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Leviathan Richard Falknor on 23 Sep 2014 06:15 pm

Can Conservatives Guide County and City Government? Not Without A Continual Source Of Presentable Facts & Figures.

A hoary maxim of conservatives is that government is most responsive to voters on the local level.

This is certainly the way it should be.  But as the Federal Leviathan expands, so typically do state and local governments.

Consider this:  in Washington, D.C., when the Congress or the Executive Branch entertains some egregious crony-capitalist scheme, conservative and libertarian think tanks will often be all over it. (Take, for example, warnings against the reauthorizing of the Export-Import Bank here and here.)

The new-media blogs will follow up on the most recent scheme.

Lobbyists will scamper, and members of the Congress will dissemble.

Even so, a bad scheme may yet prevail, but at a price in credibility to its malefactors and to its politician sponsors.

But the resultant push-back may head off even more outrageous raids on the Treasury, or stop more competition-destroying regulation.

When it comes to getting a fix on redolent county, city (and state) schemes, however, conservatives have few if any always-on-watch information sources. 

One nearby exception!

Arthur Purves, long-time leader of the Fairfax County [VA] Taxpayers Alliance, has built an invaluable information machine on county (and state) government whose graphs can be understood by voters and explained by (any willing) local politicians.

On Saturday noon, October 4, Purves will reveal to his annual luncheon his “Strategy to Elect a Taxpayer-Friendly Board of Supervisors.”

“FCTA Annual Luncheon: Sat Oct 4 Noon-2pm, Grevey’s Restaurant
8130 Arlington Blvd (Rt 50 at Gallows Rd) / Falls Church, VA
Meal $20 (Salmon or Chicken florentine) RSVP: or email
Featured speaker: Barbara Hollingsworth – “The Power to Tax is the Power to Destroy”
(Barbara, formerly editor with the DC Examiner, is now with Media Research Center.)”

The good people of Fairfax County need no introduction to the work of Purves and his colleagues. (Click on foregoing link to “Fairfax County Public Schools: High Taxes for Low Achievement”).

But we would strongly recommend to other county-and municipal-level conservatives throughout Maryland and Virginia that they come to this October 4 Fairfax County Taxpayers Alliance luncheon to see what they are accomplishing.

Doubtless interested guests could make an appointment to seek Purves’ wise counsel on how to put together their own always-on-watch local information source.

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