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The Dawn Patrol Richard Falknor on 16 Jun 2011 11:44 pm

Montgomery County Values| U.S. History

Montgomery County Values? According to the Maryland State Board of Elections today June 16, the number of valid petition signatures (to put SB167 allowing in-state tuition for illegal aliens on the November 2012 ballot) from Montgomery County is only 2054. By way of comparison from three other counties, Carroll County has 4439 valid signatures, Washington County has 2760; and Baltimore County has 11,998.

Montgomery County has 122,552 registered Republicans, however, second only to Baltimore County which has 124,962 registered Republicans. Carroll County has 53,892 registered Republicans, and Washington County has 36,684 registered Republicans.

Even making allowances for variations among local signature-gathering teams in each county, and recognizing that a few Democratic leaders have supported — and a larger number of Democrats and independents have signed — these petitions, the core of the petition effort has nonetheless been a conservative one.

One must then ask how much Montgomery County’s very thin showing on petition signatures tells us about the GOP in that mega-county (whose polity has always seen it as a “leadership jurisdiction”) as contrasted with the GOP in the balance of Maryland.

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Who Will Fix the Teaching of American History and Government? Gary Schmitt and Cheryl Miller of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) sum up their current research in an NRO post today “Why Is U.S. History High-Schoolers’ Worst Subject?” —

“While the public would prefer schools to devote their time to enhancing pupils’ concrete civics knowledge, teachers favor the more social lessons of community service and tolerance — no matter that the public ranks these among schools’ least important goals. For example, in a national survey of high-school teachers we conducted last year, over 75 percent of teachers deemed teaching tolerance to be absolutely essential; in our survey of the general public, only half of the public felt it merited that degree of attention. Likewise, a meager 18 percent of the public wanted schools to promote civic behaviors — e.g., raising money for causes — compared with almost half of all teachers. Nearly twice as many Americans as teachers considered teaching key facts and dates — such as the location of the 50 states — essential.(Underscoring Forum’s.)

Tea Partyers and grass-roots conservatives in Virginia and Maryland might consider restoring the teaching of U.S. history and government as a priority. It is abundantly clear that few state politicians are up to the job. How much will picking the “right” GOP candidate for president profit conservatives if our emerging voters lack even a basic knowledge of our history and institutions?

UPDATE ON MONTGOMERY COUNTY VALUES – – JUNE 17: “Kids Lemonade Stand At U.S. Open Fined $500 And Shut Down By Montgomery County”

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