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First things . . . Richard Falknor on 08 Jun 2014 08:14 pm

Tuesday’s VA-7 Primary: A Brat Win Will Help GOP Find Its Way

Ashland Strawberry Festival yesterday. Ed Hunter reports: "Sentiment was solidly pro-Dave Brat with many stickers and t shirts being worn by the crowd. Brat had the crowd lined to shake his hand. I don’t think the GOP has the slightest idea of how outraged popular sentiment is."

Ashland Strawberry Festival yesterday. Ed Hunter reports:”Sentiment was solidly pro-Dave Brat with many stickers and t-shirts worn by the crowd. Brat had the crowd lined to shake his hand. I don’t think the GOP has the slightest idea of how outraged popular sentiment is.”

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is infamous for jeopardizing our country by his energetic and reckless support of Big Immigration.

The good Mr. Cantor has a number of other public missteps some of which which we have cataloged here and here and here over the years.

But the House Republican leader’s advancing of Big Immigration is the worst.

As we have written

Stopping Cantor will send a very strong message.
Enacting amnesty and consequent Big Immigration, on the other hand, will not only result in losing “safe” Republican seats.  These massive changes will soon create a society where small government and constitutional principles have few adherents — and Tea Parties and grass-roots conservative organizations even fewer recruits. Forget about any incremental patriotic assimilation.
 Mark Krikorian and Phyllis Schlafly (at 03:30 here) detail amnesty’s consequences to our way of life in their video presentation, “Amnesty and Open Borders: The End of America – and the GOP,” taped March 6 at the National Security Action Summit.

Races like David Brat’s are not easy paths. 

This is because there are many Republican large donors — more than conservatives likely have recognized — who see the chief role of GOP politicians as being “business friendly.”

This is a polite phrase for “crony capitalism” and for “crony regulating” —  to use the government to snuff out smaller competitors who can’t meet the costs of compliance.

The opposite is “market friendly” —  limiting government intrusion into the marketplace and encouraging lots of c0mpetition and innovation.

Conservative culture scholar John Fonte explained here last December–

“…American business and its GOP allies who do not look beyond ‘economic man’ either silently accept or actively approve the dogmas of progressive orthodoxy – the diversity project, multiculturalism, radical feminism, globalism, mass immigration, environmentalism, and all of the progressive social issues.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

In the case of Big Immigration, many deep-pocketed Republican donors simply wish to import cheap labor — whether unskilled or high-tech.

As for the patriotic, security, and social costs — well, ordinary citizens can pick up that tab.

But these donors hardly favor smaller government. And why should they want to rein in the “administrative state”?  That is the system through which they prosper.

“A Humble and Honest Populism”

There is, however, a principled way for the GOP — a way that a Brat victory Tuesday would help advance.

John Fonte continues here 

“At National Review Online, [senator Jeff] Sessions urged the GOP to ‘adopt a humble and honest populism’ and distance itself from ‘the corporate titans who believe the immigration policy for our entire country should be modeled to pad their bottom line.’
The GOP lost the 2012 election, Sessions said, ‘because it hemorrhaged support from middle and low-income Americans of all backgrounds,’ and the party must now mount an ‘unapologetic defense of working Americans.’ He noted that Americans oppose by a two-to-one margin increasing low-skilled immigration and also strongly oppose any legalization of illegal immigrants before border security is in place. Sessions made the key political point that Republicans have a golden opportunity to appeal once again to Reagan Democrats, who are, as [Thatcher adviser] John O’Sullivan put it in a statement lauding Sessions, an ‘electoral bloc that dwarfs any other in numerical terms.’” (Highlighting Forum’s)

A Stern Warning from a Smart Woman

 And if the GOP will not correct course?

In a Breitbart interview with Michael Patrick Leahy, “Laura Ingraham Emerges As Top GOP Primary Warrior,” commentator Ingraham points out, here

“The question is do you want to live in a country run by, essentially, 100 families or do you want to live in a country where the middle class has a real chance to have a better life and leave a better life for their kids,’ she explained.
‘Right now,’ Ingraham said, ‘I think we are edging closer to that country where just the rich and powerful have a consistent say. They have an alliance with the far left groups that have their own agenda to bolster union membership and swell the ranks of the Democratic Party.’
‘I think this will not end well for the capitalists. If they think this is going to be a good ride, it’s not going to end well. History is replete with examples of the perpetually impoverished rising up against the fat cats.'”(Highlighting Forum’s)

Voters in the VA 7 GOP primary should weigh the national consequences of their selection on Tuesday.






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