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Common Defense Richard Falknor on 21 May 2016 06:09 pm

“Ten Arabic Words” Challenging All Our Elected Officials Who Swear To “[S]upport this Constitution”

The invaluable Gates of Vienna yesterday published “Ten Arabic Words: Bracken’s Challenge to National Security Professionals”.

Author Matthew Bracken is understandably exasperated with national-security figures who don’t “get it” about militant Islam–

“But if you are a national security professional, senior military officer or political leader involved in any aspect of the “Global War On Terror,” AKA “Countering Violent Extremism,” these are ten words that should already be a part of your working vocabulary. If you can’t readily discuss their meaning, significance, and relationships, then you are worse than a fool, you are disgrace to your office and a danger to your country.”

Here are the ten words–

“dawah, dhimmi, hijra, jizya, kafir, shaheed, shariah, takfir, taqiyya, ummah (Highlighting Forum’s)

Bracken continues–

“The charter of the OIC puts Islamic shariah law ahead of secular law. This means, for example, that the official position of the OIC is that Muslims who leave the faith should be killed, and that any faithful Muslim who kills an apostate ex-Muslim has done no sin, but instead should be thanked and congratulated for the deed. It’s the same with adulterers: they should die, and killing an adulterer is no crime.
Yes, that really is their position, and they really do believe it, and much more than that. The OIC is made up of fifty-seven Muslim nations, united by a common belief in the supremacy of Islam, and their mutual obligation to conduct both dawah and jihad until the Dar al Islam covers the globe, and Allah’s eternal and immutable shariah has supplanted godless democracy and all manmade laws. This dawah includes the practice of using taqiyya when making arrangements or having negotiations with as-yet unsubmitted kafirs in the dar al harb.”

Read all Bracken’s post here!

And don’t members of the Congress, who have the power to declare war and make rules for the military — as well as state legislators, governors, and judges — have a clear duty to assess for themselves the threat that militant Islam poses to our Constitution and way of life?

We can’t leave our security exclusively in the hands of the Deep State, even if its mandarins were now to take a crash course in militant Islam.

State legislators and governors are today wrestling with this Administration’s seeding of our communities with unscreened or unscreenable Muslim refugees. All these public officials must learn the larger meaning of these “Ten Arabic Words” — just as much as the denizens of the Pentagon or Foggy Bottom must do — if our politicians are effectively to support the Constitution.

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