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2014 Election Richard Falknor on 13 Apr 2014 10:34 am

UPDATED! Virginia 10 GOP Voter Town Hall–But Where Will Barbara Be?

UPDATE APRIL 14! Breitbart’s Kerry Pickett reports “Virginia GOP candidates running for a seat to be vacated by Congressman Frank Wolf (R – VA) presented themselves to the public at a Republican Congressional primary town hall on Sunday at Patrick Henry College in Purcellville. Five of the six Republican candidates running for office answered questions, which were submitted by voters, from the forum’s moderator WMAL Radio host Chris Plante. One glaring point was illustrated by an empty chair and last minute created name tag. The original tag, according to organizers, mysteriously disappeared from the panel table and candidates took shots about the absence of fellow candidate, Virginia Delegate Barbara Comstock, during their responses at times.” Read all of the Pickett post. Click here for the video of yesterday’s Voter Town Hall.

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Virginia 10 GOP Voter Town Hall — But Where Will Barbara Be?

This afternoon five of the six Republican primary candidates in Virginia’s Tenth Congressional District plan to participate in the Voter Town Hall from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM at the Patrick Henry College Gymnasium in Purcellville.

“All 6 Republican Candidates Invited: 
Barbara Comstock Bob Marshall – confirmed
Stephen Hollingshead – confirmed   Marc Savitt – confirmed
Howie Lind – confirmed Rob Wasinger – confirmed 
With our Special Guest Host and Emcee, Chris Plante, WMAL Radio Host”

Click here for more information.

Via Conservative Hqwhen the program starts this will reportedly be the link for live streaming. 

Clearly Barbara Comstock is the GOP Establishment favorite.  One might call her the Empress of Endorsements for she has also beguiled a number of conservatives into recommending her. 

Alas, endorsements are no substitute for substance.

For all her endorsements, we might expect to hear some unusually thoughtful and detailed public policy analysis and initiatives from her:  not just rote GOP talking points.

So far we have been disappointed.

Some might be forgiven for seeing Mrs. Comstock as the very model of a successful Ruling Class politician.** She does not currently plan, moreover, to come to what may well be a Country Class** Voter Town Hall this afternoon.

**Angelo Codevilla: As Country Club Republicans Link Up With The Democratic Ruling Class, Millions Of  Voters Are Orphaned

Her Continuing Paul Singer Problem

A significant and serial donor to Mrs. Comstock is Paul Singer, the industrial-strength gay marriage and amnesty supporter

Last February, we wrote in our GOP Ruling-Class Donors: What (Or Whom) Are They Buying?

“Today we are confronted with Mr. Singer’s donations (via VPAP here) to House hopeful Barbara Comstock and other Virginia GOP luminaries from 2007 to 2013…”

One of Mrs. Comstock’s opponents in the primary, delegate Bob Marshall declared here that he was–

“strongly pressing Barbara Comstock to return her share of $400,000 in campaign contributions raised at a recent New York City fundraiser.
The fundraising event was hosted by Paul Singer, the billionaire same-sex marriage advocate, for Comstock and two other Republican women running for Congress.”

One wonders what insights Mrs. Comstock shared with the donors and their society friends at this New York City money-raising gathering?

Continued veteran Virginia legislator Marshall–

Comstock previously accepted $80,000 from Paul Singer through 2013.  Singer has spent more than $10 million on homosexual marriage causes in the United States and elsewhere, according to a Feb. 18 Politico article. 
Comstock also has accepted $18,700 from attorney Ted Olson, who has been hired by Singer to file lawsuits to overturn state traditional marriage laws.  Olson undid California’s Proposition 8 and recently called a court ruling invalidating Virginia’s Marriage Amendment a ‘beautiful decision.’” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

Some Big Questions for All the Candidates

Other grave challenges confront all the candidates seeking the Republican nomination for this seat held by so long by House appropriator and cardinal Frank Wolf.

Even the dullest GOP politician or Party loyalist must now grasp that the Obama Administration is a skilled and dangerous enterprise trying  — as promised – to “transform”America.

Such a peril demands prompt and effective responses.

People who natter on about Reagan’s “Eleventh Commandment” or “going to Congress to build coalitions” or “common sense [i.e., generally bigger government] solutions” are just not serious lawmakers or leaders in times like these.

Many conservatives are convinced we cannot successfully fight the Obama Administration without first fixing the Beltway GOP and this means, of course, the House GOP leadership.

RedState’s Erick Erickson declares, for example, “After Boehner, Cantor and McCarthy Are Not Options.”

Just this week we witnessed a very dangerous, nearly incendiary overreach of a Federal agency in Nevada where snipers and helicopters menaced some long-time residents over disputed land claims. 

We heard not a word from the top three House GOP leaders to rein in the Federal zealots: two of the House leaders were apparently at Amelia Island, Florida in quite dubious company.

We would hope the candidates who participate in the Voter Town Hall this afternoon might explain their views on some of our country’s major challenges.

We had earlier suggested five questions to which the reader can scroll at the end of our post.

