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Leviathan Richard Falknor on 12 May 2014 10:35 am

UPDATED! YouTube: Overpass Media Vexing Maryland’s Government Class?

UPDATE MAY 13! Dymphna at Gates of Vienna here explains “many American conservatives – authentic conservatives at any rate – are familiar with this creative adaptation for the samizdat [link added] spread of information – i.e., putting up signs on overpass fences along main arteries in order to reach people who wouldn’t otherwise know the sentiments on display. In this case, despite the consensus among the talking heads in government, media, and academe the subject of Benghazi is still very much alive . . . Those being silenced seek ways around the gatekeepers who control the portals to media and academia. The overpasses, being ubiquitous crossing points along our massive interlocking roadways, present endless possibilities for speaking out against the endless corruption. Thus, this recent display on Route 50 in Kent, Maryland. . .’Free’ speech may be dead, but the impulse is still lively and spirited. Those who cherish its ideal will keep on finding new ways to get their message out to their fellow citizens. ” (Highlighting Forum’s.) Read all of Dymphna’s post here.

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Activist Ed Hunter here reports on Overpass Media’s  display (below) 3:00 to 6:00 PM Friday May 9, 2014, on Route 50 at Chester River Beach Road, on Maryland’s Kent Island.

Overpass Media: May 9, 2014 at Chester River Bridge

Overpass Media: May 9, 2014 at Chester River Bridge

“We had an estimated viewership 25,000 of cars with a huge emotional response from this [message]. We also had a crying woman come up to us and tell us she knows the family of one of  those who died and blessed us for keeping this issue before the public.”

Madison Media interviews organizer Hunter. See how the conversation is interrupted by a surprise (and officious) visitor!

Don’t miss here watching Madison Media’s YouTube.

Eastern Shore independent businessman Hunter told us his group also plans to help — between now and Virginia primary date June 10 — GOP challenger David Brat  in his fight to unseat Representative Eric Cantor in Virginia 7!
Those who wish to join the David Brat effort (whose success could severely hamper the GOP leadership’s amnesty schemes) can reach Hunter here.

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