiling because there is no direct government shutdown.  Well, now is the time to start debunking the myth of default and committing to ending this practice of suspending the debt ceiling law.  The debt ceiling fight will coincide with the period of time when American workers begin to receive their first paychecks for 2014.  Most people will incur a large bite out of their pay due to the increased withholdings for higher premiums. This will augment the public disquiet that is already brewing from the destruction of private insurance.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

And of course be wary of any advice from the Chamber of Commerce.  As analyst Horowitz points out

“. . . [T]he Chamber of Commerce is not conservative, pro-free-market, or even necessarily pro-growth.  They support the special interests of big business.  Period.  When those interests intersect or overlap with free-market, pro-growth policies, such as advocacy for tax cuts and lower regulations, they will side with conservatives.  But when those interests require the stewardship of big government intervention, they will side with the forces of statism.  Hence, they are not paragons of free-market commerce; they support government-run commerce, albeit with tendentious policies towards their interests.  Their special interests support illegal immigration, corporate welfare, increased gas taxes, and an internet sales tax.  It’s not surprising that Chamber money pours into K Street coffers to lobby for those goals.”  (Highlighting Forum’s)

As central goal, Virginia conservatives should now be contriving ways to make all of their House GOP delegation more responsive to an aware and increasingly high-information constituency — rather than too many in the delegation deferring to a big-donor-and-fundraising-oriented House GOP leadership. The House GOP leaders may be seen as adept at “deals”, but they clearly are out of their depth in coping with a revolutionary White House.

(Readers are reminded of two of our posts here and here on Peter Schweizer’s new book Extortion, and this Hoover Institution Fellow’s dismaying findings on how the current House tends to operate.)


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The Dawn Patrol Richard Falknor on 03 Nov 2013

LaHood’s Nod: Will VA Del Ramadan Now Push “Smart Growth”?

Delegate David Ramadan’s press aide crowed Friday here about former Obama transportation secretary Ray LaHood’s endorsement of Mr. Ramadan (here but then here)

“Dulles, VA | November 1, 2013 – Citing his bipartisan record and commitment to transportation solutions, The Honorable Ray LaHood, President Obama’s Secretary of Transportation from 2009-2013, endorsed Delegate Ramadan for re-election to the Virginia House of Delegates this week.’ I proudly endorse David Ramadan’s reelection to the Virginia House of Delegates. David has been a productive, bipartisan member of the House who has effectively represented his constituents in Richmond. David worked personally with me in my capacity as U.S. Secretary of Transportation on the Metro Silver Line extension to Dulles Airport and Loudoun County.  He understands that commuters need transportation options and played a key role bringing together a coalition to support rail.  I know that he is also working hard on badly needed road construction projects in Loudoun and Western Prince William.  I hope that you will support David on November 5th,’ said LaHood.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

Will Mr. Ramadan Follow Ray LaHood’s Collectivist Path?

Where to begin with the former transportation secretary’s record?

Wendell Cox, Ronald D. Utt, Ph.D. and Brett D. Schaefer (Heritage) here in their 2011 “Focus on Agenda 21 Should Not Divert Attention from Homegrown Anti-Growth Policies,” revealed–

“Adding to the problem, the Obama Administration has warmly embraced smart-growth policies and, more broadly, increased environmental regulation and restriction of use of natural resources. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood is the Administration’s point man in selling smart-growth policies to the American people.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

Ed Morrissey’s in his 2012 HotAir column here “LaHood: Golly, I envy the Chinese government” laments–

“It’s bad enough to have a columnist at one of America’s most prominent newspapers regularly singing the praises of Chinese authoritarianism.  It’s worse when high-ranking members of the American government do it.  Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood griped at the Aspen Ideas Festival about having to deal with political opposition, and yearned for the ease in which Beijing could impose solutions without having to deal with dissent:” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

NRO chief Rich Lowry in his Politico post last April, “The FAA fiasco” here declared–

“If there were justice in the world, Michael Huerta would be fired and Ray LaHood impeached. Short of that, Congress should act without delay to free air travelers from the grip of the Washington Monument strategy.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

In a 2009 Hot Air post here Ed Morrissey in his “LaHood goes under the bus on mileage tax,” commented–

“The wonder of this isn’t that the White House rebuked its own Transportation Secretary.  The wonder of this is that LaHood didn’t get canned.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

And the enormous future costs here of the “Metro Silver Line extension to Dulles Airport and Loudoun County” on which LaHood brags are well known.

