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First things . . . Richard Falknor on 01 Jan 2018 05:51 pm

The Imminent Amnesty War!–Who Is On America’s Side in 2018? Current List Of Pro-American Immigration Lawmakers! And Some Who Are Not!

Just last Friday, Virginia (and national) conservative voice Dave Brat told Breitbart News Tonight (story via Robert Kraychik)- –

  • “If we fail on this, just picture Europe,” said Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA) of what would happen if Congress failed to permanently repair America’s ‘broken immigration system’ and just passed another amnesty instead.”
  • “America will resemble ‘France, Sweden, Germany, [or] the Netherlands’ in the absence of enacting an immigration system ‘for the benefit of American citizens and U.S. workers,’ said Brat.”

  • Immigration is a top-priority issue, said Brat: ‘This is not like any other policy issue. This will determine the nature of our country over the next decades in how we settle this. Either we’re going to add to the anxiety and all this hate-filled back and forth, or we find an economic solution for this country moving forward.'”
  • “Brat discussed Congress’s considerations to codify the Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy into federal law.”
  • “Congress must prioritize four repairs for the immigration system before contemplating any DACA-style amnesty negotiation, said Brat: 1. Ending chain migration and the visa lottery; 2. Mandating employer use of E-Verify; 3. Construction of a southern border wall; and 4. Interior enforcement of immigration law.”
  • “’Elites’ and ‘the swamp in DC’ support DACA-style amnesty legislation, said Brat, because they ‘want cheap labor.'”

Immigration patriots could lose this fight to prevent the replacement of our towns and cities unless they act this month to —

  • make their national GOP politicians more responsive to voters than to the GOP leadership and their Big Immigration donors;
  • support the players in the Trump White House who are helping the president meet his immigration campaign promises;
  • stay in the faces (district offices & DC offices) of their GOP members of the Senate and the House of Representatives on the “four repairs” Brat lists;
  • and enlist their state GOP apparatus in the cause. As Mr. Brat explains: “This is not like any other policy issue. This will determine the nature of our country over the next decades in how we settle this.”

How Have The Current Members in the Congress Voted In The Past on Immigration-Reduction?

Here is the Numbers/USA chart giving access to the immigration-reduction voting records of all US Senators and Representatives!

Here are Numbers/USA charts for two states with GOP senatorsWest Virginia and Tennessee!

And we couldn’t leave out the Old Dominion!

We simply can’t leave fixing our borders and reclaiming our sovereignty to the Political Class.

Harry Truman had a blunt lesson about politics that applies to patriots right now – –





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