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First things . . . Richard Falknor on 30 Jun 2014 04:47 pm

Impeachments & Invasion: Straight Talk from House Members?

“The Democratic Party is the ruling class’s ruling element, and its voters are the bulk of the beneficiaries. The Republican Party’s leadership, its associated business associates and consultants, are the junior partners.The mass of GOP and independent voters, having come to see themselves as disadvantaged and insulted by the ruling class, have increasingly supported anti-establishment candidates to challenge it in Republican primaries. Accurately, the Republican establishment sees this as a greater threat to themselves than any Democrats could be.”
— Angelo Codevilla in “
The Ruling Class Went Down to Mississippi”

Many thoughtful voters see our nation in increasing if not immediate peril, and most of them are likely struck by the dissonance between these pressing dangers and the bland, often murky rhetoric of many House GOP leaders.  

Codevilla’s analysis (read it all) of the Mississippi Republican debacle helps us understand why the House GOP leadership talks vaguely “right” with no intention of serious curative action in the current crisis.

Let’s look at just two flash points — there are many others, some relating to the Islamist threat and to national defense — to which we’ll return in a later post.

  • The president’s usurping of legislative powers, and his failure to “take care that the laws be faithfully executed.”

Andrew McCarthy in NRO declares “Boehner Is Bringing a Whistle to a Gunfight”  explaining that–

“The goal should be to create a political climate in which executive lawlessness is deeply discouraged; that could be accomplished if some defunding were accompanied by the impeachment of obnoxious subordinate officials who execute the administration’s lawless policies. It cannot be accomplished by a lawsuit that simply reinforces the president’s assessment that his opposition is unserious.”(Highlighting Forum’s).
  • The president’s reckless failure to protect our borders and thus our sovereignty.

Senior Republican senator Jeff Sessions reveals (via YouTube) “Senate Dems Go Home To July 4th Barbecues As U.S. Border Descends Into Chaos.”

John Derbyshire paints a transatlantic picture here (via VDARE)–

“For anyone who gives a fig about Western civilization there is only one story that matters in these years we’re living through:  The swelling flood of Third Worlders pouring into our countries.  Even some mainstream commentators are starting to get it.”

As for the Texas invasion, he explains–

“What this actually is, is a law-enforcement crisis, a Congressional accountability crisis, and a crisis of executive delinquency.” (Highlighting Forum’s).

And author Diana West has a plain solution here (also go here) to this invasion clearly intended as colonization–

“[P]lease don’t be fooled by the adverb “temporarily.” What we’re looking at is Washington’s effort to set up a network of Central American detention centers/orphanages/schools/? across the country that are likely to be as ‘temporary’ as the Arab-Palestinian ‘refugee camps’ created more than 60 years ago.
This must be reversed. They have to be deported, all of them.(Highlighting Forum’s).

But back to our House Republican incumbents here (Maryland) and here (Virginia).

Will these members publicly commit to moving promptly towardthe impeachment of obnoxious subordinate officials who execute the administration’s lawless policies” — as Andrew McCarthy recommends?

Will these members publicly commit to invoking the appropriations and impeachment powers of the House to turn back the current invasion of our southern borders?

As scholar and former senate staffer Codevilla keeps reminding us–

“The Mississippi primary confirmed yet again that, if America is to go in a direction other than the one of which some three- fourths of American disapprove, it is compelled to do so with a vehicle other than the Republican Party.”

If “Republican” politicians flinch from using their powers to support and defend the Constitution and to guard our borders — thus failing to provide for our common defense –there is simply no reason to support them for they themselves will have forsaken their oaths and their political tradition.








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