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Leviathan Richard Falknor on 19 Nov 2014 12:49 pm

“Preserving What’s Left Of The Republic For Our Children…”

Monday evening Mark Levin continued his homilies (click here) on the urgency of Congress exercising its power of the purse right now, and, by doing so, maintaining our constitutional separation of powers.

Our post today is also about the necessity of conservatives immediately asking their GOP members not to bankroll the Obama Administration through next September 30 — but rather to approve only a short-term “continuing resolution” to mid-winter.

In this way, the new Congress can get their arms around the president’s programs and initiatives and rules to decide what moneys should — or should not — be provided, and with what restrictions, in an appropriation running until the end of the next fiscal year on September 30.

Let’s return to constitutional expert Levin who insisted Monday that – –

“We must preserve what’s left of the Republic for our children and grandchildren!”

But author Levin warns that the risk-averse GOP leadership is —

“a chorus of impotency” which they display in a “Conga line on Fox News.”

Review The Alarming Details Of What We Face!

Why is this of such vital concern this week? Before the Congress goes on Thanksgiving Recess Friday?

Because the president plans, perhaps within a few days, to expand his so-called executive actions to regularize millions more illegal immigrants already here, and to allow even more immigration. (Click here and here for likely details and consequences of such presidential action.)

But an equally pressing question is whether the House GOP, in this lame duck session, will give the administration money to operate through next September 30 without any serious restrictions on the worst of its policies.

As we explained, conservatives contend that the House GOP leadership should approve only a “continuing resolution” through mid-winter so that the new Congress can assess what moneys should (or should not) be provided to the Obama Administration, and with what limitations, in an appropriation bill running until the end of the next fiscal year on September 30.

Immigration expert Mark Krikorian summarizes our case as it touches amnesty and immigration —

“But all this depends on Congress approving a short-term spending bill (a Continuing Resolution or CR) now — one that would keep spending at the current (absurdly high) levels for the next two or three months, so the new GOP-run Congress can have a free hand. If spending were locked in till September 30 (the end of the fiscal year) the opportunity to halt the amnesty will be lost; it would take months to implement the amnesty, so little will have happened by January or February, but once millions of people are legalized, even if it’s ostensibly temporary, it will be impossible as a practical political matter to revoke their work permits, Social Security cards, drivers licenses, etc.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

And listen here via Secure Freedom Radio to NumbersUSA’s Rosemary Jenks.

She reveals “Executive Amnesty May be Coming to a Town Near You.”

Hear especially her “Part 4” on the danger of more illegals voting in our elections.

Is The House GOP Leadership Listening?

Lamentably the House Appropriations Committee under the leadership of Kentucky Republican Hal Rogers apparently is bulling ahead with a giant “omnibus” bill bankrolling the Obama Administration through next September 30.

Exclusive–KY Tea Partiers ‘Actively Looking’ For Hal Rogers Primary Challenger For 2016 Over His Support For Omnibus” —

“[Tea Party spokesman Scott] Hofstra said Republicans on the ground in Kentucky are upset with Rogers’ efforts to fund Obama’s planned executive amnesty via an omnibus spending bill. He specifically cited a Breitbart News investigation, published Sunday night, which found that Rogers’ campaign contributor General Dynamics is in the running to print the documents necessary for Obama to implement an executive amnesty—and that the defense contractor expects that if wins the multi-million-dollar government deal it would print the documents at a facility in Rogers’ district.
‘The investigation into the interests of General Dynamics and amnesty is not unexpected,’ Hofstra said. ‘Hal, like Mitch McConnell, won reelection in spite of himself and his actions. He won because he wasn’t the Democrat.'”

As important as is halting lawless presidential action on amnesty and immigration, there are also other serious Obama programs or actions underway which only the Congressional power of the purse can stop or slow down.

Here is only a partial list of Obama programs that cannot be allowed to sink deeper roots, or failures to act that must be put right very soon —

Call your GOP House member — and ask your GOP state lawmakers and newly elected U.S. House members who will take their seats in January — to join you in encouraging the House GOP to become a chorus of courage, not of impotence.







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