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The Dawn Patrol Richard Falknor on 31 Aug 2016 04:06 am

The Silence of the House GOP: From Importing Syrian Muslims To The Give-Away Of Internet Control!

“If Merkel says so, it must be all right, no reason to panic.”– The Looming Crisis in Europe

Next week the House of Representatives will be back in session after a seven-week vacation. 

Many long-time Republican voters will remain assured by their House GOP member — like so many German voters by that nation’s leader – – that “it must be all right.”

After all, our voters have known their United States Representative often for years. 

Whatever needs to be done for the country and for their state, their House GOP member will likely know best. 

It’s just a matter of trust!

It is simply bad form to argue with elected Republicans — like those strident Tea Party voices — over thorny issues that likely offend.

Or even worse, to get into the weeds with these solid Party folks on their voting records. 

After all, local GOP meetings are supposed to be cheering sections for incumbents and sources for campaign volunteers. 

Only the meanest Country Class folks would think of local Republican meetings as occasions for accountability from elected Representatives.

But if you don’t share this Ruling Class view, below is Daniel Horowitz on the pressing issues Congress should face between next week and the end of 2016!

 What are Republicans planning to make their end-of-the-year focus? Fulfilling Obama’s jailbreak agenda
“The opportunities are endless. Republicans could use legislation, floor speeches, committee hearings, and the ‘must-pass’ budget bill to focus attention on Obama’s treasonous alliance with Iran, his plan to increase refugee-intake in October, the collapse of Obamacare, or stopping Obama’s giveaway of internet domains to an international tribunal controlled by Russia, China, and Iran.


Sadly, there are no plans to focus on those issues. What do they plan to focus on instead? Jailbreak legislation. Because, why focus on 80-20 winning issues that are critical to our national security when…you could further cement Obama’s jailbreak legacy?”

Horowitz is a long-time expert on the nuts and bolts of the Congress as well as its potential for advancing patriotic principle — which potential few Republicans grasp.

Read all of his post. **

And stay tuned for another Dawn Patrol later this week.

**One should not let his Mark Levin-like blindness about Mr. Trump distract from Horowitz’ valuable understanding of the Legislative Branch.


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