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Leviathan Richard Falknor on 16 Nov 2014 02:08 pm

Mark Levin: GOP Leaders Flee The Use Of The Power Of The Purse

Last Wednesday, Mark Levin spelled out how the Congressional power of the purse was used many times over the last four decades in his broadcast detailing past government “shutdowns”.

Click here to hear constitutional scholar Levin via therightscoop.

Author Levin also clarified that there is no connection between so-called shutdowns and “defaulting” on the national debt.  (Click here and here for two definitive discussions on the nuts and bolts of the national debt.)

Why is the power of the purse such a pressing question this week?

Because it is the only means to rein in a lawless president who is about to change our way of life with the mass importation of new populations.

This is not something the president might do sometime in the future.  He plans to do so very soon.  And there is no likely way to reverse such a step once fully implemented.

Shamefully the Republican Congressional leadership plans here and here — in this lame-duck session — to bankroll, through a so-called continuing resolution, the president’s administration through September 30, 2015!

We will be writing much more this week on why the administration should only be funded until mid-winter when the new Congress has an opportunity to bring regular order to the appropriations process. (Click here to understand the serious damage from long-term continuing resolutions.)

Take the time to hear Mark Levin here give you the understanding and talking points you will need to give spine to your GOP politicians.

He also touches on how Congress can use the power of the purse to defund Obamacare, to rein in job-killing EPA regulations, and to complicate implementation of “executive agreements” with Iran on nuclear weapons, agreements that can get many Americans and our Israeli allies killed.

What must you ask your GOP politicians?

To ignore their leadership’s pressure to bankroll the Federal government through September 30, 2015.

Instead only support a short-term measure until mid-winter.

Privately your GOP politicians may plead to you that it is political suicide for them to oppose their leadership.

Your answer is that it is national suicide not to derail this president’s schemes.





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