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First things . . . Richard Falknor on 22 May 2011 06:31 pm

Hiding In Plain Sight: Collectivization by Planners, Schools

ADD-ONS! Scroll to bottom for resources on  regulatory takings.

Yesterday at the Freedom In Action Conference in Fairfax, Virginia, grass-roots conservative leaders explained the menace of the UN’s “Agenda 21” and the ongoing threat of “Sustainable Development” to around 150 activists.

Tom De Weese of the American Policy Foundation and Rick Buchanan of the Fauquier County Tea Party Patriots sponsored the very valuable information exchange — together with a gathering (click on “sponsor”) of supporting organizations.

What’s It All About?

Virginia Campaign for Liberty’s Donna Holt chronicled in plain words the historical background of these wide-reaching schemes to supersede the traditional property rights of Americans and to indoctrinate new generations to support this “transformation.”


“Sustainable Development is the 1992 action plan set forth by the United Nations in 40 chapters of a socialist political agenda called Agenda 21 to control every aspect of life. Some of the more important goals are: Change Consumption Patterns; Promote Sustainable Human Settlements; Plan & Manage All Land Resources, Ecosystems, Deserts, Forests, Mountains, Oceans, Fresh Water; Agriculture; Rural Development; Biotechnology; Ensuring Equity; an increased role for Non-Government Organizations (NGOs); and define the role of Business and Financial Resources. All this was to be accomplished on a global, national, and local scale.”

Readers in all states may well want to see earlier Virginia Campaign for Liberty warnings:

First U.S. Elected Officials To Act Against This Collectivization?

Maryland Carroll County Commissioner Richard Rothschild told the rapt group Saturday (“Trojan Horse: Sustainability with a Capital ‘S'”) how he and his fellow commissioners slew the dragon of “sustainability” in their jurisdiction.   A key point in his approach was asking the County’s planners to explain how their proposals were anchored in the U.S. (and presumably the Maryland) Constitutions. Apart from Carroll County, how many other Maryland county commissioners (of either party) would ask that question?

Rothschild and Scott Strzelczyk had earlier criticized (American Thinker) a smart growth plan called Pathways drafted by the Carroll County Planning Department.

Jim Simpson wrote last February in his “Maryland County Abolishes Sustainable Development Office” (American Thinker) —

“Carroll County, Maryland elected five new County Commissioners in November. These brave souls voted unanimously to get rid of all traces of the ‘Sustainability’ agenda in the county. They abolished their ‘Sustainability’ office and dropped out of ICLEI (the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives), the first county to do so.

This may not sound like much but is in fact, huge. The ICLEI has been busy training local governments in implementing the UN’s Agenda 21.

Posted Tom De Weese

“I was with Commissioner Richard Rothschild just a few days ago. We appeared on a television program together as part of a panel to tell the truth about Agenda 21. That program will be put on DVD and sent to elected officials and activists around the nation as a teaching tool to build more opposition to Sustainable Development. Let me tell you some of the things I learned about Commissioner Rothschild while I was there in Carroll County, with him, in his office, in the TV studio, and sitting at the table over lunch. He told me that he doesn’t care if he is re-elected or not – that he made a determination to do the right thing while he was there. He is the one who organized the rest of the Commissioners in this fight. He is the spark plug.”

Other jurisdictions may follow. Kelly Holt reports “Edmond Oklahoma Dumps Agenda 21” (New American) on March 11.

We’ll plan to write more about speaker Michael Chapman of American Heritage Research, and his “Education for Sustainable Tyranny,” (click on the  foregoing link for his 2005 version), as well as about Conference sponsor Tom De Weese.

Wrote Chapman – –

“In June 1993, President Clinton signed an executive order to create the President’s Council on Sustainable Development (PCSD). In 1994, the PCSD published ‘Education for Sustainability: an agenda for action,’ calling on educators ‘to serve society by fostering the transformations needed to set us on the path to sustainable development.’That same year, the EFA[Education for All Initiative]/ESD goals became President Clinton’s ‘Goals 2000,’ establishing the framework for our National Standards, Curriculum, and Assessments. All 50 states adopted Goals 2000 in order to receive the funding that came with it.

Today President Bush’s No Child Left Behind (NCLB) holds states ‘accountable’ to implement their previously signed agreements. States and districts that refuse to ‘align’ their standards, curriculum, and assessments with these so-called ‘world-class standards’ will lose federal funding. NCLB requires full implementation by the end of 2014 – which just so happens to be the final year of The United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development. What a coincidence!” (Underscoring Forum’s.)

How Much Federal Money Flows to Sustainable Development?

Federal grants are a powerful engine to move sustainable development forward.  According to Policy in Motion last April 18 —

At the end of last week we heard that the FY2011 budget, which has been sent to the president for his signature, includes $100 million for the Partnership for Sustainable Communities. According to HUD Sustainable Communities Director Shelley Poticha, the partnership was allocated $70 million for regional planning grants ($17.5 million is slated for regions with populations of less than 500,000) and $30 million for Community Challenge planning grants.” . . . .”The Partnership for Sustainable Communities is the name for the coordination among DOT, EPA, and HUD to promote planning and infrastructure investment according to their six tenets of livability: transportation choices, affordable housing, economic competitiveness, support for existing communities, coordination of federal policies and investing in healthy communities. The two planning grant programs, which are funded and managed out of HUD, are a centerpiece of the entire partnership. The other main part of it, TIGER, is run through the DOT and also saw the bulk of its funding — the lion’s share of TIGER, if you will – preserved (perhaps somewhat surprisingly, in the current budget bill), suffering only a 12 percent cut.”(Underscoring Forum’s.)

We certainly agree with Jim Simpson’s recommendations that —

“Agenda 21 and sustainable development are issues custom-tailored to tea party activism. Implementation is occurring at the state and local level where tea partiers have the most leverage with elected officials.(Underscoring Forum’s.)

Tea Partyers in Maryland and Virginia need to put dismembering these schemes high on their agenda. “‘ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability’ with a broader mandate to address sustainability issues” has, by our count, 14 jurisdictions in Maryland and 18 jurisdictions in Virginia as members.

And Tea Partyers might begin full and frank conversations with House Republican appropriators here to educate them about the perils of  “sustainable development.”And insist they eliminate Federal grants enticing state and local governments to sign on to these questionable programs.

* * * * *

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