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Shariah & Civilization Jihad Richard Falknor on 30 Mar 2016 09:48 am

A Megaphone For (Not-So-Moderate?) Islam: Maryland’s $100 Million Mega-Mosque Opens April 2!

via Walid Shoebat

via Walid Shoebat

Victoria Jones of NBCWashington reported Monday in her Turkish President to Attend Grand Opening of Maryland Mosque

“Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will visit Lanham, Maryland, this week to celebrate the opening of The Diyanet Center of America, an Islamic center.  He is expected to speak at the ceremony and open the center.
Erdogan will be joined by Dr. Mehmet Gormez, Turkey’s president of religious affairs, at the event Saturday, April 2. The ceremony is open to the public and scheduled from 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

A Turkish media outlet crowed this week–

“President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will leave for the US, where he will open the country’s largest-ever mosque complex, the Turkish-American Culture and Civilization Center.
Located in Lanham, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, DC, the Center includes a mosque and other facilities including a cultural center, gift shop, coffee house, and guest house. The mosque, built in accordance with Ottoman architecture, will be inaugurated by Erdogan and US President Barack Obama on April 2. Although there are many mosques in the US, this is the only one that has two minarets.
The mosque, built with Turkish funding under the supervision of Turkey’s religious foundation (Diyanet), has the capacity to host 3,000 Muslim believers indoors and outdoors. Constructed in the Seljuk architectural style, the Center also has a library, conference and exhibition halls, and a reception area. It aims to tell people about the facts of the Islamic religion and guide Muslims in prayers and religious principles.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

But before we go further, see these perspectives by Andrew McCarthy on the Turkish president: click here and here.

Last Friday, Walid Shoebat presented his own extended analysis (click here) of the significance of this mosque–

“Do you see ‘US Double Minaret Mosque’ above in the article Erdogan published? Why ‘Two Minarets’?
An Ottoman sultan is addressed as such in prayer: ‘O God, assist the Sultan, son of the Sultan, Sovereign of the Two Continents, of the Two Seas, Destroyer of Two Armies, Sultan of the Two Iraqs, Servant of the Two Sanctuaries [Mecca and Medina]” (Ibn Iyas, 195-1960). Muhammad II was “Sovereign of the Two Seas, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.’
Turkey is an empire that will arise twice, once as the Ottoman Empire, then the second time after this deadly wound is healed as the Neo-Ottomans.”

Continues Shoebat–

“English: expect a spiritual Bubonic plague all with mystic Sufism [see link here on Shoebat’s take on Sufism] and wakeup calls of Allahu-Akbar from loudspeakers thundering the community at the wee hours of the night.”

This Turkish government has a long political reach in the US as we explained in our earlier posts The Turkish Connection & Virginia (And Other) Trade Delegations and The Intense Outreach of Agents of Turkish Islamist Influence.

Overriding question for all Americans: should Maryland and Prince Georges County advance the establishment of a supremacist ideology — sailing under the flag of religion — by allowing this mega-mosque in Lanham?


via Walid Shoebat


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