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Common Defense Richard Falknor on 08 Dec 2015 01:55 pm

Call Your GOP House Member To Say “Trump Is Right”– Stop Importing Shariah!

This week the House of Representatives Republican Leadership apparently plans (click here, then here) on continuing to bankroll the Administration’s expanding “refugee” program — and in spite of the Islamist-engineered slaughter in San Bernardino. This morning open-borders Speaker Paul Ryan showed here he still didn’t “get” the peril.

Trump is right with his interim solution here — and so are the similar approaches of Ted Cruz here and Paul Rand here.

Now is the tipping point: will the GOP Establishment rise to the challenge and put their country ahead of their donors?

National-security expert Frank Gaffney has a lucid explanation — “It’s Shariah, Stupid” — of the danger here.

“If we are to survive the collective effort of shariah-adherent Muslims and their enablers around the world to force ‘non-believers’ to submit to that toxic ideology, we have to recognize that a) that we are not just confronting the Islamic State, but all those who embrace and practice the same ideology; b) we must counter both the violent and the pre-violent jihadists; and c) this will require a comprehensive, clear-eyed and patient strategy akin to that utilized decisively by President Reagan to destroy the last totalitarian ideology that sought world domination: Soviet communism.”

Conservative Review senior editor Daniel Horowitz gives us a John Quincy Adams illustration here of what we should expect from immigrants.

Constitutional scholar Andrew McCarthy reminds us here

“The promotion of constitutional principles and civic education has always been foundational to the American immigration and naturalization process. We fatally undermine this process by narrowly vetting for terrorism rather than sharia adherence.” (Highlighting Forums.)

Members who vote to continue bringing in swaths of people many of whom are Shariah-adherent will bear a heavy responsibility for future slaughters about which Trump warns — click here.

And so will we if we don’t push the Congress hard — right now — to defund these dangerous but taxpayer-supported programs.

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