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Shariah & Civilization Jihad Richard Falknor on 02 Oct 2015 12:22 pm

YouTubes–The Red Pill Brief: To Protect Our Freedom of Speech from Shariah

Stephen Coughlin explains the grave threats of Shariah to our civilization – – and does so in plain words to a European audience in Vienna.

Click here for the YouTube “Stephen Coughlin Red Pill Brief #1″ *

Click here for the YouTubeCoughlin red pill Q&A part 1″ *

Patriots should take pains to ensure that all those Virginia GOP General Assembly members who patroned “HJ 934 Commending the ADAMS Center” (see our June 11, 2015 post here) become acquainted with Coughlin’s analyses.


*Via Eeyore for Vlad — Click here for all 10 videos.


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