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2016 Election Richard Falknor on 24 Oct 2016 10:06 pm

Islam, The Adams Center, & Representative Barbara Comstock: Why Is She Trafficking With This Organization?

RELATED STORY OCT 25 – – John Guandolo: In This War Minnesota’s Twin Cities Are Lost “After spending all of last week in Minnesota, UTT’s professional assessment of the enemy situation is this:  the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota – known as the ‘Twin Cities’ – are in enemy-held territory.  They are, at least for the time being, lost – meaning, they are under the control of a collaborative jihadist/marxist element there.”

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Last Friday, Representative Barbara Comstock — along with her Democrat opponent LuAnn Bennett– appeared at the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS Center) to plead her case for reelection to the Congress from Virginia’s 10th District.

Click here and here for news coverage of this event.

Mohamed Magid is the Imam of the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS).

DiscoverTheNetworks has an extensive biography of Magid. **

Jihad Watch’s Robert Spencer declared in his 2015 article, Obama quietly reveals that he met with Muslim leaders with ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood–

 “The guest list identified Imam Magid as a representative of the Adams Center, a large mosque in Sterling, Virginia. He has also served as president   of the Islamic Society of North America, according to the group’s website.” **

. . . . . . . . . .

”the Islamic Society of North America was named an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding case, and has admitted ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Finally, watch Clanson Trahan of the United West in his YouTube Exposing Infiltration of Muslim Operatives in The Obama ‘Regime‘”

“There are reportedly [at least] six Muslim Brotherhood operatives and/or Islamist activists in the Obama regime.
Tom Trento of the United West is dedicated to exposing the radical agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Why is Mrs. Comstock trafficking with this organization?

Consider also our July 2015 post Representative Barbara Comstock — Speaking At A Ramadan Event With Questionable Auspices–

where we wrote – –

“We are not suggesting that Mrs. Comstock is some secret Sharia adherent.

What we are urging is that she — and those Virginia state lawmakers who sponsored a General Assembly commendation (click here) for the ADAMS Center (click here then here for our earlier stories)  — begin their (apparently neglected) due diligence on Sharia and Civilization Jihad.

This is no time for willful blindness.

Reason #9 why Barbara Comstock should not be entrusted with our votes: she simply does not have the Right Stuff to protect Virginians against what Andrew McCarthy terms the Grand Jihad.

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** Mohamed Magid is now past president of ISNA but is on the ISNA Executive Council.

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