One gets the picture on LaHood.

Mr. Ramadan might more candidly say: “Ray and I are pals, and it looks good to have a Big Transportation Face coming on my stage just days before my reelection to cap off my campaign. And don’t hassle me with all that complicated policy talk. Don’t you understand? Politics in Richmond and Washington are business deals — the General Assembly is not a bunch of scribblers like some conservative think tank. You do what you have to do!”

And the crucial contest: all Virginians concerned with their family’s and their own freedom — from Obamacare, to keeping their Second Amendment rights, to holding off the White House’s war on traditional faith  — should vote for Ken Cuccinelli for governor on Tuesday against Terry McAuliffe. Fundraiser McAuliffe would be Mr. Obama’s obedient proconsul for the Old Dominion by speeding along the president’s “transformative” plans in our front yards. Cuccinelli will fight as his record shows to protect Virginians against White House government by executive order, and against bi-partisan high-tax crony-capitalist schemes from Richmond.


The Dawn Patrol Richard Falknor on 03 Oct 2013

Mr. Boehner’s New ‘Bargain’ Vision: His Desperate Hope?

Very early this morning NRO’s Robert Costa reported here

‘…Speaker John Boehner is interested in crafting a ”grand bargain” on fiscal issues, perhaps as part of a debt-limit agreement. House Republicans tell me he quietly made this known in a series of small meetings on Wednesday afternoon. After that story posted, the emails came fast, including this one from a senior Democratic source, who said Boehner also talked about the idea at the White House on Wednesday night.
‘Boehner raised the prospect of a grand bargain-type deal at the White House meeting and was laughed at because everyone feels like they’ve heard this song and dance before. The general feeling is, if he’s really ready to make some tough choices – read, revenue – then great. But the history of this from where we sit is Boehner talking a big game, then bailing as soon as he runs into the inevitable resistance from a certain faction in his caucus. So we will believe it when we see it, but are proceeding under the assumption that this is just more of the same big talk, no walk.’
Boehner may have been ‘laughed at,’ but that doesn’t mean the pitch is dead, at least according to House insiders. In conversations late tonight, several of them say it remains one of the best options for Boehner, who is struggling to balance the pressure to compromise with his conference’s conservative bent.”

The ‘pressure to compromise’ may be coming in part from Wall Street donors (see the illuminating Politico post here by MJ Lee).

Reportedly, however, the calls from the base to the House last week to stop Obamacare were not only of avalanche volume but exceeded in vehemence even earlier big pushbacks from the conservative grass-roots such as the uproar here over the 2005 Harriet Miers Supreme Court nomination.

Clearly senator Ted Cruz sparked and blessed last week’s surge against Leviathan. We are told that the outpouring of calls to stop Obamacare had many GOP members ‘running for the tall grass.’

Trying to put all this in perspective, we revisited the coverage of the Speaker’s ousting of Kansas Representative Tim Huelskamp from his Budget and Agriculture committee posts last December.  An article at the time by Dan Voorhis in the Wichita Eagle here quoted a local academic who explained –

“Huelskamp is suffering the consequences of his particularly uncompromising form of conservatism in a body that really exists to make deals and balance competing interests.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

The crux of the matter is that making deals with no higher purpose than to keep one faction of the Political Class in campaign donations — and thus presumably in office at the next election — seems to be how the House GOP leadership sees its role. Whether or not the GOP is in real policy power or merely in ceremonial incumbency apparently doesn’t matter so much.

