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Trump Presidency Richard Falknor on 15 Nov 2016 08:33 am

Representative David Brat Warns About Rushing The House Speaker’s Election!

“Why the rush? Let’s slow down, think and properly plan this so we get it right. Look at what happened in the last two years when we didn’t make our agenda absolutely clear to the American people. If we rush this Speaker election, the American people will feel manipulated once again. This is no time to undermine morale and do an end-run around them.”
Representative Dave Brat (VA-7)

Representative Dave Brat (VA-7)

Breitbart’s Julia Hahn in her “Dave Brat Urges Delay on Speaker Vote; A ‘Better Way’ Did Not Animate This Historic Election” summarized yesterday the Virginia conservative’s plea–

“Brat explained that while Congress has fought for donor class priorities like fast tracking the Trans Pacific Partnership and ‘taking up deals on behalf of big business, Congress didn’t bother with the issues that matter to struggling Americans back home.’
‘That’s what this election was about,’ Brat writes.
‘Speaker Ryan promised last year that if elected, he would adhere to regular order. It didn’t happen,’ Brat added. ‘This year, the House didn’t even vote on a budget.’
‘Is this what the American people want?’ Brat asked.
In the piece, Brat outlined what he viewed as the mandate the American people have given to Congress:

On November 8th, Americans voted for good paying jobs, for national sovereignty, for America’s priorities over those of a global elite, for law and order, for securing the border and temporarily pausing the inflow of foreign refugees from terror hot spots until they can be properly vetted. Americans decisively voted against Obama’s rule by pen and by phone, and against Obamacare. We voted for a strong America that does not get rolled by China or Russia. We voted for trade policies that prioritize the needs of American workers; for rolling back the crushing regulations faced by small businesses, and to ‘drain the swamp’ of Washington corruption and ossified Washington cronies. It is overwhelmingly clear where America stands.’

Brat explained that while Speaker Ryan may not have been paying attention to the working men and women of this country, ‘some of us were listening and many of us have run on these breakthrough issues for years.’ ” (Highlighting Forum’s throughout.)

Readers will recall that last January 13 Sessions, Brat Deliver[ed] Letter To GOP: Side With Voters – Not Donors – On Immigration

“Instead, we should correctly define the words ‘immigration reform’ to refer exclusively to the policies our voters – and all voters – can cheer and celebrate.  Real ‘immigration reform’ protects American workers, families, and livelihoods.  Defined this way, it is always the ‘right time’ to promote ‘immigration reform.’
If we want to lay out a ‘bold, conservative agenda,’ and demonstrate that we serve the voters – and not the special interests – we should begin by advancing bills to reduce out-of-control immigration.  That is the reform our voters want, and that is what we must deliver. 
Such action will not only bolster our existing electorate, but draw millions of new voters to our party from the ranks of independents and disaffected Democrats.  Polling shows that across all parties and backgrounds, voters agree by a nearly 10:1 margin that companies should raise wages instead of bringing in new foreign labor.  This is the right policy, and the winning strategy.”

While the House Republican Conference will likely approve Ryan today, the real test comes when the 115th Congress convenes on January 3, 2017.

In the new Congress, the Speaker must gain 218 votes or a majority of those present in an on-the-record vote in public on the House floor. (Also see Politico’s Rachael Bade here.)

Read all of Julia Hahn’s post of yesterday here and the Sessions-Brat letter of last January hereand have a heart-to-heart with your House GOP member before the January Speaker vote.

Immigration expansionist Paul Ryan pictured with advocate Luis Gutierriz in 2013. Chicago Sun-Times via Breitbart. Conservative Review’s

Immigration expansionist Paul Ryan pictured with advocate Luis Gutierriz in 2013. Chicago Sun-Times via Breitbart.




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