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2008 Election &Conservatives &Illegal Immigration Richard Falknor on 17 Oct 2008 03:59 pm

Former Candidate Indicted Over “Latino Voters” Letter

Last September 24 here we raised questions about a “Silent DOJ Coup Against Legal Voting, Political Speech?” based on a post in Pajamas Media written by Anonymous, a knowledgeable lawyer specializing in election law.

Yesterday, Pajamas Media published a shocking follow-up by Anonymous – “Justice Dept. Targets GOP Activists: Partisan lawyers are running criminal investigations against conservatives who point out that noncitizens shouldn’t vote.”  (H/T Jim Boulet of English First which was the sponsor of a letter urging the Attorney General’s prompt inquiry here based on the earlier warning.)

Anonymous declares:

“When I reported on September 19 that partisan career lawyers in the Civil Rights Division at the Department of Justice were planning on criminally targeting Republican political activists and candidates, this was treated with disbelief by some.  In fact, Rick Hasen, a liberal law professor at Loyola who runs the popular Election Law Blog, a website concentrating on voting and election developments, expressed his skepticism ‘of such anonymous claims.’

Well, those claims have proven all too real to former Republican congressional candidate Tan Nguyen, who ran for office in the 47th Congressional District of California in 2006 against incumbent Loretta Sanchez.  On October 1, the Civil Rights Division announced the indictment of Nguyen for obstruction of justice for supposedly making ‘misleading statements to investigators’ regarding a letter that was sent to Latino voters during the election.  This investigation and indictment represents a particularly egregious example of the government persecuting someone for engaging in perfectly legal behavior.  Essentially, Nguyen is being prosecuted for having informed voters of the truth, although it is a truth disliked by the career lawyers in the Civil Rights Division.”

Here is the indictment of Tan Nguyen to which Anonymous refers:

“The indictment alleges that Nguyen made misleading statements to investigators regarding a letter that was sent to Latino voters in the 47th Congressional District of the State of California prior to the November 2006 federal elections. At the time the letter was sent, Nguyen was running to represent the Orange County-based district in the U.S. House of Representatives.”

 Anonymous believes:

 “Nguyen made a mistake in talking to investigators — he may have been embarrassed about his involvement or got scared when the FBI showed up at his door.  But what is outrageous is that the FBI even showed up at his door to ask him questions about this letter.  There was no perceptible violation of federal law.  The only problem with it is that the political left would probably characterize it as ‘anti-immigrant.’  The Department of Justice could not indict Nguyen or his surrogates for truthfully informing voters that you have to be a citizen to vote, so instead they indicted him for supposedly not telling the truth about his involvement in a completely legal action — sending this letter to voters.  This is a classic example of the government going after someone because they do not agree with what he did and prosecuting him for supposedly lying about fully protected political speech.”

Conservatives should read and consider yesterday’s entire post by Anonymous here.

As we wrote earlier this week in connection with the Ohio registration scandals, the president has his own “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution” duty.  He can surely move immediately to get to the bottom of these grave charges of Department of Justice abuses in election matters.


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