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Common Defense Richard Falknor on 28 Nov 2015 04:13 pm

Updates–Follow Our Tweets @highblueridge | “Hit The Brakes” On Refugees From Syria, Middle East,and North Africa:Ask Your House Member To Support Representative Brian Babin’s Request To Suspend Program

“The promotion of constitutional principles and civic education has always been foundational to the American immigration and naturalization process. We fatally undermine this process by narrowly vetting for terrorism rather than sharia adherence.” —Andrew C. McCarthy

GOP Representative Brian Babin and at least 73 other House members wrote the House of Representative leadership last week urging some basic but essential steps to protect the United States.

UPDATES November 30 and later! Click here for final Babin letter (& 73 other signers) to House leadership! Scroll to very bottom of this post for the typewritten list of signers; read Daniel Greenfield here — “If we bring Syrian Muslims to America, we will be importing a population that hates us”; click here for Blackburn-Lamar Smith-Bridenstine-Babin Nov 30 letter to House Appropriations chiefs; click here to learn about GOP chiefs’ surrender strategy–no time to waste calling your GOP member!  Follow our tweets @highblueridge for latest developments on the Obama-blessed refugee invasion.

Texan Babin’s “Dear Colleague letter” to fellow House members details his request to join his letter to the Leadership —

“Please join me in sending a letter to House Leadership requesting that Congress include the tenets of H.R. 3314, the Resettlement Accountability National Security Act of 2015, in its current form in the year end Omnibus spending bill.
Specifically, our letter requests that the following provisions be added to the Omnibus
1) Suspend the program permitting refugees from Syria, the Middle East, and North Africa to settle in the U.S. unless Congress reinstates the program by joint resolution. 2) Conducts a rigorous overhaul of the refugee investigation and admission process, and add new oversight measures and requirements before the program can resume. 3) Continue to provide reasonable funding for food, medicine, and shelter for refugees overseas.”(Highlighting Forum’s)

Below is the text of the Babin letter to the House leadership.


To date, we have learned the names of at least 72 members (scroll to bottom) who have signed the Babin letter to the House Leadership.

Yesterday The Hill’s Cristina Marcos reported (GOP eyes spending bill as leverage in refugee fight) that–

“A third of the 246-member House GOP conference is calling for a policy rider to prevent federal funds from going toward admitting refugees from Syria and neighboring countries unless the government can ensure the resettlement program could not be co-opted by would-be terrorists. 
Seventy-four House Republicans signed onto a letter spearheaded by Rep. Brian Babin (R-Texas) this week urging GOP leaders to include such language in the omnibus spending bill.” (Highlighting Forum’s)

The only way the U.S. refugee program from these Muslim-majority countries will be halted is by the House taking the lead in cutting the program’s money — what the Founders termed “the power of the purse.”

This will not happen unless voters insist that GOP members listen to them — no matter how fearful the House Republican leaders are of confronting the Obama Regime. 

Summing up: today author Andrew McCarthy asked

“Our nation is nearing $20 trillion in debt, still fighting in the Middle East, and facing the certain prospect of combat surges to quell the rising threat of jihadism.  So why is Congress, under the firm control of Republicans, paying for immigration policies that exacerbate our peril?” (Highlighting Forum’s)

* * * * * * * * * *

Below is a list of the names of 72 members who reportedly signed the Babin letter to the GOP Leadership. (There are apparently two or more additional names we do not have.)

If your member is not among those who signed, find out why and ask them to put their position in writing.

If your member or other friends in the House did sign, be sure to let them know of your appreciation and ask them to hang tough during what will  be a contentious negotiation.

Kudos to VA’s Dave Brat & MD’s Andy Harris!

“So Far 72 Members have signed on:

  • Brian Babin
  • Ralph Abraham
  • Lou Barletta
  • Diane Black
  • Marsha Blackburn
  • Charles Boustany
  • Dave Brat
  • Jim Bridenstine
  • Mo Brooks
  • Bradley Byrne
  • Steve Chabot
  • Curt Clawson
  • Chris Collins
  • Kevin Cramer
  • Ron DeSantis
  • Scott DesJarlais
  • Jeff Duncan
  • John Duncan
  • Blake Farenthold
  • John Fleming
  • Bob Gibbs
  • Louie Gohmert
  • Paul Gosar
  • Trey Gowdy
  • Garret Graves
  • Glenn Grothman
  • Frank Guinta
  • Gregg Harper
  • Andy Harris
  • Jody Hice
  • Tim Huelskamp
  • Duncan Hunter
  • Sam Johnson
  • Walter B. Jones
  • Jim Jordan
  • Trent Kelly
  • Steve King
  • Darin LaHood
  • Doug Lamborn
  • Leonard Lance
  • Mia Love
  • Cynthia Lummis
  • Kenny Marchant
  • Mark Meadows
  • John Mica
  • Jeff Miller
  • Dan Newhouse
  • Richard Nugent
  • Pete Olson
  • Gary Palmer
  • Scott Perry
  • Bruce Poliquin
  • Mike Pompeo
  • Bill Posey
  • Tom Reed
  • Tom Rice
  • Phil Roe
  • Thomas Rooney
  • David Rouzer
  • Matt Salmon
  • Mark Sanford
  • Austin Scott
  • John Shimkus
  • Bill Shuster
  • Jason Smith
  • Marlin Stutzman
  • Randy Weber
  • Bruce Westerman
  • Roger Williams
  • Ted Yoho
  • Todd Young (IN-09)
  • Ryan Zinke

Below is the typewritten list of signers of the final Babin letter to the House leadership






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