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First things . . . Richard Falknor on 15 Dec 2015 08:19 pm

UPDATED: Immigration & More: What Do Maryland GOP U.S. Senate Primary Hopefuls Think About The Imminent Omnibus?

UPDATE DECEMBER 16–MORE FOR MD GOP SENATE HOPEFULS TO COMMENT ON! WND’s Leo Hohmann reportsSecret deal quadruples foreign workers in U.S.–Borrows from Rubio’s ‘Gang of Eight’ bill to flood blue-collar job market” –Buried in the 2,000-page omnibus spending bill released by the Senate this morning is a secret provision that many senators hope unemployed blue-collar workers won’t find out about.This provision would quadruple the number of H-2B visas for unskilled foreign ‘guest workers.’ It would allow more than a quarter of a million foreign workers to enter the U.S. each year and work in the construction industry, hotel-motel services, truck drivers, food processing, forestry and many other fields that don’t require a college education.The last-minute insert was sponsored by Sens. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., and Thom Tillis, R-N.C….’In 2008, CIS found that Mikulski, a long-time champion of SOSSBA, received tens of thousands of dollars of campaign contributions from the biggest users of the program,’ [Ian] Smith said. Like Maryland, Tillis’s state of North Carolina is a big user of the program.” Breitbart’s Neil Munro on Rep Andy Harris role here. Read Ian Smith’s NRO piece here–“Members of Congress from Maryland and North Carolina…should join the bipartisan effort to condemn the bill.(Highlighting Forum’s.)
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The Baltimore Sun’s Michael Dresser here tells us that

“[Kathy] Szeliga, 54, gives the GOP its most prominent contender so far for the seat Mikulski has held for three decades. Also seeking the Republican nomination [are] former gubernatorial aide Chrys Kefalas, Navy veteran Anthony Seda and former Pentagon official Richard Douglas.”

We agree with Dresser’s assessment, and we also recall Szeliga’s outstanding competence and judgment from the time she was chief of staff to then-state senator Andy Harris.  We do not know the other four candidates. If not so prominent, they may nonetheless be equally able. 

But the country is in grave peril, and the Congress as well as the White House is in no small disrepute.

Consequently Maryland Republican candidates for United States Senator in 2016 need to speak forthrightly and in detail about such existential threats as uncontrolled immigration. 

Conservative Review senior editor Daniel Horowitz puts the matter here into this week’s context–

“This week will serve as the harbinger for how dramatically Obama will be able to ‘fundamentally transform’ America during his final year in office — coinciding with a time of unprecedented domestic and international security threats. When the voters elect a divided government, the expectation is that each side will have to implement some policies that the other dislikes. With Republicans in control of Congress and the purse strings that come with that power, the December budget bill will be the last opportunity to redress the grievances from which the American people seek relief. This is a time for Republicans to fight for a number of policies that, if not rescinded, will cause irrevocable damage to either our security or our economy. Particularly in Obama’s final year it is vital that Republicans preemptively curb him from consummating the great fundamental transformation. While there are endless liberal policies conservatives would love to block in the budget bill, there are certain items that must be defunded now and cannot wait for the next president.”  (Highlighting Forum’s throughout.)

Baltimore-area resident Horowitz continues-

Stop Obama’s Dangerous Refugee Program
Republicans are floating the idea of attaching their phony refugee bill to the omnibus. Their bill will not shut down the program; the best way to prevent future radical Islamists from entering our nation.  It’s time Republicans harness the overwhelming public opposition to refugee resettlement and defund the entire program for the rest of the fiscal year until the Government Accountability Office conducts a full audit of the program’s security problems and fiscal cost.  As Sen. Jeff Sessions noted, if Republicans fund refugee resettlement in the omnibus, December 11 will truly be a date that will live in infamy.  The details of the San Bernardino terror attack demonstrate just how dangerous our immigration policies can be. The budget bill will provide Congress with the last chance to block the new immigration of radical sharia-adherent Muslims from Syria and potential terrorists like Tafsheen Malik.
Defund Amnesty
The release of tens of thousands of dangerous criminal aliens into our communities is undoubtedly the biggest threat to our security for the remainder of this presidency. But the problem is not only limited to sanctuary cities. It’s localities, such as Frederick County, Maryland, that want to cooperate with ICE but are stymied from doing so. Why? Because Obama has essentially repealed the Secure Communities and 287(g) programs designed to coordinate and train local law enforcement in helping with immigration enforcement.  Republicans must condition funding for DHS to the reinstatement of Secure Communities and 287(g). They must also defund DACA, which is still incentivizing a massive border surge to this very day. And obviously, they must defund sanctuary cities. We cannot afford another year of mass illegal immigration. Yet, at present, as Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) noted, Republicans are planning to fund every aspect of Obama’s amnesty agenda in the Omnibus. At a time when we have record immigration from the Muslim world, in conjunction with no deportations, no visa tracking, and an open border, we have never been more vulnerable to a terror attack. This cannot stand another year.”

Read the entire Horowitz post 9 Harmful Policies GOP Must Block in Budget Bill here.

Today our worst fears about the Omnibus were confirmed by Breitbart’s Julia Hahn in her Politico: Ryan-Pelosi Give Obama Refugees In Omnibus

“Establishment publication Politico confirms the repeated warnings of  Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL)… and Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL)…, that Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)’s… omnibus spending bill will fully fund President Obama’s refugee resettlement operation.”

Several Questions For Each Of The Maryland GOP U. S. Senate Contenders

If you were a senator today, what legislative action if any — e.g., sponsoring or co-sponsoring amendments to fix the measure — would you be prepared to take when the Ryan Omnibus comes before the Senate this week?

Would you vote for an Omnibus that did not defund refugee resettlement? that did not defund Planned Parenthood? that did not block gun control?

Or is avoiding a “shutdown” in 2015 your first priority?

Extra points: what sitting U. S. senator do you most admire?  Why?

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