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2014 Election Richard Falknor on 27 May 2014 01:28 pm

Is Eric Cantor An Obama Republican? –“Punishment Tax” & More

“What has altered the storyline in the past several years is not the emergence of the Tea Party but rather the permanent entrenchment of Big Government Republicans, aka Obama Republicans. President Obama has had that much effect on the national debate, which has had a direct effect on the national Republicans. The last gasp of principled conservatism may have come in 2010 with the rise of the Tea Party, but this also gave rise to the countervailing force of the Obama Republicans, resulting in the nomination of Mitt Romney in 2012.” –Craig Shirley (Highlighting Forum’s.)

Reagan admirer and chronicler Craig Shirley expands here on the rise of the Obama Republican as a “countervailing force” to the Tea Party.

Message from March 1, 2014 Glen Allen, VA Protest

Message from March 1, 2014 Glen Allen, VA Protest

But the genesis of the Obama Republican can be seen right from the beginning — in the first year of the Obama presidency.

So just how much effect did the new president have on the GOP leadership’s already statist leanings?

We revisited some of our 2009 Blue Ridge Forum posts, when the GOP Establishment projected no robust alternative to the plans of a clearly revolutionary — at least to watchful eyes — new chief executive.

The GOP Establishment’s lack of fundamental convictions enabled not just the Senate Republican leadership to go astray here, but also some key House GOP members, including Eric Cantor.

Eric Cantor’s 90% Punishment Tax

In the race to curry public favor, the House of Representatives (and thenRepublican-Whip Eric Cantor) voted here in the words of the Republican Study Committee here for “H.R. 1586: Additional [90 percent] tax on bonuses received from certain TARP recipients.” (Even Speaker John Boehner voted against the punishment tax.)

As we wrote in our March 20, 2009 post A Bonus of Nonsense From Too Many Republican Solons

Revisit the votes of your Republican U. S. Representatives for or against the TARP bailout last October here; then their vote yesterday here for or against what NTU calls “a targeted tax hike to recoup the money [which] is a misguided policy that would set a terrifying precedent for punitive taxation on unpopular businesses or individuals.”
Among Maryland and Virginia members, only Maryland Representative Roscoe Bartlett got it right both times although, among current Virginia Republican House members, Mr. Forbes, Mr. Goodlatte, and Mr. Wittman at least voted against the bailout in October. 
Mr. Wolf, the venerable appropriator of taxpayer monies, and Mr. Cantor, the Republican Whip, seem to lose their fiscal way by first voting for the October bailout which kicked off this perilous TARP scheme, then voting for a “retroactive tax punishment bill.”

Providentially, this punitive tax ultimately failed of enactment. 

But we get the picture: an ambitious House Republican leader looking for his place in the sun by finding some catchy issues to propel him there.

Cantor (and Senator John McCain) Pondered a Listening Tour” in 2009

Later that 2009 Spring, we asked here on May 3: Will the New Republican ‘Listening Tour’ Hear the Base?

Understandably Rush Limbaugh, who coined the term “Porkulus” here,  declared here “Let’s Replace the Listening Tour with a Conservative Teaching Tour.”

Good Porkulus and Bad Porkulus?

On to July 8 of 2009: we reported here that Taxpayers Would Pay Bundles for Cantor’s High-Speed Rail

“In his post here yesterday subtitled “Eric Cantor Picks Up White House Talking Points,” RedState blogger Brian Faughnan puts his finger on another symptom of House Republican Whip Cantor’s fiscal confusion:
‘For conservatives, the time is right to tell the American people the truth: the porkulus was always a bad idea. It cannot help economic growth. It should be repealed. And if you want to promote growth and hiring, reduce the tax and regulatory burdens that deter job creation.
Congressman Eric Cantor – hailed by many as one of the party’s rising stars – almost seems to get it. But when it comes right down to it, he can’t even state clear opposition to the porkulus: Either the bill is bad, or it is not. How can Cantor credibly argue against it when he acknowledges there are parts he supports?'”

Eric Cantor on Carbon Emissions?

Also in July 2009 here,  we wondered “What Does GOP Whip Cantor Believe?

Last week junk-science-buster Steve Milloy pointed out here–
‘Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) inexplicably said that ‘removing CO2 from the atmosphere is a noble endeavor.’ God save us from our friends…’
Does the second-ranking man in the House Republican leadership really believe here and here removing CO2 from the atmosphere is a noble endeavor?’

Did Mr. Cantor presage in 2009 the misleading public persona he presents today?

Just this morning, for example, Daniel Horowitz in Red State described the Cantor re-election effort here: “Establishment Campaign Strategy: Shameless, Cowardly, and Perfidious”–

“Take a look at this mailer from the Cantor campaign, which was distributed to Republican voters in his district, and that is the only conclusion one can draw from its content. Looking at this mailer, the only observation the reader can make is that Cantor is joining the immigration hawks.  After all, he would never lie to us, would he?

How Have Mr. Cantor’s Tax-Hike Views “Evolved?”

Perhaps we missed them, but we heard no cries of Cantor outrage last year, when former Virginia Republican governor Bob McDonnell shepherded through the General Assembly what John Fund called “a $6.1 billion behemoth”.

Our February 23, 2013 post, $6.1 Billion VA Tax Hike? Kudos To Governor Mitt R. McDonnell, catalogs here the uproar among national commentators over this measure, from Mark Levin, to RedState’s Erick Erikson, to the Wall Street Journal’s Review & Outlook.

If Mr. Cantor has advice on how to reverse the former governor’s tax and Medicaid damage, we would hope he would share it with his fellow Virginians.

But perhaps the good Majority Leader has not yet finished his “listening tour?”

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