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2014 Election Richard Falknor on 27 Apr 2014 10:22 am

Meanwhile Back in Cantorland! MD & VA Activists Weigh In

Cantor_Richmond_4.26.2014Photo: yesterday at West Broad Street in Richmond, Virginia, in Representative Eric Cantor’s Seventh Congressional District!

Richmond Tea Party members and Maryland Tea Partiers rally street traffic with the message “End the Corruption, Fire Cantor”. 

Reports Maryland organizer Ed Hunter here – –

“There were approximately 20,000 views of this message over 6 hours. Passing cars gave many honks, waves, thumbs up, and cheers. Curiously there was not one voice or sign  of support for Cantor.”

After posting at press time, Hunter writes —

“Tea Partiers in Maryland and Virginia levy the ‘corruption’ charge against Cantor for his central role in enabling the Obama Regime at every turn. At the moment of our greatest national crisis Eric Cantor has done little but make deals for Wall Street and solicit money for the GOP coffers and advance his career. He is a man without principles or vision. He is corrupt.”

Readers who want to join Hunter in coming conservative demonstrations, email him here.

Earlier this month, Ann Coulter backed Cantor-GOP-challenger David Brat.

Via Daily Caller here, Coulter declares – –

“Dave Brat, an economics professor like Roche, is challenging Rep. Eric Cantor: Maniacal Amnesty Supporter. Cantor says ‘immigration reform could be an economic boon to this country.’
You don’t have to be an economics professor to know that bringing in millions of workers is not ‘an economic boon’ to the workers already here. (If only we could bring in millions of workers to compete for Cantor’s job.)
Brat responded to Cantor’s baby-talk, saying immigration ‘lowers wages, adds to unemployment, and the taxpayer pays the tab for any benefits to folks coming in.’
Republicans aren’t at much risk of losing any of these seats, with or without primary fights. But we’ll lose them all within a decade if Republicans like Tillis, Ellmers and Cantor aren’t stopped.” (Highlighting Forum’s)


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