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2014 Election Richard Falknor on 22 Jun 2014 06:08 pm

Why Are Amelia Island “Republicans” Helping Barbara Comstock?

“Conservative leaders were stunned to learn that you will be headlining a conference in Florida this weekend that is, purely and simply, a direct attack on Tea Party conservatives. ” — April 8, 2014 Brent Bozell Letter to Majority Leader Eric Cantor Regarding MainStreet PAC

Faithful readers will recall (scroll to bottom in preceding link) the infamous Republican Main Street Partnership meeting in Amelia Island, Florida. It was, as Arnold Ahlert reported

“…hosted at the Ritz Carlton by the Republican Main Street Partnership’s offshoot ‘Main Street Advocacy.’ Former Ohio Congressman and left-wing Republican Steve LaTourette fronts the group.”

Front Page Magazine’s Ahlert revealed here in “The Establishment Republican-Leftist Alliance”–

“No ordinary conservative political powwow, the meeting brought together establishment Republicans and leftist-supported advocacy groups, whose shared interests include neutralizing the conservative grassroots movement and passing legislative items on the Left’s agenda…. RedState’s Erick Erickson compiled a list of contributors to Defending Main Street PAC. Further exploration of those contributors reveals the disturbing level of collaboration between Republican leadership and their leftist supporters… Erickson further reveals [link supplied-ed.]that the ‘Mainstreet Partnership has multiple offshoots all housed on the 6th floor of a 7th Street office in Washington, D.C.’ Columnist Michelle Malkin drilled deeper into that ‘tangled web of GOP establishment outfits’ and discovered that Sarah Chamberlain Resnick, Main Street Partnership’s chief operating and financial officer, also serves as an officer on the Main Street Individual Fund (MSIF). The MSIF received a $50,000 contribution from billionaire leftist George Soros soon after it was created. Soros attempted to make a seven-figure contribution to the Main Street Partnership, but it was declined. Malkin further explains that while these organizations are legally independent on paper, they ‘have shared staff and legal resources.'” (Highlighting Forum’s)

What is the relationship of this questionable Republican Main Street Partnership to VA-10 GOP nominee Barbara Comstock? (She herself was not at the Amelia Island meeting.)

  • Last May 22 the “Republican Mainstreet Partnership PAC” gave Barbara Comstock’s campaign $5,000,  here.
  • This PAC also endorsed Mrs. Comstock, here.
“VA-10: Barbara Comstock”

Barbara Comstock already has donors here who are troubling to conservatives.

And, as we wrote, Tea Party voices declared she wouldn’t meet with them during the primary campaign.

Will Barbara Be Free At Last?

As we never tire of asking–

Can Mrs. Comstock shed a political past encumbered by big-government, big-immigration, and pro-same-sex-marriage donors, and come to a better mind? Will she connect with the grass roots in her district? Presumably the nominee should want these conservatives to be energized and to want to help get out the vote for her.

It’s still simply a question of how much she wants to win in November.

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