Last February 6, we explained our expectations for candidates–

Conservatives expect their candidates to advance their principles; in times like the present, to run some extraordinary risks to help take back our country and culture; and to speak forcefully for us.
Remember here “our lives, our fortunes, our sacred honor.”
For any 10th District GOP conservative nominee to stand on principle today means standing against the current House GOP leadership:
  • on their abdicating their power of the purse here;
  • on their toxic immigration schemes here;
  • on their lack of dedication — since the House GOP leadership came to power in January of 2011 — to repealing Obamacare here;
  • on their attachment to crony-capitalism as seen in the nearly $1 trillion 949-page farm and food-stamp bill here that the House passed last week;
  • on their flight here from getting the facts out on Benghazi, their turning an indifferent eye here to our secretary of state’s undermining the security of our ally Israel, their complicity in the destruction of Christians in Syria here, and their allowing our national defense to weaken significantly.
And this is just the start of the list.
The worst thing we conservatives can do in tracking this significant Virginia GOP primary is to allow any of the major contenders to avoid blunt and detailed answers on such vital questions. 

Nearly a month ago here in our “Who Speaks For Us In The VA 10 House GOP Primary?”  we declared–

Blindly following Party “talking points” and reflexive “team playing” over the last decade and a half have contributed substantially to our present discontents.
Perhaps the biggest obstacle for all conservative activists is the reluctance of our solid GOP citizens to question — face to face — their politicians. 
Angelo Codevilla tells us how we once did it better–
“Our founding generation was very well educated. Abraham Lincoln — Stephen Douglas debated on the highest level in front of a bunch of farmers – who understood what they were saying. The debates were recorded by a stenographer. The stenographer recorded the crowd saying, ‘Stick to the point, Lincoln.’ ‘No, no, Douglas — not so!’ Now can you imagine our people, our audiences, at the debates challenging the logic of the debaters?” (Highlighting Forum’s.)
The education of these farmers was likely from McGuffey Readers and the King James Bible – not from the over-priced but mal-performing “universities” and “community colleges” of today

Time is running out to hold our civil society together and our freedoms intact. This GOP primary is no ordinary contest in ordinary times. Let us pray it results in an extraordinary selection.

* * * * * * * * * *

We had earlier suggested five questions for Virginia 10 GOP primary candidates —

To Tenth District Virginia GOP Primary Candidate X–
(1)    Amnesty. Conservative immigration experts have said here (at 3:30) that we should not even negotiate over amnesty until the border has been secured, until interior enforcement has been underway, and until both have cleared all legal hurdles and have been successfully in place for more than a few months.
  • Do you agree?
Let us add: NumbersUSA reports on Virginia 10 that–
Howie Lind is the only one of the candidates to fill out a NumbersUSA candidate survey on immigration issues. The voters of the 10th District deserve to know where the other candidates stand. To see the survey click here. Questions in this survey are great examples of what you could submit for the Voter Town Hall.” (Highlighting Forum’s.) We can still undo much of the damage from health-care and health-insurance disasters like Obamacare. We can roll back industry-killing EPA regulations. We cannot, however, reverse nation-changing Big Immigration legislation with which the GOP Establishment is enamored.
(2)   Defense cutbacks. Defense experts have been sounding the alarm here (beginning at 6:00) over serious Administration cutbacks in our combat forces and our nuclear capability. The Constitution prescribes “the common defense” as a central duty of the Federal government.
Primary candidate Howie Lind has significant military and defense department experience. He was among the first to raise serious questions about Benghazi. Recall that the House GOP leadership remains obdurate in opposing a select panel to get to the bottom of this outrage.
  • If elected, what would you do to strengthen the common defense immediately — even if it is an unwelcome priority for the House GOP leadership? 
(3)   Recently the Virginia House of Delegates commended “A Mosque With A Dark Past” here.  We reported that the Virginia state senate followed suit and approved here this reckless resolution. Why reckless? Because the Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center can now use this “endorsement” of the Virginia General Assembly for everything from money-raising to helping justify zoning requests to intimidating critics with the help of a credulous old (and new) media. The General Assembly commendation will be a badge of respectability.  John Guandolo declared here:  “One has to wonder if gross ignorance among elected officials of the jihadi threat to America could get any worse – then in walks the Virginia Legislature.” Consider the details in Guandolo’s post “Virginia State House Commends Hamas”
Howie Lind signed ACT for America’s protest, and delegate Bob Marshall made a thoughtful statement of support for Act.
  • If you are a delegate, how did you vote on the Mosque commendation and why?
(4)   Death panels in Obamacare. One of the most toxic provisions of the Obamacare legislation is the so-called Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB). Stanley Kurtz has called the IPAB “the real death panel” here. The wider-ranging constitutional dangers of the IPAB are listed here.
There is substantial doubt that the current House leadership plans to do little more than “fix” Obamacare even if the GOP makes substantial gains next November in the Congressional elections.
  • If elected, what will you do to see that the IPAB provision gets defunded?
(5)   House Republican leadership. 
  • If so, tell us your reasons why. If not, explain whom you would prefer.

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