Consider this: how many House GOP members initially recruited by the Speaker — or by majority leader Eric Cantor and his team — were exhorted to come to Washington–

  • to ‘take our country back’ from the national elites,
  • to expand the circle of liberty,
  • to rein in the administrative state,
  • to stop Federal funding of intrusions on our freedoms ranging from ‘smart growth’ to ‘common core’ to attacks on free speech and due process in our universities, and
  • to protect our national sovereignty on our borders and elsewhere? 

The question answers itself. 

Thus we wonder whether the Speaker’s vision of any bargains is now simply desperate fantasy. 

We use the words ‘desperate fantasy’ because the chasm between how he sees his role and what the conservative base expects has grown very wide. And the chasm is not just one of policy. It is also one of trust: the leadership’s scheming behind the scenes (scroll down in our post here) to enact some kind of amnesty might not trouble the majority of House Republicans — but it will surely outrage many of their constituents as it all comes to light.

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The Dawn Patrol Richard Falknor on 19 Sep 2013

AIM Benghazi Commission: Citizen Experts Probe The Atrocity

Accuracy in Media (AIM) has established a Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi here – a kind of “shadow” public inquiry. Conservatives everywhere should consider AIM’s example to address issues on any level of government when the bi-partisan fusion party simply won’t act — or fears to investigate.

The Commission launched its inquiry last Monday in Washington, D. C.

We wanted our readers at least to get a flavor of the distinguished panel of experts AIM had recruited together with the some of their initial concerns. 

Here are videos which AIM has made available of five experts from Monday’s meeting:

  • “Secrets of Benghazi: Former CIA officer Clare Lopez explains how Obama has embraced al Qaeda.”  Click here.
  • “Investigative journalist Kenneth Timmerman explains how the Obama Administration manufactured ‘intelligence’ about the August 21, 2013, chemical weapons attack in Syria” Click here.
  • “Admiral James Lyons explores the basis for Obama’s impeachment — arms for al Qaeda and another explanation of why Benghazi happened and what went wrong.” Click here.
  • Maj. Gen. Vallely Talks Treason about Benghazi. A truth so shocking it crosses the line into treason. The Obama Administration is arming al Qaeda.”  Click here
  • “The real story of Benghazi: Obama Arms Al Qaeda. Remarks by Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch at AIM conference on Benghazi.” Click here.

Presumably the Commission will be able to develop even more substantial information on what happened at Benghazi on September 11, 2012, and what steps the U. S. government failed to take here and here to support its officials on the ground.

We call readers’ attention to one particular peril which long-time intelligence expert Clare Lopez raised: the apparent sympathy here of the Obama Administration to the Islamist call for criminalization of speech critical of Islam. 

There was speculation (see also Cliff Kincaid’s summary here) by some of the presenters about why Speaker John Boehner persists in blocking Representative Frank Wolf’s proposal here for a select committee on Benghazi – a measure which now has 175 Republican sponsors.

Our own take is that the good Mr. Boehner has an earlier history here of opposing inquiries here into Islamist influence than simply the highly-focussed one on the Benghazi atrocity. Moreover he has taken care not to get into serious confrontations with Mr. Obama. In matters domestic and foreign, John Boehner is a tame Speaker of the House — at a time when the United States has a revolutionary president.

A most interesting question, not directly connected with Benghazi, would be whether Mr. Boehner or his close House circle informally acquiesced in or signed off on the Obama Administration’s 2011 purging of experts and files here from the intelligence community that Islamist organizations found “offensive.”

Kudos to AIM–  not just for this major inquiry — but also for showcasing a new way of government accountability at a time when our Political Class seems unable to do little more than protect its narrow interests.

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The Dawn Patrol Richard Falknor on 06 Sep 2013

Photos:Tea Partiers In Cantorland:Defund Obamacare&No Amnesty

Wednesday afternoon Larry Nordvig chief of the Richmond Tea Party spearheaded a sidewalk protest in front of House GOP Majority Whip Eric Cantor’s district office in Glen Allen, Virginia — and organized a town meeting at the nearby Marriott Commonwealth.

