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Overpass Media Susan Freis Falknor on 04 Nov 2016 08:51 am

Overpass Media: Freedom of Speech Assaulted Again in Larry Hogan’s Maryland

Lewis Porter defends a political message

Activist Lewis Porter defending his Trump Banner on the Howard County overpass (Timestamp 14:08). View YouTube !

UPDATE AFTER PRESS TIME NOV 4! A seasoned GOP stalwart just emailed–“The Republican Women of Baltimore County have been waving on overpasses and at mixed affiliation and ethnic areas.  They have been attacked by agitators at least 4 times.  They chased one away, then on another day, they chased one with a box cutter away with pepper spray.  One female came up and asked for a sign.  This was at the city line.  After receiving it, she tore it up in front of the wavers. On northern I-83, a husband parked on the shoulder before the bridge.  The SHA sent police out and he got a parking ticket $70.  Once a policeman came by and said he got a call, he was very nice, and there was no problem.  It appears the left is using the government to stop free speech (First Amendment Rights).” (Highlighting Forum’s)

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Overpass media veteran Ed Hunter sends us this report on his overpass-media Trump messaging last Tuesday afternoon:

“This story began shortly after 2:00, when a caravan of three cars apparently of goons pulled up on the overpass bridge. Two men got out of their cars and began ripping down our signs.

The State Highway Administration (SHA) arrived seconds later. They finished the job and confiscated the signs, saying we were disturbing the peace.

Drone hovers above overpass

Drone hovers above

To add to the scene, a drone was flying overhead the whole time. Apparently it was privately operated and was controlled by a guy in a pickup truck who later landed it on the median strip, picked it up, and drove off with it.

So three things happened in about three minutes– the goons arrived, started to take down the signs, and one started a brief dust-up with me; then the SHA arrived; then the drone appeared above us. It certainly looked  planned and coordinated.”

Highway Department

Truck pulls up on overpass (Timestamp 14:06)

The incident occurred on Tuesday November 1, shortly after 2:00 pm, Hunter reports, at an overpass on

I-95, a Howard County spot where for years Hunter and fellow activist Lewis Porter have been displaying conservative political messages viewed by thousands of motorists.

Activist Hunter had arrived about an hour earlier and put up the signs: “AMERICA FIRST….TRUMP” facing one side of the highway and “TRUMP….CAN’T BE BOUGHT” facing the other.

Hunter continued–

About 10 minutes later, the Howard County cops came. They have the power of arrest, but they did not help the SHA.

Highway Department tears down signs.

SHA men finish tearing down signs (Timestamp 14:07)

The county police have known us for years and wave as they pass by.

One Howard County cop warned me, ‘They are baiting you… don’t take the bait.’

Later the cops told us, “You can go.”

All of this happened under the eye of the goons in the cars parked up the road watching.

It was just another day in Anti-Trump, Hogan-controlled Maryland.”

We reported last October 16–

Maryland Highway Bureaucrats Try To Shut Down Trump Movement Overpass Media — On Hogan’s Watch — Is Governor Into Free Political Speech?

Coordination between the Black Hats and SHA? You decide.

Does the Annapolis regime feel free to run over the Maryland Constitution’s Declaration of Rights at will?

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