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Homeland Defense Richard Falknor on 27 Mar 2014

Conservative Icon Bob Marshall Weighs In On Mosque Resolution

We are delighted that delegate Bob Marshall is able here to join the public discussion on the General Assembly’s disgraceful resolution commending here the Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center.  As Virginia conservatives should know, Marshall has been the Horatius at the Bridge standing here this week against giant Medicaid expansion in the Old Dominion. The veteran lawmaker – who voted “no” on the Mosque Resolution — points out that the House Speaker did nonetheless call the voice vote correctly on this resolution.  Moreover Marshall notes that his version of “American Laws for American Courts” legislation here never got to the House floor.  As we never tire of pointing out, the Virginia House of Delegates here has 68 Republicans and 32 Democrats.  In the previous session, it still had only 32 Democrats.  Clearly too many GOP members of the House of Delegates have a case of willful blindness in failing to understand Civilization Jihad in their midst.

The good news is that two genuinely conservative contenders for the Republican nomination for United States Representative in Virginia 10 – Howie Lind and Bob Marshall — have both (here is Lind) made thoughtful public statements, joining national conservative media here, about the offending resolution.

Here is the full text of Bob Marshall’s letter today to Blue Ridge Forum in which he declares–

“And I informed representatives of ACT for America, that should they decide, I would be willing to introduce a commending resolution for ACT highlighting their public service work in identifying threats to Americans and our Constitution from terror promoters, their sympathizers, apologists and supporters.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

Readers are reminded here that tonight ACT! for America’s founder Brigitte Gabriel will be speaking in northern Virginia!


Homeland Defense Richard Falknor on 25 Mar 2014

Mosque Outrage: House Contender Howie Lind Joins ACT’s Protest

Today Howie Lind, one of six primary candidates for the Republican nomination for retiring Representative Frank Wolf’s seat in Virginia 10, announced he signed on to ACT! for America’s “An Open Letter to the Leadership of the Virginia General Assembly” here declaring that–

“they should move right away to rescind the unjustified honor that they bestowed on Dar al-Hijrah and replace it with a resolution condemning the mosque’s numerous ties to terrorists and extremists.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

Retired Naval officer Lind here appears to be the only one of these six candidates — delegate Barbara Comstock and delegate Bob Marshall; Howie Lind, Stephen Hollingshead, Marc Savitt, and Rob Wasinger – to have weighed in publicly against the offending resolution “commending” here the Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center.

Lind, also a former Defense Department executive, pointed out that–

“It is a deplorable that the Virginia General Assembly has chosen to commend this specific terrorist-affiliated Mosque. Thousands of Americans have given their lives in the aftermath of 9-11, to combat and defeat the very terrorism that has been encouraged in the atmosphere that apparently exists at the Dar Al-Hijrah center.”

Here is the full text of Howie Lind’s release.

Homeland Defense Richard Falknor on 21 Mar 2014

UPDATED! The Silent Six? Speak-No-Evil House GOP Hopefuls in VA-10

House GOP Tries "Soft Power"  (Image Credit:Alex Johansen)

VA Tenth District GOP Hopefuls on Mosque Commendation (Image Credit:Alex Johansen)

UPDATE! By way of contrast in Virginia’s 11th Congressional District, House GOP primary candidate Suzanne “Scholte Calls on Connolly to Cancel Muslim Brotherhood Fundraiser” here.

We are still waiting for public statements from the six primary candidates running for the GOP nomination for retiring Representative Frank Wolf’s seat (Virginia 10) — so that we may get their full perspective on the Virginia General Assembly’s resolution to “commend” the Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center.

Big conservative media here and here and here have this week already expressed their outrage at the resolution here.

Moreover, ACT! for America declared here in “An Open Letter to the Leadership of the Virginia General Assembly” that–

“they should move right away to rescind the unjustified honor that they bestowed on Dar al-Hijrah and replace it with a resolution condemning the mosque’s numerous ties to terrorists and extremists.(Highlighting Forum’s)

And today ACT! reports–

“As of right now, we are approaching 1,000 Virginians who have signed the letter in just the last few days! (And over 25,000 e-mails have been sent to the Virginia House and Senate Leadership from concerned citizens all across the nation!)” (Highlighting Forum’s)

Are the patriotic grass roots more willing to take a public stand than Virginia House Republican candidates?

