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2014 Election Richard Falknor on 09 May 2014 12:00 pm

UPDATED! Barbara Comstock: an “endless primary” to connect with the base?


  • MAY 11! “Radtke’s nomination speech for Fred Gruber – winner of 7th District GOP today[May 10]!” in The Bull Elephant here:
    We must be united and willing to stand by each other – the pro-lifers, defense hawks, libertarians, tea partiers, gun owners, and the homeschoolers. We ill can afford to be kicking these people out of our Party. We must embrace them whole-heartedly! It is not enough to be willing to defend the cause that is most important to you. We must be willing to fight for the cause that is most important to our fellow conservatives if we want to build a conservative majority in Virginia once again.” (Highlighting Forum’s throughout.)

Read all of Jamie Radtke’s speech here.

  • MAY 10! Is this your GOP? Daniel Horowitz (Madison Project) reports here “House Leaders Pass Another Bill With Democrat Support” revealing “this end-run around the majority was perpetrated by all leaders. This includes Cantor and McCarthy. Cantor is openly flaunting his disenfranchisement of conservative voters. Any effort to elect the same leadership slate for next Congress will only serve to disenfranchise the conservative voters who elected a GOP majority. It’s time we get commitments from all members and candidates as to whether they will join the effort to replace the current leadership.” (Highlighting Forum’s) Read this entire lamentable tale here of serial betrayal by the GOP leadership. GOP nominee Comstock should want to have a heart-to-heart exchange with the conservative base in her 10th District over the serious concerns Madison Project’s Horowitz raises.

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“[North Carolina GOP senate nominee Thom] Tillis, with his pragmatic streak and country-club credentials, represents just about everything tea partiers rose up to oppose. Thus far, he has handled that delicate matter largely by keeping a low profile in the race, whenever possible avoiding forums where his conservative opponents might raise questions about his ideological fidelity. (Unlike Harris, whose evangelical charisma is one of his political strengths, Tillis didn’t seem at all disappointed that the candidates’ speeches at the Pinehurst forum were limited to three minutes apiece.) The plan is for him simply to run out the primary clock—while teammates like American Crossroads, which had begun singing his praises that week to the tune of $1 million in ads, hold off his rivals.” (Highlighting Forum’s)“The GOP Has Finally Found a Way to Defeat the Tea Party” — Josh Kraushaar & James Oliphant in National Journal

This North Carolina GOP Establishment plan sound familiar?

And, without a post-primary course correction, a similar plan — substitute myriad “endorsements” for media ads —  is unlikely to end well in the November 4, 2014 general election in Virginia’s 10th Congressional district.

For the 10th is only an R+2 district. The Other Team has big money and skilled campaigners in place in the battleground state of Virginia. House hopeful Comstock won her primary with only about 54 percent of the 13,609 votes cast.

Recall the Romney 2012 presidential election when many conservatives and working-class voters stayed home rather than vote for what they heard as one more GOP Establishment voice with no message that touched their concerns.

Why Not Try An “Honest and Humble Populism”

If Mrs. Comstock wants to win, she will have to reach out to grass-roots conservatives of all flavors.

Scholars like Angelo Codevilla call these folks the “country class.”

What is so attractive about the GOP nominee’s McLean Values to small businesses and skilled Virginia workmen – to say nothing of the unemployed –when they will be further inundated with cheap labor by the passage of the Boehner-Cantor Immigration Schemes?

Barbara Comstock should give some thought to senator Jeff Sessions’ recommendation here that Republicans adopt an “honest and humble populism.”

John Fonte spelled out last December here (NRO) how the Republican establishment is missing the boat on Blue Collar America and Big Immigration in his “Re-Branding the GOP: From the party of big business to the party of the little guy”–

“Let us begin the re-branding, as Jeff Sessions suggests, with conservatives and the GOP vigorously and unapologetically opposing all legislation that increases low-skilled immigration and denouncing ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ for what it is: class warfare waged by an unholy alliance of Obama, progressive elites, and big business against the well-being and way of life of the American middle and working classes.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

The good delegate Comstock might want to consider FAIR’s “Candidate Questionnaire: Will you promise to protect American workers?” here.

She might also want to respond to NumbersUSA’s candidate questionnaire here.

Tea Party voices declared she wouldn’t meet with them during the primary campaign.

Before she does so during her coming “endless primary,” however, she should digest Mark Levin’s Wednesday message (via Tony Lee at Breitbart) here: “Mark Levin to GOP Establishment: ‘But for the Tea Party, You’d Be Nothing'”

John Boehner and Eric Cantor? Exactly the same thing. These people are not about empowering the American people; they’re about empowering themselves. They see a majority in the House and a majority in the Senate, not as an opportunity to serve the people, but to serve themselves.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

The Comstock Campaign made much of Mr. Levin’s endorsement during the GOP primary.

Immigration-reduction would be a good starting topic when she does meet with grass-roots conservatives.

To help our GOP nominee Comstock win, we’ll have other suggestions for her “endless primary” to win over her district’s grass-roots conservatives.

But time is slipping by.


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