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Immigration to U.S. Surges–Mexico Taking A Commanding Lead? But Will Open-Borders-Zealot Paul Ryan Halt It?

The U.S. foreign-born population surged 1.7 million over the past year to an all-time high of 42.1 million!

Immigrants from Mexico made up 44% of the past year’s growth; Latin America as a whole accounted for 71%.

The immigrant population from Mexico (legal plus illegal) rose from 11.2 million in the second quarter of 2013 to 12.1 million in the second quarter of this year. 


“U.S. southern border, 2014 -- www.rageagainstthemedia.org
U.S. southern border, 2014 via www.rageagainstthemedia.org

In a Backgrounder analysis of data from the Census Bureau’s monthly Current Population Survey (CPS), Karen Zeigler and Stephen A. Camarota, from the Center for Immigration Studies, highlight the sharp increase.

The uptick is all the more telling because “It has been widely reported that net migration from Mexico (the number leaving vs. the number coming) fell to zero” in recent years, with “little or no growth or an outright decline in the Mexican immigrant population from 2008 to 2013,” according to the CIS Backgrounder.

“However, something seems to have changed in the last 18 months.”

Conservative Review’s Daniel Horowitz agrees:

“Apologists for open borders have long promoted the talking point that net migration from Mexico has gone down to zero since the Great Recession and that most of the new illegal immigration is only from Central America. It is now clear that this trend has completely reversed itself and it is incontrovertibly due, in part, to Obama’s policies and the national push for the Gang of 8 bill (promoted and cheered on by many presidential candidates) that sent the message to the world that if they come here now—either through the border or by overstaying a temporary visa—they are home free and will eventually reap the windfall of mass amnesty. . . . Clearly if the census data is anywhere close to being accurate, there has been a massive surge of illegal immigration from Mexico alone that has been covered up by the Administration and most media outlets.”

Horowitz goes to the root of the matter–

“First, this report demonstrates, once again, that the record high levels of legal immigration are continuing to spike. Moreover, the largest increases continue to be from the very countries that send us the most illegal immigrants.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

The CIS report acknowledges that “it is not known if the increase in the Mexican immigrant population represents a longer-term trend or just a one year spike.”

But, as Horowitz explains, the monthly CPS is typically a leading indicator.

It tracks a much more recent picture than the Department of Homeland Security’s numbers, which show 2013 as the “last year of full administrative data” for legal immigrants, and 2011 for illegal immigrants.

Because of this lag in reporting among different sets of data, Horowitz suggests, it may be a while before Federal agencies and the press begin—however reluctantly—to air the reversing of the “net-zero” trend in immigration from Mexico and Latin America.

The Political Fallout of “Limitless Immigration”

In his October 15 Conservative Review Report: Limitless Immigration Creating Permanent Democrat Majority, Horowitz spells out the political and civic implications of such jaw-dropping expansion.

The United States has admitted 25.3 million legal permanent residents over the 25-year period between 1989 and 2013, Horowitz points out.

The foreign-born population of electoral swing states has rapidly increased: to 27.2% in California, 22.1% in New York, 13.7% in Illinois, all in 2010. Horowitz cites a 2012 YouGov survey reporting that current immigrants favor Democrats over Republicans by almost 4:1.

Declares Horowitz:

“There’s a reason the Democrats are such ardent supporters of open borders. It has helped give them an impervious floor of support very close to the 50-yard line in American politics, and under the current trajectory, they will easily cross that critical 51% marker of a permanent electoral majority.”

And The “Naturalization Wave”

Horowitz explains–

“From 1996 to 2013, 12,609,174 new immigrants became citizens.  During the actual Great Wave, the number of naturalizations was still very low because it took time for them to go through the system and become citizens.  But even if you take an equivalent 18-year period with the highest level of naturalizations, which was from 1928 to 1945, just 3,835,758 immigrants were naturalized. In other words, while the immigration wave of the modern era was 66% larger than the Great Wave, the ‘naturalization wave’ was 329% greater.” . . . . . “Not only have we naturalized record numbers of new immigrants, almost all of the newly naturalized immigrants have come and will continue to come from third world countries that are steeped in Marxism and liberation theology.”(Highlighting Forum’s.)

CR senior editor Horowitz urges–

“Armed with this report, it‘s time for Congress to do some digging and add this as reason number 12 million to defund Obama’s amnesty, lest we be saddled with yet another endless wave of illegal immigration.”

We would add that any new GOP Leadership should also focus on the fact that — in the words of the Hudson Institute’s John Fonte — America’s Patriotic Assimilation System Is Broken.

Stay tuned for more facts on the immigration invasion and its consequences for our constitutional Republic, for our ancient liberties, for our taxes and spending, and for our public and national safety. 

(Headline updated — see link here –on October 24, 2015.)

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