For we have not seen any public statements about the General Assembly’s mosque vote from these six primary candidates: delegate Barbara Comstock and delegate Bob Marshall; Howie Lind; Stephen Hollingshead; Marc Savitt; and Rob Wasinger.

Will any these candidates, if finally elected, have the grit to speak for us on parallel Islamist concerns here and here in the House of Representatives?

Homeland Defense Richard Falknor on 20 Mar 2014

Mosque Commendation: ACT! Urges Rescinding; Fox Weighs In

Fox News Five last evening, and Tuesday evening here (via MassTeaParty) were all over the story of the Virginia General Assembly’s resolution here commending the Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center.

On Monday of this week both Investor’s Business Daily here (“all those who voted for it ought to be cited for criminal negligence”) and Pamela Geller in Breitbart here (“not the first time the Virginia legislature has behaved as if this mosque were just another house of worship”) were already on the case.

Now Act! for America’s Action Center declares here in “An Open Letter to the Leadership of the Virginia General Assembly” that–

“they should move right away to rescind the unjustified honor that they bestowed on Dar al-Hijrah and replace it with a resolution condemning the mosque’s numerous ties to terrorists and extremists.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

Sign To Send A Warning!

ACT! offers Virginia voters here a chance to send, by signing ACT!’s open letter, a strong warning message to the Virginia Political Establishment — some of whose members have been strangely comfortable with Islamist support and others simply in thrall to political correctness.

What Say The GOP Candidates in Virginia 10?

We are eager, moreover, to report public statements about the mosque commendation from each of the six primary candidates seeking the Republican nomination to run for retiring Representative Frank Wolf’s seat (Virginia 10): delegate Barbara Comstock and delegate Bob Marshall; Howie Lind; Stephen Hollingshead; Marc Savitt; and Rob Wasinger.

What say you, GOP candidates? If major conservative media can scrutinize this commendation by the Virginia General Assembly, surely you can reveal to the voters your own judgment?

Homeland Defense Richard Falknor on 10 Mar 2014

Benghazi: Joe diGenova Slams House Intelligence Chief Rogers

This morning on WMAL former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova here expressed outrage over what he called the “disgraceful” conduct of House Intelligence Committee chairman Mike Rogers here on the Benghazi investigation. Rogers, he said, has played an “obstructionist” role in blocking any serious accounting of events.

Listen to diGenova here–

Judicial Watch in their January 6 post here “Benghazi victims’ families, conservative leaders demand Boehner create Select Committee” includes the full text of a letter from these families and leaders to Speaker John Boehner.

The signers declared–

“Rep. Mike Rogers and the Intelligence Committee seem to act as defense counsel for the Obama administration.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

Virginia’s Representative Frank Wolf has taken the point here (and reportedly some grief from the House leadership) in the push for a serious investigation of Benghazi.  The 10th District Republican declares–

“I have introduced legislation, H. Res. 36, to create a House Select Committee on Benghazi. It has more than 180 cosponsors – a majority of the majority in the House – and is endorsed by The American Legion, the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, groups within the Special Operations community. the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal, respected national security leaders, like former Attorney General Mukasey, and some of the family members of the Benghazi victims.” 

Maryland has one House GOP member here and Virginia has seven (other than Frank Wolf) House GOP members here.

Ask these Representatives what concrete action they are going to take to get the Speaker moving on establishing a powerful select committee on Benghazi. 

And don’t forget to review diGenova’s bill of particulars here on House Intelligence chief Mike Rogers.

Concluded diGenova this morning:

“I’m not going away on Benghazi. . . Mike Rogers is going to pay a price — this is disgraceful what he has done.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

Homeland Defense Richard Falknor on 06 Mar 2014

MORE! VA House of Delegates ‘Commend’ A Mosque With A Dark Past

  • Investor’s Business Daily declares here “Let’s hope the good citizens of Virginia — most especially 9/11 families of Pentagon victims — loudly demand this resolution be revoked. At a minimum, it should be roundly condemned as public support of terrorism, and all those who voted for it ought to be cited for criminal negligence.”  The Virginia House of Delegates has 68 Republicans and 32 Democrats. We have not heard a word from the GOP state chairman always so quick to comment on lesser matters. Party before country?
  • Has the Virginia State Legislature gone mad?” Pamela Geller also declares here in Breitbart that this is not the General Assembly’s first such blunder: “not the first time the Virginia legislature has behaved as if this mosque were just another house of worship.”
UPDATE MARCH 8! Yesterday the Virginia state senate followed suit and approved here this reckless resolution. Why reckless? Because the Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center can now use this “endorsement” of the Virginia General Assembly for everything from money-raising to helping justify zoning requests to intimidating critics with the help of a credulous old (and new) media. The General Assembly commendation will be a badge of respectability. John Guandolo declared here yesterday:  “One has to wonder if gross ignorance among elected officials of the jihadi threat to America could get any worse – then in walks the Virginia Legislature.” Consider the details in Guandolo’s post “Virginia State House Commends Hamas”

