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Illegal Immigration Richard Falknor on 06 May 2011 10:27 am

In-State-Tuition Referendum: Is Support Widening?

In a very useful but strangely titled article (because it is largely about the reach of support for the referendum on in-state tuition for illegal aliens)  in the Maryland Reporter Wednesday, Glynis Kazanjian reveals that at least two Maryland Democratic state lawmakers support the petition to referendum effort – –

“Sen. Jim Brochin, (D-Baltimore County), a prominent Democrat who supports the referendum, said a successful effort to overturn the legislation would mean a majority of voters don’t like the law and the process is part of checks and balances and a system of democracy.

‘I haven’t heard anything about the Tea Party,’ Brochin said. ‘I represent a pretty conservative district, and I am a Democrat, but I can tell you that in the liberal parts of my district, I have liberal Democrats coming up to me on a consistent basis saying, ‘What about illegal don’t these people understand?’ This isn’t a Tea Party issue.”

. . . . .

“. . . Del. Emmett Burns, Baltimore County Democrat who voted against the bill and supports the referendum . . . [declared]

‘I do think the people should decide whether or not they want this to happen,’ Burns said. ‘This was pushed by a very liberal wing of the Democratic Party in the House and it was a very, very close vote.  I think due to the closeness of the vote, the constituents of the state should make that decision.’

The bill passed 74-65, getting just three more than the required constitutional majority of 71 needed for passage.”

Maryland GOP chairman Alex Mooney told Blue Ridge Forum last Monday that he is actively supporting the petition effort  

But we haven’t heard much from the Maryland business community on supporting the referendum.

Here is the most recent questionnaire posted on the Maryland Business for Responsible Government (MBRG) website. The word “immigration” does not appear there. Nor does NFIB Maryland’s issues list include immigration.

Perhaps these organizations have other statements on illegal immigration and its many fiscal and security costs to Maryland. Otherwise, this is a strange silence for those voices who want to restrain taxes and government in this “sanctuary state.”

Immigration scholar Mark Krikorian yesterday did a quick take on “Republicans and Immigration” (National Review on Line) – –

“So, Republican and Democratic voters understand that ongoing high levels of immigration (legal or illegal) are, in part, a tool to promote Democratic political dominance. Democratic leaders also understand this,as I spelled out last year in my Encounter Broadside. It’s only Republican leaders like Bush and McCain (and Graham and Gingrich and Romney and Barbour et al., ad nauseum) that seem to be clueless. No wonder they’re the Stupid party.”

We recommend the entire post by author Krikorian.

From what we have already heard from volunteers busy collecting signatures for the referendum petition, they are encountering not only substantial voter support but an already existing awareness of the problems of in-state tuition for illegal aliens.

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