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Conservatives Michael Giere on 07 Dec 2014 08:50 pm

RPV Advance Summing Up: Two Uneasy Coalitions

My clear impression from the RPV Advance this weekend in Chantilly, Virginia mirrors the national GOP: two uneasy coalitions stuck together.  

One group is robust, willing to fight, and clearly driven by policy and principle.

The other is much more personality driven, looking for a soft landing in the culture war, and interested in the politics of accommodation.

The growing dissonance between the two coalitions is the dark lining under the smashing GOP election victories of last month.

They were won with the votes of working class Americans who now expect action on ending illegal immigration and amnesty, replacing Obamacare, and stopping government policies that destroy jobs, wages and savings.

If these voters are betrayed – again – then the 2016 presidential election could be an even more disastrous repeat of 2012, where millions of working class voters stayed home.

This is the outreach and “engagement” Virgina Republicans should be talking about.

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