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2008 Election &Conservatives &Culture wars Richard Falknor on 30 Oct 2008 03:34 pm

The Culture Wars and Today’s Obama Peril

Lisa Schiffren in her “The Long March Next Time” here yesterday in NRO gives us a useful outline of the crucial importance of what are called “the culture wars.”

“Yes, it was always a leftist strategy — to permeate and influence society beyond its official political offices to the obvious end of across the board power. Even when they were faced with what looked like the semi-permanent triumph of Reaganism, the Left knew to burrow into the bureacracies, many mainstream churches, the big foundations (Annenberg!) and, of course, the universities. (Our team burrowed into the investment banks, of which there are no more…) That’s not to mention the mainstream media and Hollywood. With the triumph of Obama and the new revelation that Bill Ayers is a highly influential authority in the heretofore easily dismissed education departments, it seems clear that they that have succeeded pretty well.

Under the best of circumstances a president can only do so much about the liberal, self-perpetuating “permanent government.” Ronald Reagan, who had fought communism in the union he headed, (the Screen Actors Guild) understood the problems of internal subversion perfectly well. He destroyed the liberal nexus in a few key government agencies by use of “R.I.F.s” — reduction in force — a putatively budget cutting process. Political appointees who shared his vision knew to keep files and carefully follow protocol to get rid of government employees who would impede his agenda.(Underscoring Forum’s.)

And she spells out the cluelessness of the two Bush presidents on this —

Alas, the Bushes did no such thing. 41 was no conservative, and lacked the infighting instinct. 43 didn’t get it either — not even when his own CIA blindsided him.”

Former Dan Quayle speechwriter Schiffren has this explanation for Department of Justice inaction on complaints about major voting fraud (see our article here on the same topic):

The Clintons, of course, got it just perfectly. That explains how it happens that the Civil Rights division of the Justice Department seems very little interested in voter fraud this year, even though there is evidence of significant amounts of it. You would think that after 8 years of a GOP president that department — and others — would be a bit more evenly staffed.” (Underscoring Forum’s.)

Schiffren’s prescription:

“If John McCain pulls it off and wins, a long march of his own would be a great response to what we have learned this campaign season about just how far left so many institutional pillars of society have become.” (Underscoring Forum’s.)

Historian William Lind has prepared here a useful chronicle of how Cultural Marxism (or “multiculturalism” as it is marketed today) grew in Europe and spread to the United States.

 In this regard, last spring many Maryland Republicans legislators (they total 14 state senators, and now 36 delegates) simply didn’t grasp, particularly on initial votes, the danger here and here of voting to impose or to strengthen “diversity programs” in the colleges and universities of the Old Line State. Readers themselves can count the number of Republicans opposing this move by scrolling to the bottom of these bill pages here and here and clicking on the vote totals. The number of Republicans opposing did increase, however, from a total of 15 in both chambers on March 24 to a total of 28 Republicans opposing in both chambers on April 7.

Author Melanie Phillips reports in her (UK) Spectator piece “Pinch Yourself”  here — 

“The Obamaniacs are spinning the relationship between Obama and William Ayers, former of Weather Undergound Terrorism Inc, as of no consequence because this was supposedly a chance acquaintance and because the educational project they worked on, the Annenberg Challenge, was a worthy one. Stanley Kurtz now nails that canard by showing how, through the Annenberg Challenge, Obama and Ayers channelled funds to extremist anti-American Afrocentric ‘educational’ programmes which were a carbon-copy of the world view of Pastor Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s black racist mentor who, under pressure, Obama was forced to repudiate.  These programmes promoted, amongst other radical ideas, the ‘rites of passage’ philosophy which attempted to create a ‘virtually separate and intensely anti-American black social world’ in order to ‘counter the potentially detrimental effects of a Eurocentrically oriented society.’” (Underscoring Forum’s.)

The Obama campaign obviously understands the high stakes of the culture wars–and is relying on the leftist cultural arsenal in its fight.  The Cultural Marxists hold great sway over our education policy from pre-kindergarten through journalism and law schools.  They shape much foundation activism. They adjust the slant of the main-stream-media, and color the views of the higher reaches of the Permanent Government.  

Coming to grips with this peril must have a central place at the forward edge of conservative battle. And Maryland and Virginia conservatives need to take pains to see that their state legislators understand what these innocuous sounding “multicultural” initiatives are all about and how not to abet, but to curtail their spread.


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