* * * * * * * * * *

Virginia House of Delegates ‘Commend’ A Mosque With A Dark Past

Do the good delegates of the Old Dominion have to pass a resolution to find out what’s in it?

Yesterday by a voice vote the Virginia House of Delegates commended here the Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center on its “30th anniversary.”

(Republican delegates Todd Gilbert, Terry Austin, Les Adams, and Barry Knight, however, told conservative activist Patricia Evans they voted against this mad measure. Currently there are 68 Republicans and 32 Democrats in the House of Delegates.)

Last October 22, the Investigative Project on Terrorism’s (IPT) John Rossomando reported here “ Dar al-Hijrah Imam Affirms MB Sympathies on Facebook”–

“For a guy who claims to have nothing to do with the Muslim Brotherhood, Imam Shaker Elsayed dedicates a surprising volume of his Facebook page to the Egyptian Islamist group.”

The IPT’s Rossomando reminds us–

“Elsayed’s mosque has a history of ties to radicals and has attracted repeated law enforcement attention over the years. Federal agents described Dar al-Hijrah as the subject of “numerous investigations for financing and proving (sic) aid and comfort to bad orgs and members.”
Among those bad members, American-born al-Qaida cleric Anwar al-Awlaki served as an imam at Dar al-Hijrah before leaving the United States; two 9/11 hijackers attended services there, as did Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan and terrorist financier Abdurrahman Alamoudi.
Elsayed is named in a 1991 Muslim Brotherhood document detailing the group’s plan to wage a non-violent civilization jihad to destroy “Western civilization from within.” A portion of the document describes people building organizations which spread the Islamist message.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

Read all of the IPT post here.

Former Federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy in a 2010 National Review on Line post here gives us some early background on the mosque–

Dar al-Hijra was established in 1991. Not so coincidentally, that is the same year American leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood wrote an internal memorandum to their global headquarters in Egypt, explaining that they saw their work in the United States as a ‘grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within.’ Echoing imam Abdul-Malik, the Brotherhood said its tactic would be ‘sabotage.’ (The memo is here, with the English translation following the original Arabic pages.)”

Author McCarthy continues

“Getting Dar al-Hijra built cost chump change compared with the anticipated $100 million Ground Zero mosque. It ran around $6 million. The Saudis have been underwriting the Brotherhood’s dawa efforts for decades. And thanks to [Paul] Sperry’s exacting work, we know about Dar al-Hijra what we haven’t been permitted to find out about the Ground Zero mosque: how it was financed. Turns out that it followed the standard Saudi/Brotherhood pattern.
The Falls Church land on which the complex sits was purchased in the 1980s by the North American Islamic Trust. NAIT was established by the Saudis and the Brotherhood in 1973 for just this purpose. In 2003, the Center for Security Policy’s J. Michael Waller told a Senate committee that NAIT owns or controls the physical assets of about three-fourths of American mosques — and its partner organization, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), controls their ideological content. Both ISNA and NAIT were identified as unindicted co-conspirators in the Hamas-financing case. As I mentioned in last week’s column, ISNA was behind the republication of imam Faisal Rauf’s Call to Prayer from the World Trade Center Rubble.
Dar al-Hijra has sported imams that make Johari Abdul-Malik look downright tame. Most infamous was Anwar al-Awlaki, the al-Qaeda terrorist now believed to be holed up in Yemen. [April 21, 1971 – September 30, 2011--ed]From there, Awlaki is said to have inspired Farouk Abdulmutallab, the would-be Christmas bomber who tried to blow up a plane over Detroit. But that’s just a footnote. While imam at Dar al-Hijra, Awlaki ministered to at least two of the 9/11 hijackers. And it was at Dar al-Hijra that he met U.S. army officer Nidal Hassan. Though Awlaki beat it out of town ahead of the 9/11 investigation, he kept up his correspondence with Major Hassan, who, at Fort Hood in 2009, murdered 13 of his fellow soldiers while screaming ‘Allahu Akbar!’”

