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Conservative Common Sense Richard Falknor on 08 Jun 2015 11:16 am

Common Sense: Loudoun County GOP Unity? We Hear You. But How About Real Accountability in Times of Peril?

Our friends at the Bull Elephant reported Friday in their “Loudoun County Republicans Take a Stand for Party Unity”–

“a group of Loudoun County Republicans, including LCRC chairman Mike Haynes, elected officials, and new candidates, held a press conference to stand strongly for party unity, criticizing two former Republicans for running against Republican candidates.”

But the Loudoun GOP should now put first things first — and insist their Representative in the Congress Barbara Comstock explain in plain words and in public fora her positions on current survival issues.  For starters–

  • on Obamatrade here,
  • on immigration here,
  • and her links to pro-amnesty NYC billionaire Paul Singer here.

Not Just Unity: Accountability

Loudoun County Republican Committee (LCRC) chair Mike Haynes is indeed correct when he declares–

“in 2016, once again Loudoun County will be political ground zero in America.”

This link should help explain why Loudoun matters in the American scheme of things.

The sachems of our local GOP Establishment have indeed made a big public noise about two members of the faithful who have strayed from the flock and are troubling the others.

And their protest is right in the American tradition.

So let’s accept Mr. Haynes’s evaluation of Loudoun’s political importance, and acknowledge hearing his plea for Party unity.

But today is not the benign America of Dwight Eisenhower in 1956 or Ronald Reagan in 1982.

This is an America undergoing “transformation” by a lawless president who is using every remaining day of his tenure to try to complete his work throughout all levels of government and society. This is an America that may be severely “transformed” by January 2017. And this is an America whose opposition party — the GOP — not only flees confrontation with the president but is widely perceived as having few if any steady principles.

“Survival” Issues?

Today Senator Jeff Sessions explains how “Fast-Track Would Give Obama Green Light To Form EU-Inspired ‘Pacific Union,’ Surrender Congress’ Treaty Powers

Senior Republican Sessions asked the president here “Why Are You Keeping Obamatrade’s New Global Governance Secret?”

And the Alabama constitutional expert listed “Myth Vs. Fact On Fast-Track Executive Authority.

The Congress has continued to bankroll Obama’s amnesty.

But we can revisit from last March Sessions On [House] Homeland Vote: ‘When It Comes To Defending Our Sovereignty There Is No ‘Moving On.’

And calling members to account? Mike Giere in his TPP – The Big Con Job – on You urges us to ask members–

“have you even read the pact, and do you support it enough to make sure that the American people have a chance to read it as well?”

Without the Loudoun GOP becoming an engine of accountability in times of grave national peril, the words of the good Mr. Haynes will sadly be heard — at best — as Professor Luftmensch.

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