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Conservatives Richard Falknor on 08 Mar 2015 06:27 pm

Brat & Comstock: Liberty Scores Of Two VA GOP House Freshmen

–From www.marklevinshow.com


Click on scores below for details!
State Name                               Party Score Years in DC Next Election
VA-7  Rep. David Brat R A 100% 0 2016



Readers should carefully weigh the Liberty Scores of these two Virginia Representatives to make their own judgment.

In perilous times like these, however, conservatives should not hesitate to make their views known directly to Representatives Brat and Comstock!

Each is more than an individual voice from a Virginia House district. Each reflects distinct wings of the national Republican Party.

Dave Brat’s saga is well known.  Barbara Comstock’s most recent Establishment affiliation is apparently with governor Jeb Bush here.

But recall Angelo Codevilla’s 2010 warning

“Few Republican voters, never mind the larger country class, have confidence that the party is on their side. Because, in the long run, the country class will not support a party as conflicted as today’s Republicans, those Republican politicians who really want to represent it will either reform the party in an unmistakable manner, or start a new one as Whigs like Abraham Lincoln started the Republican Party in the 1850s.”

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