Here is the full text of the House of Delegates “commendation.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Further reading–

Patrick Poole (PJMedia) Dar Al-Hijrah: D.C.’s Own Terror Factory
Paul Sperry (NYPost) Inside the Saudi 9/11 coverup (Scroll down to “Falls Church.”)

Homeland Defense Richard Falknor on 09 Dec 2013

UPDATED! Judicial Watch: FBI Purged “Offensive” Terrorist & Subversion Training Material

UPDATE DECEMBER 11! Andrew McCarthy in his NRO post “Raising a Jihadi Generation” here explains –“A while back, my friend John Guandolo, a marine combat veteran and former FBI counterterrorism agent, had an important idea. The Obama administration had recently purged the instructional materials used to train our government’s national security agents – law-enforcement, intelligence and military – about the threat posed by Muslim jihadists. Under the new training, the threat would no longer be recognizable. Obama theory, you see, holds that the threat is not jihadist terror and the Islamic supremacist ideology that catalyzes it. Instead, it is ‘violent extremism,’ disconnected from any identifiable belief system – and, the administration cannot emphasize enough, having absolutely nothing to do with Islamsomething a young agent better understand if he or she harbors any hope of being promoted up the ranks.” (Highlighting Forum’s.) Read it all.

* * * * * * * * * *

Judicial Watch: FBI Purged “Offensive” Terrorist & Subversion Training Material

“Where the FDR administration had Harry Hopkins, Lauchlin Currie, Harry Dexter White and Alger Hiss – among others – to engage in espionage, subversion and influence operations as agents, ‘fellow travelers,’ dupes and ‘useful idiots’ for the Soviet Union, so too, does the Obama administration have this generation’s agents of influence who would advance the interests of the Islamists.” — Judicial Watch special report.

Today Judicial Watch (JW) released an important special report here: “U.S. Government Purges of Law Enforcement Training Material Deemed ‘Offensive’ to Muslims,” prepared under the direction of JW research chief Christopher Farrell.

JW president Thomas Fitton paints the larger picture –

“This Special Report documents the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) purge of anti-terrorism training material and curricula deemed ‘offensive’ to Muslims.  The curricula purge occurred following a February 8, 2012, meeting between FBI Director Robert Mueller and various Islamic organizations. This purge is part of a broader Islamist ‘influence operation’ aimed at our government and Constitution.”

The special report reveals important snapshots of the “Islamist Influence Operation” into our government.  JW defines these terms below–

“The terms ‘active measures’ (aktivnyye meropriyatiya) and ‘influence operations’ were used by the Soviet Union to describe covert and deceptive activities carried out in support of its foreign policy objectives. The United States Department of State documented and reported the Soviets’ campaign. We use the terms in the same way to describe the activities of the Islamists.”

The Case of Anwar al Aulaqi

JW details a major Islamist influence operation — the career of Anwar al Aulaqi — a story that leaves many questions yet unanswered:

“American Islamists also engage in influence operations and active measures operations. Anwar al Aulaqi, a U.S. citizen and militant imam of the Dar al-Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, Virginia is a perfect example. He is described as the ‘spiritual leader’ and inspiration of the 9/11 hijackers; the Fort Hood murderer, U.S. Army Major Nidal Hassan; and the 2009 Christmas Day (attempted) airline bomber, Umar Farouk Abudulmutallab of Nigeria, and others. . . .
Aulaqi presented himself publicly as the face of moderate Islam in America. He gave a number of media interviews and appeared on National Geographic; National Public Radio; and, in the New York Times. . . . On February 5, 2002 Aulaqi had lunch in the dining room of the Secretary of Defense and made a presentation to Pentagon brass, as part of the military’s outreach to the Muslim community. . . . Aulaqi was killed in Yemen by a Hellfire missile fired from a Predator drone on September 30, 2011. . . . His death leaves many unanswered questions”

 Islamists Working in This Administration

Both the Bush and the Obama Administration have much to answer for — from the willful blindness to the Islamists of the Bush Administration to the active encouragement of Islamists by the Obama Administration.

Things did take a worsening turn in the Obama administration.

