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Leviathan Richard Falknor on 07 Jan 2015 02:40 pm

“Gruber Republicans”: Will Your Member Justify Boehner Record?

Yesterday Daniel Horowitz (Conservative Review) in his “John Boehner: The Indefensible Man” noted

“As the dramatic House vote for Speaker draws near, there is one salient observation overlooked by the Washington political class.  Nobody – not one member is willing to publicly defend or vouch for Boehner as a bold and effective leader of the Republican opposition or as a spokesman for the party’s conservative platform.”

Think the challenge to the Speaker yesterday was just Washington D.C. “inside baseball?”

Believe that we can all rely on the good judgment of our favorite Republican personality, our elected representative?

After all, isn’t he or she just “one of us”? Or even someone we would like to be?

The stakes, however, in this continuing battle over the GOP Congressional leadership are vastly higher than tribal loyalties and social aspirations!

Reagan defense aide Frank Gaffney pointed to the potentially lethal consequences of the Boehner-Obama CROmnibus bill enacted last month–

 “The so-called CROmnibus the Speaker rammed through the House, relying on essential support from Democrats, gave the President all the money he needs through the end of the fiscal year to fund Obamacare, to empty Guantanamo Bay, to normalize relations with Cuba, to negotiate a disastrous deal with Iran and otherwise to continue ‘fundamentally transforming America’ in objectionable ways.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

And scholar and former Senate intelligence aide Angelo Codevilla puts these disturbing developments in a larger context in his “Jonathan Gruber Republicans.” Here are three excerpts–

  • “On December 11, the House of Representatives passed a 1603 page “CROmnibus” bill of $1.1 trillion dollars, which fully funds Obamacare and provides money to bail out insurance companies for losses they incur in its management, and whose substantive provisions include more money for the lawless EPA than even Obama had asked for. The bill also funnels campaign cash to party organizations at the expense of candidates, and authorizes Senators and Congressmen to lease luxury cars at $1000 per month on the taxpayer’s dime. Most significantly, by funding nearly the entire U.S. government until October 2015, the new law removes from elected legislators the power to do what they were elected to do.”
  • “To what degree the Republican leadership insulted its own voters, what sort of Rubicon the Party crossed, by passing the 2014 CROmnibus — comparable in U.S. history to the  Whig Party’s passage of the 1854 Kansas-Nebraska act that resulted in that Party’s death — may be seen by comparing the CROmnibus and what it portends to incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s victory statement, which summed up the 2014 Republican campaign: ‘I’ve made your concerns my own.'”
  • “Two of the CROmnibus’s provisions explain the Republicans’ collusion. First, funding Obamacare and especially the bailout of the insurance companies that are its major financial beneficiaries, anathema as it is to Republican voters, is a key objective of the Crony Capitalists who fund Republican leaders. Second, the provision that makes us taxpayers liable for bailing out the financial industry’s losses in its speculative maneuvers with derivatives, written as it was by Citigroup lobbyists, was arguably these Crony Capitalists’ primary objective. Only behind closed doors and under the deep cover of a CROmnibus bill that dissolves responsibility could Republican leaders satisfy their money constituency.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

First read the entire Codevilla essay here — then ask any House GOP member who voted for John Boehner as Speaker yesterday to defend Mr. Boehner’s record.

And by way of contrast, celebrate the work — to try to replace John Boehner — of Representative Joe Bridenstine chronicled in “The Patriot is a Scarce Man” (by Joe Koss in Conservative Review).

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