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2006 Election &Conservatives &Politics Richard Falknor on 07 Apr 2007 10:02 pm

A “Big Tent” for Virginia Tenth District Republicans:But Is It Big Enough for Mainstream Conservatives?

Friday’s postal service brings an invitation for a Republican Jefferson Day Dinner on May 4 in Ashburn. The proposed program is surely consonant with Tenth District chair Jim Rich’s wish for ” a process that welcomes people into our party.”

The Republican event, which ordinary folks may attend for as little as $75 and for which the grand seigneurs of the party may pay $5,000 for ten dinner tickets and six tickets to a “VIP Reception” features Representative Frank Wolf and “special guest Edward Gillespie,” Virginia GOP chair, among others.

Readers will recall the consistently low ratings the National Taxpayer Union gives the good congressman as well as his failure to sign the Americans for Tax Reform taxpayer-protection-pledge which the president, 196 House members and 43 senators have affirmed.

Not to labor the fiscal point, Mr. Wolf has consistently voted to restrict political speech.

The veteran House incumbent is clearly uncomfortable with protecting property rights, but apparently finds a trip to Syria to treat with the chief of that benign regime a welcome relief from the tedium of northern Virginia.

Mr. Gillespie, of national renown, earned some earlier spurs by his spirited defense of the nomination of Harriet Miers as a justice of the United States when he was reported to have suggested that there was a “whiff of sexism and a whiff of elitism” in the opposition to that failed presidential selection.

The Virginia chair is also an immigration buff.

On April 2, 2006 in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece, the one-time RNC chair and author deplored a “narrowly focused border-security bill.” In a tag line attached to that article, the WSJ declared that “[h]is firm, Quinn Gillespie & Associates, represents clients who support a temporary guest worker program.”

The National Review reported in a cover story by John O’Sullivan in September 12, 2005, “the White House has helped set up a new bipartisan coalition to push for more open immigration. It will be headed jointly by two former congressmen (one Republican, one Democrat); organized by a former chairman of the Republican National Committee, Ed Gillespie; and funded to the tune of between $50,000 and $250,000 by corporations such as Wal-Mart. It is to be called ‘Americans for Border and Economic Security’ (or ABES) and it is meant to soften up public opinion on behalf of the president’s immigration reforms.”

But as immigration expert Mark Krikorian just this week wrote in National Review on Line, “[T]he fundamental political split in the future is America vs. post-America — and whatever their intentions, the supporters of mass immigration and loose enforcement are objective allies of the party of post-America.”

The party may well continue to celebrate all sorts and conditions of Virginia Republicans: spenders, taxers, muzzlers, governmentalists, capitulators, and porous-border voices!

But those Virginian Republicans who are in the national conservative mainstream will wonder whether they are still a valued part of the state GOP. They will also ask themselves whether those now ascendant in the Virginia Big Top will lead us to even greater political disaster in 2008.

After all, John Fund reports from a national perspective last Thursday that “thousands of punters who take positions on the 2008 presidential race at Intrade.com or the Iowa Futures Market judge that Democrats have a 57% chance of recapturing the White House next year.”

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