JW points to a significant October 19, 2011 meeting of Islamist voices with then Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez, as Neil Munro reported that year.

Related JW –

“On Wednesday, October 19, 2011, activists and advocates from Islamist pressure groups met with officials from the Obama Justice Department, including the then-chief of the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department, Thomas Perez, at George Washington University in Washington, DC. Islamist advocates demanded that the Justice Department reduce anti-terror priorities and funding; change agents’ training materials; restrict investigators from looking into certain Muslim-related subjects; and create a new legal declaration that any U.S. citizens’ criticism of Islam constitutes the crime of racial discrimination. Mr. Perez warmly received the Islamists demands and promised action.”

The JW report lists five of the “Islamist influence operators” in the Obama Administration: Rashad Hussain, Huma Abedin, Daliah Mogahed, Momamed Elibiary, and Mohamed Magid. (Click here for one of our posts on Huma Abedin; and here for one of our posts on Mohamed Magid.)

The special report concludes–

“The country is less safe when we allow Islamists to tell the FBI how to train its agents and do its job. . . . The FBI’s purge of so called ‘offensive’ material is political correctness run amok and it puts the nation at risk. . . . The FBI is rewriting history in order to help AQ [al Qaeda], the MB [Muslim Brotherhood] and their affiliates.”

And most important, JW declares–

“It is fair to say that not a single U.S. government employee goes to work each morning with the mission of identifying and defeating the Islamists’ active measures campaigns. . . . No federal agency spends much time, if any, on countering deception campaigns. The agencies are reticent to vigorously pursue internal security reviews and routine counterintelligence programs. Large bureaucratic institutions are reluctant to ‘disturb’ operations with examinations for deception and manipulation. Those same organizations are loathe to raise those subjects in congressional appropriations requests and hearings fearing any political criticism. Until there is someone with the job of defeating the Islamist active measures campaign targeting our nation – and resourced to roll back the Islamists and win – the United States and her citizens are in grave peril.”
(Highlighting Forum’s throughout this post.)

So What Can The Conservative Grass Roots Do About All This?

First, Tea Partiers and the conservative grass roots can prod their House GOP members to discuss publicly these Islamist active measures campaigns. 

In Maryland and Virginia, apparently only Representative Frank Wolf has acted positively on these matters, both to Bell the Grover Norquist Cat and to probe the Islamic Saudi Academy in Fairfax County. 

The Speaker of the U.S. House, by contrast, is apparently more inclined to discuss support for gay House GOP candidates here than to urge inquiry into Huma Abedin’s Islamist connections here.

Second, Tea Partiers in Maryland and Virginia should put Islamist active measures campaigns on their discussion agenda and invite state lawmakers to address the threat.

And perhaps most crucial — we should all take the time to study this well documented JW report, whose highlights  we could only touch on in a blog post.

* * * * * * * * * *

Faithful readers may wish to revisit some of our earlier related posts on the Islamist threat.

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Homeland Defense Richard Falknor on 09 Nov 2013

UPDATED! The Turkish Connection & Virginia (And Other) Trade Delegations

UPDATE NOVEMBER 12! “Turkey: After the Christian staff of the Saint Abraham monastery told a group of Muslims that visiting hours were over, the Muslims threatened, cursed, and ultimately attacked the staff, saying ‘we own this land, obey us or you will be sorry.’  According to a member of the monastery, ‘The monastery was attacked two months before this incident by young [Muslim] Kurds from the town of Batman, but we decided not to go public about it, this time we decided it’s enough.  We gave the police the footage from the surveillance camera from the previous attack and now it is gone and no one was punished.  They promised us to put guards here but we don’t see any and when they [the police] came yesterday, they attacked us with pepper spray instead of the attackers. Certainly all this cannot be merely coincidences.’”– Raymond IbrahimMuslim Persecution of Christians: August, 2013” here.

* * * * * * * * * *

 The Turkish Connection & Virginia (And Other) Trade Delegations

We learned from an article of last Wednesday on Syrian refugees here in Leesburg Today that–

“Purcellville Mayor Bob Lazaro recently returned from a trip to Turkey as part of a trade delegation of Northern Virginia government representatives.
The trip, which was arranged through the Northern Virginia Regional Commission, included Virginia Secretary of Transportation Sean Connaughton, Loudoun County Chairman Scott K. York (R-At Large) and Supervisor Ken Reid (R-Leesburg).” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

On Friday, in National Review On Line, the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) fellow Benjamin Weinthal reported here,  in his “Turkey’s Erdogan Out Of Control?”

