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Trump Presidency Richard Falknor on 30 Nov 2017 11:41 pm

Two Burning Messages For Patriots: Don’t Let England Happen Here & We May Be On The Verge Of A Real Civil War!

Katie Hopkins:’Resist the Narrative‘” from Baron Bodissey at Gates of Vienna (GoV).

GoV reports that “Katie Hopkins is a British journalist and opinion writer who is well-known in the United Kingdom. She’s also very controversial, since she has strong conservative opinions. Real, non-PC conservatism, not the gelded deracinated pabulum peddled by the ‘Conservative’ Party.”

Bodissey adds: “Katie Hopkins is impassioned, witty, vulgar, profound, and inspiring by turns, and sometimes all at once.”


Required listening for your GOP members of the Congress!






“From cold to hot civil war?” warns Angelo Codevilla!

Author of the magisterial “America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution”, Codevilla explains – –

Donald Trump was elected to lead revolutions against the ruling class in general and the Republican establishment in particular. Mr. Trump did not create the hopes and resentments that elected him. Nor is it in any man’s power quite literally to ‘make America great again.’ Even to try would require dismantling the ruling class that has grown upon us for three quarters of a century, and building up a different one. Nevertheless, Mr. Trump’s election fed the sentiments that elected him. But the reality of a ruling class more aggressive than ever has leavened them with disappointment and bitterness.
The ruling class’’resistance’ to the 2016 election results expresses its evolving moral and intellectual character. Growling and barking, ‘Racist! Sexist! Homophobic’ and now ‘Nazi,’ it bandies projects of which previously it had spoken softly, such as requiring all hospitals, doctors and nurses — including Catholic ones — to perform abortions or at least to training to perform them, mandating that Catholic schools admit homosexual and transgender students, and ensuring that online transactions on such websites as Airbnb comply with evolving anti-discrimination standards.
It is also morphing the concept of ‘hate crime’ into the criminalization of ‘hate speech’ — meaning opposition to what these loving folks demand. In this regard, the Sept. 11 Joint Congressional Resolution identifies the political right with political violence and encourages those who wield the U.S. government’s vast powers to treat the ruling class’ sociopolitical opponents as public enemies.”

 But where will this end?

“Mistakenly, the ruling class believes that Mr. Trump is the ultimate expression of a passing populism. Discredit him, crush the Deplorables, buy the Pitiables, and they can rule unopposed. But their problem was, is and will remain not Mr. Trump but the indelible resentments that they have aroused. As the Sept. 26 Alabama Republican primary showed, not even Mr. Trump himself can save the rulers from a population that has come to understand them too well.
That is why whoever wins elections henceforth is certain to do so as the representative of one side of America, antagonistic to the other.
Were any Democrat to be elected president in 2020 he would make Barack Obama look conservative. Radical expansion of the concept of hate speech would restrict the exercise of religion and punish reticence to conform, as well as political opposition. The public sector’s transformation into the ruling class’ private preserve would be completed. The conservative side of American life, looking back to 2017, would try its own version of ‘resistance.’ But whereas Donald Trump responded to’resistance’ with complaints, the next Democratic president’s response would be to punish opponents — ignoring court orders, marshaling friendly corporations, and even using the federal agencies’ SWAT teams against them.’Stop me if you can.’ The conservative side of American life will see no alternative to civil, or even violent disobedience. Then what?
Anyone elected in 2020 by the anti-establishment side would know that the left sees tolerance as a one-way street, that it is no longer capable of practicing it, that the Republican Party committed suicide by not fulfilling its constituencies’ desires on guns, abortion, religion, education, taxes and immigration. Hence, he has no choice but to fulfill them. The resistance of judges, bureaucrats and corporate executives would be even fiercer. A conservative administration would have no alternative but to sweep them aside. Then what?
In either case, both sides have already transcended the American republic in their hearts. When will they do so with their hands? We have stepped over the threshold of a revolution. It is futile to speculate where it will end.” (Highlighting added throughout.)


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