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2014 Election Richard Falknor on 16 Apr 2014 09:12 am

Donors vs. Voters? House Hopeful Comstock Hustles Big Dollars

According to the Federal Elections Commission here (look at “pre-convention” and later April entries), Virginia 10 House GOP primary candidate Barbara Comstock received $660,809 in “net contributions”** from January 1 through April 6 of this year.

Mrs. Comstock’s contributors ranged from Paul Singer to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s Every Republican Is Crucial ERICPAC to Maryland’s sole House GOP member Andy Harris; from Grover Norquist to the Chamber of Commerce; from Haley Barbour to Ted Olson; from the International Franchise Association to the Turkish Coalition of New Jersey.

Click here, then, to review her contributors. 

How many are our people and share our values?

Can we expect that our Virginia 10 voters will receive the same hearing as her celebrity donors, should she be elected to the House?

Judged by traditional GOP rules, Barbara Comstock has run, to date, a very professional operation. On the one hand, she suggests a conservative affiliation while, on the other, she deftly avoids explaining the details of her policy plans and whatever vision she may have for the Republic.

For Virginia 10 voters who have confidence in the direction today’s House and Senate GOP leadership is going, Mrs. Comstock is their clear choice. 

For Virginia 10 voters who wish to carry the Bush “larger-but-better-managed-government” legacy forward in this decade, she will be a good team player with Virginia Senate hopeful Ed Gillespie.

For Virginia 10 voters, however, who are firm conservatives and believe the Republic to be in great peril, Mrs. Comstock is likely to add — willy nilly — to that peril.

For one menacing example, see and listen to senator Jeff Sessions yesterday (Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle) on Mr. Cantor, a strong backer of Mrs. Comstock:

Exclusive – Sen. Sessions Comes Out Swinging Against Secretive House Immigration Push

The leadership of both parties, as Daniel Horowitz points out here, seek de facto open borders. 

Such a fiscally burdensome outcome would also be fatal to small government, a strong defense, and — not least — our basic civic culture.

Barbara Comstock, by following the current House GOP leadership, won’t offer much to Blue Collar America of all backgrounds. Jeff Sessions instead calls a “humble and honest populism” as the best path for the GOP.

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 ** The FEC filing also lists $100,545 under “transfers from other authorized committees.”

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