Around 300 Tea Partiers from the Old Dominion were able to come by early evening. 

Maryland Tea Party organizer Ed Hunter drove down from Talbot County, Maryland and took these pictures giving the flavor of the event–

Click on images to see larger size.

Brent Bozell & Jenny Beth Martin

Brent Bozell & Jenny Beth Martin


The Heart of the Matter

The Heart of the Matter


One-Year Anniversary of Benghazi Nearly Here

One-Year Anniversary of Benghazi Nearly Here

Neither Representative Cantor nor his staff met with the Tea Partiers on Wednesday afternoon.

The closed glass door of Cantor’s district office door reflects the Tea Party gathered on the “wrong side.”


But pro-immigration Virginia Organizing here had no trouble talking with Cantor staff on Wednesday.

“Virginia Organizing and other groups met with U.S. Representative and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s office on immigration reform on Wednesday, September 4. The groups asked the Congressman’s legislative director, Cort Bush, for a commitment from Rep. Cantor for a vote on immigration reform by October.”

Many of the conservative faithful are puzzled by the indifference of the House GOP leadership to their voting base.

Patrick Cleburne of VDARE offered this perspective — “Syria: Why Are Boehner And Cantor Defying Base And Ignoring Country? Because They Have ADD!”

Click here to read entire VDARE post.

And stay tuned for more on the Glen Allen Protest!

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The Dawn Patrol Richard Falknor on 02 Sep 2013

UPDATED! The Highway-Overpass Media: No Amnesty & Defund Obamacare!

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 4! FreedomWorks urges us to “Tell Eric Cantor to Defund ObamaCare” (click here to see calling underway) — “The Republican-controlled House of Representatives will soon be voting on a Continuing Resolution to fund the federal government. We need to make sure that no resolution contains funding for ObamaCare. Will Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor stand with the grassroots and vote against ObamaCare funding? Every Congressman needs to know: If you vote to fund ObamaCare, you’re FOR ObamaCare.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

* * * * * * * * * *

The Highway-Overpass Media: No Amnesty & Defund Obamacare!


Tea Partiers stayed vigilant this Labor Day weekend putting their Defund Obamacare and No Amnesty signs on two key Maryland overpasses above roads with substantial interstate traffic.

Led by organizer Ed Hunter, grass-roots activists displayed their banners (below) on an overpass in Prince Georges County on Saturday. . .



. . . and on another today in Frederick County on Jefferson Pike above Interstate 70.  Participants below are from the Frederick Tea Party.

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As we wrote last Friday, readers who want to get a sense of the current national outrage of the base are invited to read RedState chief Erick Erickson’s “This is ‘Read My Lips’ All Over Again” (click here) –

“Last night, Heritage Action for America had another town hall on its Defund It tour. The fire marshal at their location had to keep the growing crowd at bay. This was not the first time that has happened this past month. All over the country, long lines have appeared at these events. Heritage Action has gotten bigger rooms for the events and still the crowds have filled the town halls. At first, Republicans in Washington claimed it was just the star attraction of Ted Cruz drawing people to the Heritage Action events. But the crowds have gotten bigger and bigger even without Ted Cruz there. . . . In Texas, tea party activists have had town hall meetings with a cardboard cutout of Congressman Pete Sessions, who has refused to meet with his constituents, given his strong opposition to defunding Obamacare.  The trend is growing, with other tea party groups doing the same — putting cardboard cutouts of their congressmen on a stage with a full house to berate the absent congressmen. . . . An hour after ForAmerica urged people to call Eric Cantor’s office, more than 1,000 people did. In one hour.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

And for the longer haul, putting the “Liberty Amendments” into our national conversation can be a unifying move as well as a learning opportunity for Republican delegates and state senators.

Tea Partier Ed Hunter told Blue Ridge Forum that he plans to develop overpass banners to make the driving public aware of the Plot to Save America — Andy McCarthy’s words describing the “Liberty Amendments” here.

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