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“Big Agenda: President Trump’s Plan to Save America” — David Horowitz’ Political Handbook To Seize The Moral High Ground and Stay On The Attack!

Big Agenda: President Trump’s Plan to Save America, David Horowitz, Humanix Books (West Palm Beach, Florida, 2017)

To win the battle of the “Trump era” – according to author David Horowitz — we must understand whom we are up against, the whoppers leftists tell, their often-predictable playbook, and how to counter their tactics.

Big Agenda: President Trump’s Plan to Save America is first of all a political handbook – well written, comprehensive and detailed, and tailored to the present.

It spells out a battle plan for the opening of the Trump presidency.

From A Red Diaper Baby

A former “Radical Son” of American Communist parents, Horowitz has been observing, tracking, analyzing, and fighting the progressive left since the 1960s.

Horowitz characterized (in a recent Breitbart article) his Freedom Center not as a think tank, but a “battle tank,” intended to deliver “what I felt was missing most in the conservative cause — troops ready and willing to fight fire with fire.” (Highlighting added throughout.)

Fighting for Individual Freedom

Trump based his campaign on defending the “cause of the forgotten working class, promising to restore America’s industrial prowess and bring back the jobs that a corrupt elite with a globalist outlook had negotiated away in reckless trade deals that sent Americans to the back of the bus and squandered the prosperity they had created over generations.”

Trump notably used “moral language,” to break the “stranglehold” of political correctness, plainly calling out his opponent as a “crook,” a “liar,” and the “enabler of a sexual predator.”

But the underlying theme of the Trump movement is deeper.

It is individual freedom.

Horowitz declares:

“The economic redistribution that progressives demand is not ‘fairness,’ as they maintain. Socialism is theft and a war on individual freedom. Compulsory public schools are not a service to minorities and the poor, but are infringements on their freedom to choose an education that will allow them to pursue the American dream. Obamacare is objectionable not only because its mandates drive up the costs and diminish the quality of health care, as Republicans have argued. Far more important is that government-controlled health care takes away the freedom of individuals to manage their own health and secure their life chances. Onerous taxes and massive government debt are not accounting problems; they are a war on the ability of individuals to work for themselves instead of the government and are therefore an attack on individual freedom.”

Adds Horowitz: “This is the moral language Republicans need to use if they are going to defeat the progressive agenda.

Today’s Intimidated GOP

Why do we have such difficulty in overcoming the left? The GOP so often fails to speak out with an effective “political response” to attacks – articulating “nothing that would neutralize the powerful emotional appeal to voters from pleas on behalf of society’s defenseless and vulnerable.”

Learning to Fight Effectively

The author urges: Learn to fight harder. For many of our friends in the GOP it has been difficult to stay on the attack, to knock the underpinnings out from the Hard Left’s moral posturing, and to claim the exceptional American value of individual freedom as our own moral high ground.

“The only way to bring Democrats down to earth, where they might feel subject to the same standards as everyone else, is to attack them with the same moral force they use to prosecute their mission; the only way to do this is to turn their fire on them.

Essential weapons Horowitz would have us bring into action:

  • Emphasize that the left is fighting “a war on individual rights and individual accountability, which are the bedrock of America’s constitutional system.”
  • Expose leftist guru Saul Alinsky’s plan is not to make people’s lives better, or to find the truth, but to take power.
  • Understand that the Trump Movement encompasses a big agenda. To move this agenda, Horowitz details the Hard Left biases we must confront in our Giant Institutions: public schools, colleges and universities; the “shadow political universe” of tax-exempt foundations; and government unions.
  • Confront the Democratic Party’s “mendacity on the race issue,” that “indicts America as ‘systematically’ racist.”
  • Strike at “the Achilles’ heel of the Democratic party: its monopoly control of the inner cities of America and its responsibility for the misery and suffering inside them.”
  • Expose the Democrat’s posturing as champions of the oppressed — instead “Focus on the groups — races, genders, ethnicities, and classes — that suffer under their policies and rules.”
  • Push Trump’s “New Deal” for African Americans and other inner-city dwellers — law and order, safe communities, school choice enabled by scholarship programs, and the high-paying jobs for which these policies will lay the groundwork.

For Horowitz, these are the challenges – and the opportunities – that president Trump’s plan to save America presents us.

Can the GOP we all know so well meet these challenges in time?

Or will a national Trump Movement have to take the lead — and very soon?

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