“Meanwhile, as my FDD colleague Jonathan Schanzer recently showed, Erdogan’s administration harbors a Hamas terrorist, Saleh al-Arouri, and helps Iran’s clerical regime circumvent sanctions targeting its illicit nuclear-weapons program. Equally alarming, Erdogan permits southern Turkey to serve as an operational base for the al-Qaeda-linked groups al-Nusra and ISIS to flood into Syria. He flatly denied the allegations this week, saying, ‘It is out of question that organizations like al-Qaeda or al-Nusra could take shelter in our country. This is slander and [a pack of] of lies.’
My nearly two weeks on the Syria-Turkey border in late September and early October revealed the contrary to be true. In short, al-Qaeda jihadists have wide latitude in Turkey to access Syria’s territory.
Moreover, the American Enterprise Institute Middle East expert Michael Rubin’s article titled ‘Turkey, not Syria, to blame for sectarianism in Turkey’ exposes the ways in which Erdogan stokes ethnic and religious divisions.”  

Sadly, Turkey has changed drastically under Erdogan.  For more depth on present-day Turkey, readers may wish to visit our related 2012 or 2013 posts–

UPDATED! The Intense Outreach of Agents of Turkish Islamist Influence
“On September 30 [2012], Marc J. Fink (PJMedia) in his Stunner: Turkey Infiltrating Native American Tribes — and May Get Congressional Help reported–
“Congressman [Tom ] Cole [link supplied] freely admitted the following on the House floor:
‘There’s no question that I was approached by the Turkish American Coalition (properly the Turkish Coalition of America), who have a deep interest in Turkey and American Indians.’”
UPDATED! Frank Gaffney & Rachel Sargent Brief Concerned Voters About A Questionable Loudoun Charter School Proposal
Turkish Heft Comes to Maryland — Big Time!

Three questions jump out for the alert Virginia conservative–

• Did the gentlemen from Virginia visit the same land as FDD fellow Weinthal?
• Who paid for the Virginia delegation’s visit to a nation clearly under an Islamist regime?
What kind of deals did our public officials from Virginia seek to facilitate in a nation now in thrall to a very aggressive and distasteful government?

Stay tuned for any answers.

Homeland Defense Richard Falknor on 16 Sep 2013

Laying Out A Conservative Path For Our National Security

“[Y]ou can’t be in favor of assertive American foreign policy overseas and increasing Europeanization domestically; likewise, you can’t take a reductively libertarian view while the rest of the planet goes to pieces. Someone in the GOP needs to do what Ronald Reagan did so brilliantly a quarter-century ago — reconcile the big challenges abroad with a small-government philosophy at home.” Mark Steyn

Defunding Obamacare, blocking Giant Amnesty, defanging EPA job-and-industry-killer rules, drying up Federal money for common-core and sustainability and university speech-codes — all of these matter a great deal.

But so does our Common Defense, which must always be the First Federal Concern.

Last weekend, NRO’s Andrew McCarthy wrote here “What Conservative Foreign Policy Looks Like: Neither John McCain nor Rand Paul get it right.”

Here follow some highlights from this important post by former Federal prosecutor, and author McCarthy — but readers should consider his entire essay:

  • “In the Syrian rubble of Barack Obama’s foreign policy lies a moment of opportunity for conservatives. It is a moment for building a muscular foreign policy based on a recognition of good and evil; on an unapologetic conviction that the United States stands firmly on the right side of that ledger because it stands for the liberty and equal dignity of every human being; and, therefore, on an unwavering commitment to have our interventions guided solely by American national interests. It is a Ronald Reagan moment. Now, all we need is a Ronald Reagan. For now, we have only pretenders, split into two camps.”
  • “While McCain would insert the United States into every controversy, no matter how contrary to our interests, Paul sees our government as incapable of acting beneficially in the world. One can easily understand why Paul has a surface appeal for young Americans. In their lifetimes, an era of progressive dominance in foreign affairs, to act in America’s interests has become disreputable. The McCain approach — champion Qaddafi, oust Qaddafi; condemn the Muslim Brotherhood, support the Muslim Brotherhood; surge against al-Qaeda, arm al-Qaeda — has brought dizzying discredit to American action on the world stage. The Pauls exploit this to a fare-thee-well. Nevertheless, the Pauls’ indictment is against government when the real culprit is wayward government policy in the execution of an essential government function.”
  • “What conservatives want is a central government that does very few things — only the ones it is expressly assigned, the ones only a national government can do — but does them exceedingly well. Limited does not mean small, for these are not small tasks. The most significant function of government, national security, is what our foreign policy must serve. This is where Reagan got it right and today’s Republican leaders get it tragically wrong.”
  • “Like Communism, Islamic supremacism threatens America and the West comprehensively — it attacks both forcibly and culturally; it pressures without and infiltrates within. A conservative national-security policy would respond in kind.”
  • “A conservative foreign policy would set itself firmly against Iran and Assad, as well as against al-Qaeda, the Brotherhood, and their state sponsors. It would not choose sides between them in their Syrian free-for-all. It would make the defeat of all of them — of Islamic supremacism — its strategic objective.” (Highlighting Forum’s throughout.)

