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Our Way of Life Richard Falknor on 25 May 2015 03:21 pm

Will Future Memorial Days Mean Anything? Only If We “Homeschool”Our Families & Friends In Our Own History

Last Memorial Day weekend we declared in our Time To Reacquaint Ourselves With Our History–

the study of war, together with our Constitution, is a lifelong march for citizens, but one essential to the freedom of our Republic.”

A Lifelong March

Note we used the phrase “lifelong march” — and we included shorter lists of books (click here and here) for conservative readers illuminating some of our military and related constitutional history — e.g., the president’s role as commander-in-chief.

Few elected GOP state or national lawmakers have shown a real grasp of (not slogans about) our history, or even talk about it much in their public statements.

Too many see their roles as enablers for Big Business, Big Education, and most recently Big Political Correctness.

Too many are watching the poll results furnished by GOP leaders more than reading the bills on which they vote.

Sadly, in these dangerous times, conservatives hope for Churchillian vision from what in reality are Lilliputian-like politicians.

Is it likely that in the near future conservatives are going to persuade GOP lawmakers at any level to insist that taxpayer money be used to teach coming generations solid American history and American government — and to do so with curricula free of multiculturalism?

Few GOP lawmakers we know would be willing to make this a priority objective.

One reason, of course, is that willy-nilly many GOP politicians have fallen into the multicultural trap themselves.

As we all can see, our taxpayer-supported schools and colleges are not only becoming seminaries of the Militant Left but also muzzlers of political speech.

Consequently their graduates will have little understanding and less acceptance of the conservative message.

Conservatives themselves are going to have to do the hard work of preserving, then teaching, our heritage of fighting both for our sovereignty and for our freedom at home.

For without a growing public understanding of our heritage, there may indeed be future GOP election victories but no conservative ones.

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