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First things . . . Richard Falknor on 09 Jan 2017 11:46 am

The Trump Reprieve—And The Indispensable Role Of The Trump Movement!

The extent and intensity of the pushback against president-elect Donald Trump — even before he takes office on Friday, January 20 — tells patriots what America barely escaped from a Hillary Clinton victory: completion of the Obama transformation of America!

And not just more open borders and more job-killing trade deals and the acceleration of Muslim refugee importation. 

But a Clinton Administration intent on using Federal power to impose even more Cultural Marxism on our state and local governments!

Think consent decrees on police departments (part of the “war on cops”) and the widespread implementation of Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH).

Had Mrs. Clinton won, moreover, the House Republican leadership was prepared to move ahead on Big Immigration.

Only a Donald Trump could have put together a campaign strong enough to break the Clinton Machine — and to start to reshape a Republican Party whose leadership had become globalist and whose first instinct had been to capitulate to a Red-Green-Axis-oriented White House.

Thanks to Trump’s election, we have a reprieve from the destructive Obama-Clinton sentence for Americans.

How Should Patriots Use This Providential Reprieve To Restore America?

That is where a Trump Movement comes into play.

For the Trump election is hardly the end of the battle.

It is rather the start of our own long march through our government and our institutions to restore our historic values.

Tomorrow confirmation hearings begin for senator Jeff Sessions to be Attorney General of the United States.

Trump supporters everywhere should be leaning on their United States Senators to confirm Mr. Sessions.

There are more than purely legal achievements in Sessions’ strong record–

Back in April 2015, Hudson Institute senior fellow John Fonte wrote about Jeff Sessions–

“Clearly, the political leader of the conservative populist coalition is the indefatigable Senator Sessions. Day in and day out, for the past two years, Sessions has been issuing memos and talking points, giving speeches, and making media appearances explicating a coherent populist message. The Alabamian is a conviction politician. He is not ‘positioning’ himself for some strategic advantage; rather, he favors limiting (not eliminating) legal immigration because he believes doing so is best for the American people.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)

Don’t count on your local Republican Party to use this precious reprieve to advance patriots’ goals. 

Typically they restrict their role to electioneering for GOP incumbents, not acting as engines of accountability.

We can rarely push them to ask incumbents questions like “why did you vote for last year’s Paul Ryan budget?” — or get local GOP meetings to discuss exigent concerns like accelerating Muslim importation into the US.

Last month we explained–

Trump Patriots acting through their own well-organized statewide organizations can have a strong voice for the new president’s campaign priorities that will be heard by their Congressional delegations.

VDARE’s James Kirkpatrick elaborates

“Similarly, within the GOP, the critical need is to develop a crop of ‘Donald Trump Republicans’ at the local and state levels, running in his name and on the populist platform he campaigned for. Even if Trump himself does not explicitly endorse insurgent candidates, this can be explained away as simply something he has to do because of his position as head of the GOP. The debate should always be framed as though Trump wants populists to take over the GOP—even if he says nothing of the kind. This is a Narrative the Main Stream Media will be eager to believe and to magnify.”

The Trump Reprieve is our last chance — let’s get to work!

Remember the Other Team — from both parties — has not stopped working. They are not going to allow a second reprieve if the first fails.


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