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Common Defense &Conservatives Richard Falknor on 01 Sep 2008 08:29 pm

No longer “Live Free or Die” in the Granite State?

Last August 15 we wrote about ending “SWAT Team Overreach in Maryland and Virginia” here.

Today we learn from the conservative New Hampshire blog GraniteGrok – – –

“Now, I’m all for gettin’ the bad guys, so don’t get me wrong as you read this post. What I’m NOT for is an ever expanding POLICE State, with growing powers of law enforcement creating an inverse shrinking of our freedom. Lately here in the Granite State, this appears to be exactly what’s happening.

First, we’ve got these paramilitary police groups called “special operations units” that have sprung up all around. These quasi-public law enforcement units, lacking the usual oversight by elected officials have, in the name of “homeland security” grown into organizations that appear to be mini-armies, complete with vehicles that resemble battle tanks. While I’m all for getting to and stopping terrorists, the fact is, there haven’t been that many here in NH, so these mini-‘militias’ have turned inward against the population. After all, an ‘army’ that is fully trained for action cannot long stand still without ‘chafing at the bit’ for something to do. It’s when they don those ski masks and head out into the night that trouble starts…”

Read the entire post here, then go here.

We suggest that there has been substantial Federal money spent to underwrite these “special operations” units, and that the Department of Justice and the Government Accountabilty Office here should be reviewing how these Federal dollars have been spent and recommending what kind of systematic local oversight over these units is necessary for Federal help to continue.

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