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Leviathan Richard Falknor on 28 Mar 2014 11:01 am

Jeff Sessions to America: Regime Already Opened Our Borders

This week, as we have earlier tweeted, senator Jeff Sessions, Alabama lawmaker and ranking member of the Budget Committee, released his “CRITICAL ALERT: DHS Enforcement Data Reveals Administrative Amnesty Much Broader Than Previously Understood” (full text here) declaring–

  • “DHS has blocked the enforcement of immigration law for the overwhelming majority of violations and is planning to widen that amnesty even further.”
  • “The Administration’s priorities have therefore provided an executive amnesty not only to the great majority of the 12 million living here illegally today (including even the most recent arrivals) but to those who will violate immigration law tomorrow.”
  • “DHS has decided that the Administration’s ‘priorities’ trump the immigration laws passed by Congress.”
  • It is an open invitation for a future immigrant to overstay a visa, or to enter the U.S. illegally, knowing that they will be immune from enforcement as long as they avoid being convicted of a felony or other serious crime once here.”
  • “Chris Crane, president of the ICE officers’ union, explained that ‘violent criminals are released every day back into communities based on the president’s unlawful policies.’”
  • “The Administration’s actions are breathtaking and without precedent.”
  • “American citizens have both a legal and moral right to the protection our immigration laws afford; those rights have been systematically ignored, resulting in a massive loss of income and wages for the most vulnerable Americans.”
  • “The Administration has abandoned its duty to faithfully execute the law and protect U.S. sovereignty, resulting not only in a collapse of immigration enforcement but a grave jeopardy to the American system of law and justice itself.” (Highlighting Forum’s)
  • Even Future Illegal Immigrants And Visa Overstays Are Exempt From Enforcement

Activists are encouraged to read all of Jeff Session’s “Critical Alert” here to bring their own groups up to speed on this Big Immigration catastrophe.

Unlike the Beltway GOP, senior GOP senator Jeff Sessions is the major Republican voice here urging the Party to reach out to Blue Collar America: those who suffer greatly and likely earlier from Big Immigration.

John Fonte spelled out last December here (NRO) how the Republican establishment is missing the boat on Blue Collar America and Big Immigration in his “Re-Branding the GOP: From the party of big business to the party of the little guy”

  • Immigration politics is at the heart of the divide between conservative populist groups, on one side, and corporate elites within the GOP on the other. Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama wrote a memo in July to his fellow Republican lawmakers, calling on them to ‘flip the immigration debate on its head.’ At National Review Online, Sessions urged the GOP to ‘adopt a humble and honest populism’ and distance itself from ‘the corporate titans who believe the immigration policy for our entire country should be modeled to pad their bottom line.’”
  • The GOP lost the 2012 election, Sessions said, ‘because it hemorrhaged support from middle and low-income Americans of all backgrounds,’ and the party must now mount an ‘unapologetic defense of working Americans.’ He noted that Americans oppose by a two-to-one margin increasing low-skilled immigration and also strongly oppose any legalization of illegal immigrants before border security is in place. Sessions made the key political point that Republicans have a golden opportunity to appeal once again to Reagan Democrats, who are, as John O’Sullivan put it in a statement lauding Sessions, an ‘electoral bloc that dwarfs any other in numerical terms.’”
  • “Two preconditions of populist ascendancy are already emerging in embryonic form: first, a Sister Souljah–style rebuke of corporate elites and, second, the development of policy measures aimed specifically at supporting the middle and working classes. To the first point, Sessions on Labor Day chided pro-immigration-reform business groups and pointedly raised the issue of American patriotism, asking, ‘What is the loyalty a nation owes to its own citizens?’ On the second point, conservative policy intellectuals as well as elected officials such as Senator Mike Lee of Utah are beginning to formulate policy initiatives focused on strengthening the middle and working classes.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

This weekend, Erick Erikson reports here, the Boehner-Cantor House Leadership Team will be keeping dubious company on Amelia Island, Florida.

Will conservatives who wish to rescue the GOP from its corporatist overlords call this cabal and their fellow-travelers — in office and in local primaries — to account?

Will they try to get House Republicans to change course and seriously fight the Regime by using the powers of the House of Representative to restore constitutional government? (See, for example, Politico’s “A brief history of Obamacare delays” which senator Mike Lee explains here are openly flouting the Constitution.”)

Senator Sessions’ revelations this week should be a game-changer within the GOP!

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