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Leviathan Richard Falknor on 30 Dec 2014 02:43 pm

Speaker Election Week One Away — GOP Chiefs May Back Amnesty!

UPDATE DECEMBER 31! Immigration time bomb about to explode on GOP” declares WND’s Garth Kant — “Even though many conservatives believe, based on the weight of their arguments, they can persuade immigrants to move to the right, [CIS’ Steve] Camorata said experience suggests otherwise. ‘People who leave New York state because of its oppressive regulations and so forth, when they get to North Carolina, they vote for those same policies.’ Camarota does believe voters in the rest of the electorate could be persuaded that legal immigration is a severe problem.’If Republicans were to explain why it’s problematic for taxpayers, why it’s making the country so much more densely populated and how that impacts their standard of living, what it means for American workers, there’s no question the public would respond.’ He insisted he Republicans could use the explosion of immigration issue against the Democrats, ‘But rather than persuading people it will lead to a more liberal agenda, they choose instead to please the electorate.'”

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Speaker Election Week One Away — GOP Chiefs May Back Amnesty!

America’s national crisis over amnesty and open borders may be coming to an unhappy (and irreversible) conclusion faster than you think.

It is likely that, as reported by Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle, the “GOP Leadership May Be Developing Plan To Solidify Obama’s Executive Amnesty.”

“The plan by GOP leaders to sell out and back up Obama’s executive amnesty is already coming together.”

A sovereign remedy to stop this scheme would be to select a new Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Conservative Review’s Daniel Horowitz makes a compelling case that, next Tuesday, “House Conservatives Must Veto Boehner and D.C. Oligarchy”–

“The first opportunity for this ad hoc group will be the Speaker’s election on January 6.  John Boehner has undermined the mandate of the election by supporting Obama’s illegal and dangerous amnesty.  It’s time for a group of incoming freshmen and existing conservatives to band together and restore the mandate by deposing John Boehner.  We all understand that we lack the votes to elect a solid conservative as Speaker of the House, but we do have veto power with 30 votes to deny Boehner the requisite 218 votes to win reelection, and that veto power must be exercised.
Some conservatives have expressed concern over shooting at the Speaker for fear of losing committee assignments due to retaliation.  But they must understand that the only way to actually obtain leverage and demand better committee assignments is by displaying a show of force and appointing a leader of a new faction that has enough votes to veto bad leaders and their bad ideas.  The next speaker – most likely another establishment guy – who would emerge from the ensuing brokered conference meeting, would be on a tight leash and would have to make some important commitments, such as opposing amnesty and placing conservatives on key committees.”

Read Horowitz’ entire brief outlining ways and means of restoring a strong conservative voice in the House Republican Conference.

RedState chief Erick Erickson pointed out in his “House Conservatives Have the Power and Should Depose Speaker John Boehner”–

“Some will argue that a vote against Boehner is a mere protest vote. It is not. There are 30 House conservatives whose vote against Boehner, along with the united front of Democrats voting for Pelosi, could deny him reelection. These 30 would be exercising a veto. There would be no chance of a Democrat becoming Speaker (an obvious point but an argument sure to be advanced by some Republican), because a actual majority of the whole House of Representatives is required. Republicans would simply go back and re-nominate someone else who would not be subsequently vetoed.”

Serious Republicans should be asking** their state and local committees quickly to meet, deliberate, and make recommendations–

  • about choosing the right House Republican leadership; and
  • about whether to support amnesty schemes that will significantly transform both our electorate and our work force.

* * * * *

** Can you imagine the Republican Party of Illinois or Ohio in 1860 hesitating to weigh in strongly on slavery expansion? Angelo Codevilla recalled for us the Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858–
“Our founding generation was very well educated.
Abraham Lincoln — Stephen Douglas debated on the highest level in front of a bunch of farmers – who understood what they were saying.
The debates were recorded by a stenographer.
The stenographer recorded the crowd saying, ‘Stick to the point, Lincoln.’ ‘No, no, Douglas — not so!’”

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