Of course, these guiding principles can’t have much force with a declining military.

We don’t want our essential effort to defund Obamacare, for example, to keep us from also moving to cure the serious downgrading of our armed forces. 

For some details on how this weakness relates not just to Iran but to an increasingly aggressive Russia and China, readers should take in posts by retired admiral James “Ace” Lyons here and by Michael Waller here.

And it will be very hard to persuade the grass roots to pay attention to any of these issues when there seems to be a bi-partisan blindness to the surrender of our sovereignty on our border with Mexico.

We need a House GOP leadership that can articulate a prudent vision for our national defense while expanding our circle of liberty at home – and can translate these goals into manageable-sized and understandable appropriations bills.

Lamentably the current House GOP leaders see their role essentially as deal-cutters for a Beltway media and donor audience. 

Here is the unknown: how many members of the House Republican Conference grasp the necessity of changing this pinched way of doing national business while there is still time?

Homeland Defense Richard Falknor on 21 Jun 2013

Frank Wolf Urges Serious Benghazi Probe;Boehner Still Saying No?

“Mr. Speaker, we’re fast approaching the Independence Day recess.  We will only have four legislative weeks in July before the August recess.  When we return in September we will be just days away from the one-year anniversary of the Benghazi attacks.” (Highlighting Forum’s) – Representative Frank Wolf

On Wednesday, senior House appropriator Frank Wolf wrote the Speaker–

“The American people are losing confidence in their government.  The tragedy in Benghazi, along with a stream of recent controversies, including the IRS and the Justice Department’s targeting of reporters at Fox News and the Associated Press, as well as the ambiguity about recently disclosed programs at the National Security Agency, are eroding public trust in the institutions of government.
This diminishing of public confidence isn’t limited to the Executive Branch.  Congress’ approval rating is at an all-time low.  A June 14 National Journal article said, ‘Nearly 8 in 10 Americans told Gallup pollsters this month that they disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job, the 45th consecutive month that more than two-thirds of Americans graded Congress poorly.  The problem isn’t as much what Congress is doing as what it is not getting done.’  I believe most Americans would agree that one of the items “not getting done” is a thorough, comprehensive and ultimately definitive investigation into the response to the Benghazi attacks.
That is why I have been pushing so hard for a bipartisan Select Committee to investigate the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi.  The response among most of our colleagues and the public has been overwhelming.  Since January, when I proposed including the Select Committee in the House Rules package for the 113th Congress, more than two-thirds of House Republicans – a majority of the majority – have cosponsored my bill, H. Res. 36, to create the Select Committee. Since that time, there has been a growing chorus of support.  The bill has been endorsed by the parents of some of the victims, by more than 700 retired Special Operations officials, by the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Associations, which represents the State Department security officers who were on the ground in Benghazi, and by The Wall Street Journal editorial page in addition to dozens of other commentators, former diplomats and military officials.  I believe this broad support speaks to the public’s hunger for clear answers on Benghazi – answers which to date have been elusive.  That is why more than nine months after the devastating attack, my resolution continues to add new cosponsors; it now has the support of 158 Republicans.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

Last November 2, we posted this on Benghazi:

