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The Dawn Patrol Richard Falknor on 13 Sep 2016 10:32 am

Too Many Patriotic Activists Don’t Get News From ANY Internet Site. Here’s One Way To Help.

We’d be willing to bet that it is second nature for you to depend on internet news sites to keep up with the looming dangers to our country, both domestic and foreign.

It’s the same for us. (And if you did not use the Internet, you would not be reading this, since the only way Blue Ridge Forum gets distributed is online.)

But we have continuing reports that too many of our natural allies, patriotic people who are bright and hardworking–and who have a gut-level understanding that our county is on the wrong track–rarely use internet news sites.

Many rely on their local establishment newspapers (most of which, sadly, reflect the perspective of the National Left for choice of stories to cover, as well as what events and public figures to ignore). 

Some rely on Fox News (which has a strong GOP Establishment slant, and thus advances a Globalist Message.)

What this means: even many dedicated activists are handicapped by getting limited information on fast-breaking developments they need to understand.

What do these folks miss?

This is just a sample of in-depth coverage many of our patriotic brethren miss who do not use internet news sites.

Europe is undergoing a stormy (facilitated by their own governments) Muslim migrant invasion.   Muslim intimidation, rapes, and murders of citizens–in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and other European countries–are an almost daily occurrence. Free speech to talk openly about the situation seems almost a thing of the past in Europe.

Yet, except for spectacular attacks and major slaughters, even FOX News fails to track — day in and day out — what is happening.

It is as if — in the summer of 1939 — our print and radio media only gave sporadic coverage to the looming Nazi invasion of Europe, and never discussed what the Hitler regime was all about except, according to German “moderates,” to right the wrongs of the Versailles Treaty” that had ended World War I.

But how to keep patriotic activists in the know about the Bipartisan Globalist Threat? How can they mobilize timely in the crucial fall of 2016?

Is the problem one of  “too much of a good thing?” There are a number of potentially valuable websites for patriotic activists.

Here for example, is our Blue Ridge Forum’s always growing and revised list… just scroll down on the right hand column to our Blogroll.

(And that is only part of what we follow. We check with our colleagues and individual sources — “we run our trap lines” –just to feel informed enough  to write reliable comments.)

Too many choices can make the eyes of internet-lite patriotic activists glaze over and thus hesitate to mine internet news sources.

But not checking internet news sources leaves our friends, relatives, and fellow activists blind to crucial developments.

Here’s our recommendation: encourage our brethren to begin by supplementing their daily information take with just one internet news site.

Which site? We nominate Breitbart News!

Breitbart is a one-stop starter kit for internet news. The organization operates offices in London, Jerusalem, Texas, and California. It has  tabs for Big Government, Big Journalism, Big Hollywood, National Security, Tech, Sports, Video, The Wires, and 2016: The Race.

Breitbart could become the website of record for activists who put America first!

Of course, we don’t mean to slight other very valuable websites.

But right now, we need a single, easy, in-depth, daily fix for our activist brethren who do not now get their any of their news from the web.

With time, their menu of websites will no doubt grow.

But our concerned activists can’t mobilize quickly and effectively if they are walled off from the facts.


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