Benghazigate: VA Republican Demands Immediate Public Scrutiny;
Details Firing of General And Admiral Ordering Rescue

reporting that –

“Navy veteran [Howie] Lind [today VA US Senate candidate]spelled out his understanding of the efforts of military commanders to aid Americans in peril in Benghazi – -
‘Could we have sent in US military forces to save them in time? Yes indeed.
 In fact, they were on the way until they were recalled.
At 30 minutes into the attack, the US Military Commander in charge of that part of the world, four-star General Carter Ham, the Commander of the African Command, based in Stuttgart, Germany, issued the response orders. He directed that US Navy jets be launched from USS John Stennis, the aircraft carrier on station in the middle east. These planes would have easily reached Benghazi to take out enough of the barbarians to stymie the attack on the Consulate.
But these planes were recalled, so they never reached Benghazi. I learned this from a retired Army General whom I know in McLean. (Retired Generals and Admirals have the tightest network of any group you will ever know.) Once the planes were launched, General Ham was directed by the White House to call off the response. He refused. Then the White House called the Navy Admiral in charge of the USS Stennis Battle Group, Rear Admiral Charles Gaouette, to call back the planes. He also refused. Both General Ham and Admiral Gaouette were immediately relieved of their commands. They were fired. In General Ham’s case, his 2-star Deputy entered his office and said ‘you are under arrest.’ This is a script for a bad Hollywood movie.’” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

Then, on January 18, veteran Virginia Representative Frank Wolf introduced his House Resolution 36, calling for

“Establishing a select committee to investigate and report on the attack on the United States consulate in Benghazi, Libya.”

Today Mr. Wolf’s resolution has 157 co-sponsors, for a total of 67 percent of the House Republican conference.

The Speaker has been obdurate in his opposition to such a coordinated and in-depth inquiry, and definitive report. Some House committee chairs reportedly fear sharing their jurisdiction, or, in one case, even feared “embarrassing” an agency over which that committee had jurisdiction – and thus with which they have long-term relations.

Frank Wolf warned in his Wednesday letter to the Speaker of the overuse of closed-door hearings on Benghazi.

I also understand that Chairman McKeon has planned a hearing with Gen. Carter Ham for next week, but like so many of these hearings, this, too, will be held behind closed doors.  There is no reason Gen. Ham’s testimony shouldn’t be public.  This latest classified hearing is symptomatic of a broader problem with respect to the current congressional approach to investigating Benghazi: Too much has been done in a piecemeal fashion, behind closed doors, thereby robbing the American people of clear answers to important questions surrounding the murder of a sitting U.S. ambassador and three civilian employees, and the grievous injury of untold others. 
 Deuteronomy 16:20 tells us, ‘Justice,  justice shalt thou pursue.’ As we quietly marked the nine-month anniversary of the attacks last week, I know many people wondered if there will ever be any clear resolution to this investigation, let alone justice.
Writing about Benghazi in The Wall Street Journal last month, columnist Peggy Noonan pondered, ‘Was all this incompetence? Or was it politics disguised as the fog of war? Who called these shots and made these decisions? Who decided to do nothing?’ 
More than nine months later, the Congress still cannot answer these questions.  No one has been held responsible for the failure to respond that night.  A few mid-level career officials have been penalized, but ultimately those senior officials who were in the position to actually say the buck stops here – cabinet secretaries and political appointees at the White House, State Department, Defense Department and CIA – have emerged unscathed, and in some cases, seemingly the better for it.”

And this week’s upcoming hearing on General Carter Ham?

Recall that (now Virginia U. S. Senate candidate) Howie Lind had written last November (click here)–

“Once the planes were launched, General Ham was directed by the White House to call off the response. He refused. Then the White House called the Navy Admiral in charge of the USS Stennis Battle Group, Rear Admiral Charles Gaouette, to call back the planes. He also refused. Both General Ham and Admiral Gaouette were immediately relieved of their commands. They were fired. In General Ham’s case, his 2-star Deputy entered his office and said ‘you are under arrest.’ This is a script for a bad Hollywood movie.”(Highlighting Forum’s.)

How Long Will Boehner Continue To Veto A Select Committee On Benghazi?

Will GOP incumbents and candidates speak to the media in behalf of Mr. Wolf’s recommendation for a serious Benghazi probe? 

Will Tea Partiers lean on Majority Leader Eric Cantor, and House Judiciary chair and Boehner-loyalist Bob Goodlatte (neither of whom have signed on to H.Res. 36) to bring the Speaker to a better mind?

Stay tuned for developments on digging out the full story on Benghazi.

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